Joseph from Blyth Power have answered some questions from me. I really like their style and I have done that the latest 25 years. Here they answer my questions in October 2014

You have been playing for a long time now, have you been the same members all the time?

-No – only I (Joseph) remain from the original line up. The band has changed many times

Please tell me a little about the members today, age, family, work, interestets and some bad habit every one have?

-Not a lot I’d really want to share – I build model aeroplanes and photograph German Locomotives. Ben and Annie like to play online fantasy wargames and Jerry drives trains. Beyond that we are all interested in the music and everyone has compromised their lifestyle to some extent to allow us to be in the band…

Your music must fall in under punk but you have many other influences too, what types of music do you listen much to except punk?

-I don’t listen to punk music at all – in fact rarely any music. I like Patti Smith, Lou Reed, some English folk rock – anything if it is a good song

I can imagine that your audience is mixed, which type of people comes to your concerts?

-Mostly intelligent people between 30 -50 I guess. No particular type. We don’t seem to fit with any fashion

How much does a band of your caliber sell of your records nowadays?

-We press 1000 CDs at a time and the first print goes fairly soon. Hard to judge but now we sell digital downloads too. Stuff keeps selling whenever we play so it never really ends

Is it worth to give out your records as real CD´s or doesn´t anyone buy them(I´m a collector and buy CD every day)?

-Definitely yes. People like to have something in their hands

Which was the first, last and most expensive record you bought?

-I have not bought a record in over 30 years. No idea what the last one was. If I wanted anything I used to tape it off as friend

Ten favoruitealbums?

 -Patti Smith – Horses

The Jam - Setting Sons –

Noel Coward – The Master

Velvet Underground – Andy Warhol

Alistair Hulett – Dance of the Underclass

Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Tom Robinson Band – Power in the Darkness

 That’s about it really – I rarely ever listened to a whole LP as most artists have very poor quality control and dilute their records with stuff that they should not have released. I preferred compilation tapes


Is there any good bands in England right now?

 -Lots I expect but I don’t follow the music scene so would not know

How often do you play out?

-Not so much while the children are young. Maybe once a month at present

How would you describe your music in three words?

-English Folk rock

How does other people describe it, what´s the most peculiar someone have said about your music?

-Folk-rock seems to stick. Best quote ever was ‘Blyth Power at full cry make The Levellers sound like Peter Paul and Mary’

What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?

-It was something I did 30 years ago. At the time it meant everything but I do not spend my life looking back

Do you have any bands on the side of Blyth Power?


What do you know about Sweden?

-Very little to be honest. I have more friends in Finland who tell me it is a splendid place – and much cheaper to live there.

Have you heard any good bands from Sweden?

-I do not know any at all

If you could choose five bands from now and the past, dead and living to play a wonderful concert together with Blyth Power, which five have you choosed?

-I wouldn’t. More than 2 bands on one bill is a pain in the arse to organise. But if I had to I would do it with people I knew personally and respected rather than strangers I could not trust to behave in a professional manner


How is it to live in England today? Politically?

-It’s fine – everything costs too much and it is full of idiots who are scared of Europe, but we get by…

What´s the worst and what´s the best of living in England today?

-Worst is the football and drinking that is a way of life for so many

Best is the freedom to act and speak

If you could be the Prime Minister what would be the first thing you should change?

-I would re-nationalise the railways

Your lyrics, what inspires you?

-People, places and situations that surround me

Which is the most unserious song you ever have written?

-No idea – probably Death went to bed with a Lady. It has no subtext whatsoever

Is there any subject that you never will write about?

-No, nothing


Do you think that music and lyrics acan change any listeners life?

-Yes of course – I remember Tom Robinson’s ‘Sing if you’re  Glad to be Gay’ did that for many…

Which is the song that people always want to hear on your concerts? And which song is your own favorite to play?

-Quite often they want Ixion or Jct Signal. My favourites tend to change. Currently ‘Going Down with Alice’ is my number one

Futureplans for the band?

-More CD releases and keep on playing whenever we can

For yourself?

-Nothing else – just to write more songs. I have more books planned too


-Don’t pay attention to people in bands – they have nothing clever to say