Eddie from Borgerlig Begravning has taken the time to answer a bunch of questions from me. One of Sweden's youngest punk bands and which is also damn good. October-2021 

Tell me a little bit about every member, age, family, what you do when you're not playing? 

-Eddie, Frans and Julian Rudström. 18, 16 and 13 years old. Plays guitar, drums and bass. In the written order. Julian skates and hangs out with friends, Eddie and Francis hang out with pals. Julian is Eddie and Frans' cousin. And Eddie and Frans are brothers.


When did you start playing together and why? 

-Julian wrote and said like "Hey hey you want to start a band" then we said yes. We'd just seen two gigs together. Jönzzonligan and then Asta Kask. So there was a need for a band. 


Do you get a lot of criticism for your name? What kind of comments do you get? 

-No criticism, actually. I'm sure the criticism is out there and we'll probably start hearing it when more people know our name. 


I only have the vinyl seven (got one from Calle Schewen) that came out in 2020 , what else have you done? How can I get the other thing you've done?

-We released a single on the label <1000 with Patrik Berger and Markus Krunegård. Available on Aloaded's website!


What are you up to on the record front? 

- A full-length is in the works!! .


Is it important to publish physical records or is it enough to only exist digitally, whatdo you think? 

- Think it's important to keep the physical record. Of course, not all bands can release vinyl. But if you have the opportunity, it's fun! Vinyl has meant a lot to us in the way we consume music. 


Being as young a band as you are, is it just positive or are you going to have a problem if you're going to play somewhere where there's an 18-year limit or something like that? 

- No, it's not a problem. Maybe we'd have been more booked. And the sad thing about being young is that you've only been asked comments and questions about it and not the music. But now we're starting to be called a regular band and that's nice.


What's the best thing about playing live? 

 - The audience, the audience and the audience!


Have you started playing live now after COVID? 

-Yes, yes! Kafé 44 last!


What kind of gigs do you have going on? 

-A few small gigs in Stockholm and Uppsala. One of those with The Attacks. Then there's the Påskpunk and Punkbåten this spring.


Do you have many more songs made than those on your records or will a concert be very short with you? 

-We have a lot of songs and can easily fill half an hour. It'll be fun to share more songs with everyone so people can learn the lyrics :)


Do you play any covers live, if so which ones? 

-Not so much anymore. Have been Asta songs and some Bad Religion. 


How do you think punk lives on in Sweden? 

- It lives on like that. Not the biggest genre, of course, but it doesn't matter. 


We're a lot of old men/women who've been in punk since it came, what does a young band like yours have to say hello to us? 

-When you're going to book a punk gig, it would be nice to invite small new bands :) so it'll be a fun mix. 


How does your audience look like live, are there people in your age or is it very mixed? 

- It's a funny mix. Very young in some places and older in others. Depends on where we play 


Living in Sweden, howdo you think it is? SD-M-KD-L etc 

- Unpleasant the development we're seeing. Can go really bad. But so far, hope is alive for a country where we take care of each other. 


If you were to become PrimeMinister for a week, what was the most important thing you would want to change? 

- Made public transport free. You get ruined. 


Your texts are political sometimes, is it important to have texts that matter? 

-For us, it's important. But we don't judge others. Punk bands can write as apolitical as they want. I'm sure we'll write songs in the future without meaning, too. Good music is just as important to us. 


Which band is the best political band do you think? 

- Asta Kask


What good bands are there in Sweden that you would recommend to us readers about? New and old bands you like? 

-The Sex Pistols and the Ramones are cool. Haha as if you didn't know about them, hahaha. No, but joking. Hårdgnissel are too damn good.


Playing this kind of punk in Sweden, what's it like? Do you play concerts mostly with other punk bands or what? What's the oddest band you've ever done a gig with? 

-We mostly play with punk bands but sometimes with others. We've played with the Stilla Havet, which is a synth band.


If you could choose five bands to have a concert with you, which five would you choose if you could choose any band, dead or alive bands? 

-Operation Ivy, Baboon Show, The Hives, GBH, Hex Girls from Scooby Doo.


Do you buy a lot of records yourself? The first record you bought, the latest and the most expensive you've ever bought? 

-I got the first record as a present. Alice Cooper Caught in a dream. Now I have like 200//Eddie first WASP I got as a gift. First I bought was Historien dömer oss alla/Julian First record I bought? No fucking idea. Maybe some Greta van Fleet/Frans


Which three words describe your music? 

- Punk, a little more punk and a little less punk.


Is it  a lot of interviews these days? Boring or funny? 

-Happens every now and then. Hard to remember answering questions haha. It's sad when the questions are the same sometimes. But you've put a lot of fun :) great fun to be noticed of course.


Weirdest question you've ever been asked? (except this one then)? 

-Coffee or Oboy type haha And "Why are you so good?" Kind question but hard to answer


The question you miss and want? 

-Tell me your worst joke? I like that one.


The future plans for the band? 

- Play music and have fun


Words of wisdom? 

-Live fast die young :) No kidding, but like just be nice.


Anything to add? 

- We´re going to  Minecraft so we don't have time for that.