-The Bands been going for about 11 years or so.Released 3 lps ( the latest  "Ca$hed out on Culture" has just been released on Punkcore Records), toured a hell of a lot and stumbles from one drunken mess to the next.....

Please tell me a little about every member, age, work, family, interests and something bad about ever one?
Dugs plays guitar & sings.He's 29 .
Beano plays bass & sings.He's 32.
Chris plays drums, he's 28.
Pete plays banjo, he's 30.
Alan plays tin whistle, he's 32.
Sean plays accordion & he's 23.
Everybodys interests outside the band are the same as most other working
class people.Paying the rent, feeding familys, having a good time, getting
drunk etc. etc. normal things.

You play folkpunk music, why this style?
-Why not? We don't actually consider We play folk punk.We consider ourselves a punk band with some folk instruments.There is a big difference!

You´re from Ireland, what does people say about your music there, do they think that you have destroyed the traditional style?
-We don't care what people think because We're a punk rock band.Although on saying that, our popularity has grown a hell of a lot at home in the last two years so We're obviously doing something that people like.

Howcome that punks mix punk with folkmusic, you´re not the first but maybe the best?
-Actually mate, apart from the Pogues , We were the first it's just that outside of Ireland, England, parts of the U.S. and parts of Europe, people didn't know about us. From an Irish point of view, Folk music was the
original rebel music.It was banned for hundreads of years, and the lyrics were all about the various systems that were destroying us as people and as a country.Sound familiar?? It was quite obvious to us to mix the two types
of music.

Is there any other good bands in Ireland?
-Yeah, lots apart from all the ols bands from the 70's there's been lots since like Striknien D.C., Napalm Sunday, Skint, Runnin' Riot, The Steampig, Toxic Waste, etc. etc. tons of bands I can't think of at the moment.

What do you know about Sweden? What is typical swedish?
-I don't know Sweden too well.I've only been twice.Once when I roadied for Discharge and the other time when I played drums for the Business.I suppose every nationality has it's stereotype to the rest of the world so I suppose the typical Swdish person is Blond, has viking blood and likes a drink!!!??!!?- forgive me if I'm wrong!

Have you heard any swedish bands which is good?
-Yeah , I've a compilation covering lots of old bands from the Rude Kids, Asta Kask etc. on with lots of good stuff.More comtemporary bands who are great are Dim's Rebellion, The Pints and The Bones ( who We played a few gigs with last year)

You´re going to Sweden soon or how was it?
-Well apart from the times I mentioned above, Blood or Whiskey played there a few years ago before I was in it.At the moment We're setting up euro tours for later in the year so We'll be playing Scandanavia then.

Which country is best to play in?
-I'd say anywhere apart from Ireland or England as bands tend to get treated a bit better than at home.

Why are you on an american label, Punkcore? How are they?
-We're on an American label because We've had record deals before that were based in Europe and We wanted to start making a dent in the U.S., so the obvious thing was to get a label based there.They're a great label with
great distribution so everything is working out great at the moment.

Earlier labels?
The bands been involved with quite a few like, Sligo records, Rejected
records, Eire records, Reprieve records, Coretex etc.

What is most important to you when you do a song, is it to have good lyrics, good melodies or to have a refrain that people remember?
-All of the above.A strong lyric or idea can only be communicated properly I think, if you have all of them or a least as close as possible.

Can you sing about nothing, or must your songs be about something important?
-No , We never sing about nothing, but not all the songs have the same level of seriousness.We have got a sense of humour y'know!And as much as I like them and they influenced me growing up, We don't wanna be Crass!

How is a good gig with Blood or Whiskey?
-A good gig is people getting off on the music We're playing.Everything else is a bonus - like getting a good turnout, not losing money etc. !

How does the middlefan look like?
-I'm not sure what exactly you mean, but if you mean what does the average BOW fan look like then it's impossible to answer.We get all kinds of people at our gigs.So-called "normal" people, punx, skinheads, skaters etc. etc.whatever , we don't care as long as there is no violence & people enjoy themselves.It's more important what's in your head rather than what's on it!

