Borgerlig Begravning have just released their new record Parasit and Eddie answers here for the second time on an interview from me. This happened in mid-January 2024.


It was a few years since I interviewed you last time, it have happened a lot... Two albums released. It's gone fast... feeling the last few years? 

-Yes, a lot have happened. We have released two albums where we are very pleased and proud of the last one. We have been able to play a lot the last year all over Sweden and abroad. It's a bit like a dream actually and we're so grateful.


Is it still as fun to play punkrock? 

-Much more fun! We're playing with more confidence than ever. It makes it all so much more fun, I think

Have your fans changed through the years, I mean age etc? 

-Oh I don ́t know. It feels like a lot of people are younger than me now. A bunch of them show up wherever we've been.


If you compare how you sounded when you started with how you sound now, what´s  the big difference? 

 -Faster, tighter and a little bit cockier. Let's go a little further.


You have never thought about bringing in any more guitarist or similar or do you want to keep it in the family 😉 

-Hahaha, we've actually thought about it. No, but right now it's not relevant but we'll see. Related or not haha. 


Do you have parents who play in bands or similar or why did you start to play in bands at all. Do any of your parents have who play in bands... If so, which bands? 

-Yes our dads have played in bands and do. 454, Big Fish and the Chrysler to name a few. Music has always been very present. So that world wasn't too foreign to enter. That´s  one of the many reasons why we started to play punk at that time.

Now you release the new album Parasit. Which are the preliminary comments on it? 

-Everything has sounded very positive. We are very happy about that. 


Are you being compared to other bands? If so, which ones? 

-Not that I know of. But people always compare bands. There are a lot of good young bands right now. Would have been fun to hear some comparisons.


You have released on Grönpeppar records, <1000, Punk Shout etc but your fullength is released on Wild Kingdom, how did it became so? 

-Jönzzonligan was released there and we know them and they were very important when we started. So they were the ones we got in touch with first and they took the bait. Then we felt that we didn't need to replace something that worked well.


In the beginning you played some covers I can imagine, is it something you have continued with or how is it. If so, which covers do you play live? 

-No covers at all nowadays. Except for the last week when we played an Imperiet song at the pre-party to the documentary "Alltid rött alltid rätt" it was very appreciated!


What turns you on the most when you write lyrics, I mean what are you most angry about because it's a lighter fluid? 

-Injustices and feelings inside I would say. 


How old are you now? Is it an advantage or disadvantage to get older to get gigs etc? 

-20,18 and 15. It's nice not to be called the youngest anymore. We just want to be called the best. It ́s nice when people focus on music and not on age when they write about us.


Is there any other young bands you want to recommend to us?  Otherwise what are your favorite bands in Sweden right now and through the times? 

-Dålig Isolering is a really good band which is getting better and better in my opinion. I've always liked Golvad Grävling. 



What would a dream gig for Borgerlig Begravning be, where and together with which bands? 

-Oh, I don't know. To gather all the young bands on a big festival somewhere would have been a dream I think.


Do you get a lot of shit for the name or how is it often commented on? 

-Never shit. It just happened that someone didn't get it. I think the will come if we keep growing considering that we live in a society with so much have. So we're prepared for that, unfortunately.


Tell us a little about the following songs 

-SVIKEN is maybe the first song which is about my inner feelings. To feel betrayed by oneself above all. 

-PARASIT is about that there is something inside all of us that eats you up. That because of the parasite, it is not always easy to be perfect and live by what you believe in.

-NARCISSISTEN About egocentric people who think they have the right to something more than the rest of us


Who is Sweden's best lyricwriter do you think? 

-No idea actually. Haven't thought about much. The music is the most important thing, I think. Then the lyrics complement and make the song better. Maybe a little biased but the lyrics by David from Big Fish being stucked in my head like hell.


What is your strength when you play live? 

-The energy and the uncompromising way I think. But that's for the audience to say.


Which is your favorite song to play and which is the song that the audience always wants to hear? 

-Hahaha the audience always wants to hear “Vägra". But for me right now, it's "Känn dig rädd" which is the most fun to play


Do you think music can change anyones life, I mean lyrics etc? Do you have a song that has made you change your mindset? 

-Music has changed my life. "Dom får aldrig mig" by Asta Kask was my strength when I wanted to break away from the crowd when I was 15. Thank the gods in Asta for that song.  


Your cover is really nice on your new record, who have done it. Is it important to have a cover that you understand which type of music you play?

-Thank you so much!! It's me and my father, who are graphic designers, who made it together. I've been drawing and painting all my life and it's a bit in my blood to think that covers and logos are important. We want a record that stands out in the store. I think we have succeeded in that. You never want to stop watching the record when you're holding it!


Is it important to get out physical records? Vinyl or CD or both? Do you buy a lot of records yourself? 

-It's important! We've said as a band that we're never going to release anything that doesn't come physically. We want to stand for something different from the usual pop industry today. Then we think physical records are important. And because all of us in the band buy and listen to records.


Are there any questions that you miss in interviews? 

-No, we just want to get rid of the question about our age and that. This has been a great interview! It doesn't feel as superficial as many others.


What do you think about Sweden politically today, SD, KD, M etc? Are you politically active? 

-Oh my god, what should I start. Would have liked to have a long interview just about that. No, but it's crap. I've been following politics since I was in fourth grade. But I'm not active. Unless, of course, the music counts.


Five records which have meant a lot to you(please tell me a little about each of them). 

I listened to Kiss's first record a lot when I was a kid. We had it in the car and it made me a fan of rock from the start.

Ebba Grön's first was the next step for me to get more towards punk. 

Bad Religion Suffer. It has influenced me enormously in how I sing and write songs!

Sex Pistols Bollox record was the first record I bought physically. It was a big step in daring to be who I am today.

Idles Ultra mono. It has meant a lot in getting confidence and cockiness on stage. I love the uncompromisingness.

Photos:Jesper Hammarström