Hello Peter?.Iīm sorry it took some time?we have so much to do? Tomorrow we go to Barcelona where we play on a festival ?( www.outline.es ) I hope everythings is ok?.stay punk// Beef


Itīs you who sings in the group, tell me much about your history
The band was founded many years ago but thiese guys have eben together since 1996. The fall of 1997 we released the EP ?Horrorway EP? on our own company. The spring 1999 we were contacted by the german label PLY as we signed to. Then we were in studio already and we did the grounds to the record which came out ?Screwed, blued and tattooed!? A six song EP (six
feet down and two fingers up) was releasd in the spring 2000 in the waiting of the fullength. In the same time as we did the ep-release w did our first Germanytour. Here in Sweden the most things stood still except that we played a s a support act to DAD in Stockholm and Gothenburg. We did some small gigs eher and there. In november the same year we released ?Srewed....? which also was followed by a tour to Germany. In april we supported US Bombs during their europetour which became our break there. 25
gigs in 25 days was hard but we got very good response. And we came along good with the Bombs so the whole tour was very good. In August 2001 we did a new tour in Germany, Belgium and Austria. When we came home we began the recording of Bigger than Jesus. In the spring 2002 we have been down to do
some small gigs in Germany, and a Tv-show for NBC when 35 millions watchers saw us. In the beginning of july we do another European Tour and we start in Barcelona.
Please tell me  a little about every member in the band, age , famaily andso on
Spooky Fred ? drums, married and he works in the psychiatric care.
$ Ace ? bass, married and he study.
Boner ? leadguitar & leadvoxsingle and he works as a musicconsulent
Beef Bonanza ? gitarr & leadvox, single and he works here and there.


Have it been many perosnal changes?
No,in t he beginning it was a little turbulence, but this have been
toegether since 1996.

I compare you a  little to Psychotic Youth,
Yeah....what to say. I have their records. But I think itīs because that we have listen to the same style of records we sound a little like them more than we have been infleunced by Psycothic Youth.


What other bands does people compare you to?
We have heard many suggestions but often itīs  Social Distortion andRamones?


Which is the most peculiar review you ever have got?
Some paper compared us to Magnus Uggla(?!) and Boppers ......hmmmm.


Do you care about reviews?
Of course you care but you donīt dig yourself down if you got a bad review. Itīs so that everybody canīt have the same taste. But we havenīt got so many bad reviews through the years.


Youīre not so wellknown in Sweden, what does it depends on? Is it any other country you sell a hell lot of more records?
The early records have not been promoted in Sweden so itīs not so peculiar. I hope it will change. We sell alot of records most in Germany, but it have started to moving in other parts of Europe too..


Hives goes along very well with USA, itīs maybe something for you to break through
Bigger Than Jesus was released in USA some week ago so we will see. But of course it had been fun to kick their asses...

What do you think about rocklife in Sweden, is there any good bands?
Itīs many good bands in Sweden but in the same way itīs very difficult to find any clubs to go out on and to play in. Swedish paperwork and swedish boozelaws does it difficult to let small places survive.


How is it to live in Karlskrona and play this sort of music?
Karlskrona is cool. Donīt you want to do any sport you must play rock n roll. Itīs really good to live here.


How would you describe your music with three words?
Blood, sweat, beers


What does the word punk mean to you? Is it only a word or a lifestyle?
Punk is ?  do as you wish?...


How did you came in contact with people Like You? Is it a good company?
PLY is a nice label, and we come along well with the people there. They contaced us after they have heard a song on a swedish compilation which was released by FranK records.,


Is there any other good bands there?
Yeah, itīs some cool bands there like revlvers and Church of Confidence.


How is a good concert with you, is it more people on stage than in theaudience?
Itīs really wild. It happens really often that people are up on the stage. I think Iīm coming home with loose teeths every time we have been touring Germany after that people have been hitting the mirophonec or something


Whatīs the most peculiar which have happened during a concert with you, in the audience or on stage?
Many starnge things have happened and the latest time we was playing in Munich jumped the guitarist of the support act up on stage and lay himself on stage and began to masturbate during our extra songs. A little different thing to do...


What drives you to play music , because you donīt sell any million
We have fucking fun and you donīt have to be more happy because that you have alot of money. Of course is better to have money, but what the hell?


Why these artist names, is a little like brasilian
Why not?!?!


What do you like living in Sweden, I mean politically is it really good to have a prime minister who is dancing in childrens telly?
I like living here. Itīs too much laws and so but in the wholeness
itsīreally good. The beer could be a little cheaper.


Where do you stand politically or do you donīt care about
You canīt give a shit about politics. But we donīt put in our lyrics
because itīs up to every individual person to make their own opinion. I donīt want to force something upon someone else.


Lyrics seems not to be so impoartant to you, where do you get the
inspiration from?
Everything , it can be a movie, some strange thing from the paper or a an odd person you have been met or situations which you have been into.


Please rank your five favourite records, five favoruite concerts and the five most important things in life?
This is fucking difficult....it must be without individual order...I would
like to do a 50 best of instead.?
# Ramones ? Itīs alive
# Social Distortion ? Somewhere between heaven and hell
# Stiff Little Fingers - Inflammable material
# The Clash ? The Clash
# Sator ? Slammer!

+ Social Distortion ? KB Malmö
+ Ramones, Iggy Pop, Nomads ? Isstadion Sthlm
+ Stray Cats ? Dailys Sthlm
+ Brian Setzer, 68 CBS ? Köpenhamn
+ Rancid, Motörhead, Zeros and so on

Ī ha kul och trivas

Ī have fun and feeling comfortable

First,last and the most expensive record ever bought?
The first record was Ramones I think.
The last one was One Man Army
The most expensive-I donīt really know, but it was surely some punksingle.
What is the most important to a young band to think about which comesforeward right now? The music business is rotten and it sits often people who makes money out of you. Check your rights and donīt do anything you donīt want.


Which are your futureplans as a band?
-Now this week we begin our europetour in Barcelona. We have 25 gigs in a month and then after that we must do some new songs. Then back to Germany and do some festivalgigs again. And we hope we will play some gigs in Sweden too


For you as human being?
Keep on having fun.


Better regret something you did than regret something you never tested


Something more to add?
See you out there somewhere?.

I got three records with you Screwed, Horrorway and Bigger than, how do I get  other stuff with you?
We have done a sixsong ep called ?Six feet down and two fingers up?.Itī+s distributes through Border. Horrorway is out of print. ...