What do you prefer, blood or whiskey, or what do you mean with your name?
-Neither, I'm a vegetarian and I prefer vodka! The name of the band comes from many years ago when an ex-member of the band had a bottle of whiskey at some festival He was at.Some people tried to take it from him threatening violence with the word "Blood or Whiskey"!!

Is it important to have a good name on the band? Which is the best bandname you know, the name that you would have come up with?
-Yeah I suppose it is better to have something original and that people will remember. The best band name I know?? fuckin hell, can't think of that right now, maybe" Peter & the Test Tube Babies" for sheer stupidity ( but a great band and great people), as for what name I would come up with, you'll have to wait till I start a new side band or someone will steal it!

What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?
-It's been my WHOLE LIFE since a very early age. Every day is not a new day, it's a new PUNK ROCK day. I've learned so much and continue to.By it's very essence it HAS to be more than just music, although that is an important part. To me it's basically my code of rules for myself to live my life as fairly to myself and other people as humanly possible. It has many off-shoots into the politics I live my life by, the food I eat, the way I
look, the way my family is raised etc.etc. but that is probably the main point for me.

Please rank your five favoruite records, five favourite concerts and five most important things in life?
-This is impossible for me to answer. The records would change every few days easily. the five favourite concerts I've sen would probably include - but again this would change if I thought about it more, bands like The Specials,
Cowboy Killers, D.R.I., Dead Kennedys,Conflict, Damned,etc. .It'll be a different list tomorrow.

First, last and most expensive record ever bought?
-The most expensive record I ever bought was an original copy of Germ Free Adolescents by X-Ray Spex about 10 years ago for 30 pounds which was a hell of a lot then for a record.

The most embarrasing record in your collection?
-There is no such thing seeing as I have such immaculate musical taste!!!!

How much does a record with Blod or Whiskey sell approxiametely?
I'm not sure as this is my first record with the band, but the new one ¨"Ca$hed out on Culture" came out on March 14th and by the 19th had sold completly out of it's run - so it's getting repressed already, so if that's
an indication about how many this one will sell I don't know, We'll see.

What drives you to play music?
-I always have, I was never much into toys as a child, it's always been music for me.

We knew that racism is growing in some places, what shall we do about it, what shall we do to get people to understand that all people are equal?
This is a tough question, as some people don't like to racially/socially mix ¨with each other.Maybe for some people they feel safer in their own communities.All people like me can do is speak out against racism in the
music We play and playing anti-racist awareness concerts etc.What else can you do??Try making some new friends outside of your ethnic background maybe? That's possiblly not as easy as saying it, but I think the key is to instill an anti-racist code of living into our children when they are young.In Ireland, it is only starting to get other racial communities moving here, over say , the last 10  or so years, so We can't let the poison take a grip

What´s the best and what´s the worst of living in Ireland?
-The best is the sense of coming from a country that that was such an under-dog and victim for hundreads of years ,destroyed by famine, and slaughtered to making the comeback that it has with it's rich sense of
culture.The worst is the same as any other  country.It's run by the rich and people like us always stay on the bottom of the heap no matters who's in power.And the weather which is always shit!

What about the future with the band?
-Well We'll keep doing it until it's not fun anymore.Until then you're stuck with us I'm afraid!

Futureplans for you as a person?
-At some point I'd like to buy a house to put sown some roots.It's not that I'm eager to be a "property owner" or anything, but Ireland is so expensive, that if you managed to get a mortgage, the payback on that would be cheaper then paying fuckin rent on some shit flat.This is a priority for me and my family.Other than that to keep doing the same as long as I can.Occasionally I think I like to give up boozing or smoking but this is always long in the future!!!


Something to add?
-Thanx for the interest.It's nice to get some interesting questions for a change, more people should make the effort you have Peter! Thanx again, Our website is www.bloodorwhiskey.ie up the punx, Beano.