This group wants really much to come out with their music because their answer was along the fastest I have got…..20/9-2011

A little bit backgroundhistory about the band?
-It started with Niklas and August, much improvisation in the rehearsalroom. In the beginning we played more alternative rock like Smashing Pumpkins, and therefore the bandname which is taken from one of their songs. Around 2003 he have found our sound we have today and Christian and Andreas came into the group. A line-up which still is alive.

Please tell me a little about every member, age, family, work and something bad about every one?
-All of us is 27 except Andreas which is 32 - Andreas is an older brother to Niklas. Except some not so good projects so have the members not have had any other band.
Both Andreas and Niklas works with automation in the industry, August in an authority and Christian study to a sound engineer. Niklas have the worlds worst temper. Christian is a chronic lazy bastard. August is often look like 65 when he has a hangover, which happens often. Andreas is a combination of all of us.

To play this sort of music and come from the city of Västervik there folk and songs  comes from how is that?
-It goes along well. There isn´t so many bands in our style form here, and traditionally have the folksongs been challenged by the punk/hardcore-scene. We got once a review which said that our music was mirroring the city Västervik, sometimes it maybe do that but I think it more mirroring ourself as persons. But sure you could do our songs to calmer songs which will suit into Västervik-sound if you wants to do that...

I compare you to among others HIM....what other bands are you being compared with?
-Katatonia is the most used. We have also been compared to Opeth, even if we can´t hear the similarities ourselves.

Is there any band you want to be compared to if you must be that?
-We have never had any specific influence but the dirty sound from HIMs first record have been some inspiration.  

How do you think that musiclife is around Sweden now?
-Västervik isn´t a so good reference but it´s surely the same in many places in Sweden, there´s a lot of bands but not so many get the chance to see them play. And still there´s a lot of good bands around Sweden but many of them choose to play more abroad

Lyrically, what are you inspired of?
-Things which happens in life and selfexamination is a nig influence. Sometimes can also small happenings been weared by big words and it suits some songs.  

To have such a long name , is it good or can you see some disadvantages with that?  
-As long as we don´t have a name in a style like „The ...s” so are we satisfied. Even if the name isn´t so much to remember, so is it maybe hard to get stuck into some persons you talk to, but that was the name we all wanted to have. We think it suits into the music really well and we couldn´t imagine to have any other name. .

Is it important to have a good bandname, which band have the best name do you think?  
-I think the best bandnames is good just because of the fact that the bands are good.
Nirvana, had they played dancemusic so hadn´t anyone liked the name,  

You have been playing together for a long time, why have it took so long time to release the debutalbum?  
-People moves, instruments stolen, we have been throwed out from our rehearsalroom or moved from them. We have always been active with songwriting and have more songs in our baggage for future records which we works with all the time.  

Are you satisfied with the record? Is there anything you could have done better?  
-We´re absolutely satisfied. There is always things which could have been better, but time and money is a fact. And then you destroy a song also when you don´t know how to stop brighten them. We think many times that the best recording is the best now the last.  

To sell records nowadays isn´t so easy…how many do you think you will sell? It feels like the metalaudience is better on buying records than normal people?  

-We have very bad check on selling and what people think we will sell. The hope we have is to get more new people to listen to our music.   

Do you buy record yourself?
-Yes! A lot!.

How do you see on mp3 and those things?
-Of course there are possibilities to get out with your music in another way than before but if you like a band you want to buy the record to have in your collection.

Five favourite records right now?
-Kent - Du och jag döden
Bay Laurel - Where pain comes to die
Type O Negative - October rust
The Haunted - The Dead Eye
Ghost Brigade - Guided by fire

Five important things in life?
-Love, money, friendship, our fans and hangoverdump, without any particular order.  

The first, the latest and the most expensive record ever bought?
-Smashing pumpkins, Nirvana, Metallica and similar bands is among the first records. Among the later records we have bands like  Faunts, Coheed
and Cambria and Within Temptation. The most expensive we can come up with is some import of Soilworks debut.


Which type of people comes to your concerts? Is it only metalaudience or what?  
-It seems to be very mixed audience. We played the day before christmas in Norrköping and much depending of the place itself it was mostly clubpeople in the bar. When we play otherwise it´s all ages and styles. 

Which is the biggest band you have played together with this far?
-We mostly have had gigs on our own or with local bands that we know.  

If you could choose five bands, dead or vliving bands, to have a big concert with, which would you choose?  
-Led Zeppelin, Katatonia, Opeth, Paradise Lost or why not Rammstein.

How do you think it is to live in Sweden today?
-Moist and grey.

Futureplans for the band?
-In the nearest future it´s gigs and some daily work with promotion. We seek management to get a better structure on our gigs, we want to come around Sweden and play, maybe abroad and eventually put together a minitour with some other bands.  

For yourself?
-Work,work and more work and music of course.

-We will see if we have learn some to the next time.

Something to add?
-Listen to our record and please be our friends on Facebook!

Link to Spotify: Blue Skies Bring Tears – Anomaly