The live pictures are Zäta Zättergren who photographed and he was careful that his name would be included (has also named the 3 pictures after his name), the other pictures are but the swan picture if you would like to include so please feel free to write there Bina as a photographer. This is what Robin from Bina writes when he answered the questions regarding the group from me. April-2023


Tell the story of the Bina? How did you come to meet each other and start playing together? 

-BINAs first drummer Grisan Levengood junior (Mark) I met at summer school. Bina's other drummer who has played on two last albums (Daniel) I have only gotten to know from gigs and parties and stuff like that since way back. There have been others involved as well, especially at the gig. A bit messy to keep track of. The story about Bina began when a kid named Bina Fläskhane from the band Valpmynning who was restless because the band's rehearsal room burned up so he took the opportunity to make his own record but then only under the name BINA. I think it happened so could also be that it burned later and we just had some break or that Bina used some kind of simultaneous ability (believe it or not) and rehearsed with Valpmynning at the same time.

Engelska översättning. 

Tell us a little about each member? Bands before, bands on the side, what else do you work with? 

-On the first album "MINA SOMMARHITS" så var det Patric "pata" (the man with a seagull face) who played the bass and some synth then the studio man Johan Syren played a little harmonica and sang here and there. Patric also played in Valpmynning and we have also played together in Drip Feed after that, he was also at the gig we had recently where he played guitar. The other records I have managed the bass myself. Our Finnish friend Mark played drums on Sommarhits and so tired of being a zero. He was also featured in Valpmynning and Drip Feed.  On the albums Död Svan, Blues and Utlåst, it has mainly been Bina (guitar, bass and vocals) and Daniel (drums, tambourine, etc.) then studio man Markus who helped with a little everything possible (synth, harmonica, etc.). Sebbelina, Ville the douche and Manne Maniac are others involved as well as Carl-the 12th fluffer who was on the live gig where he plays bass and he is probably the one who is active in other bands right now (Attityd boys and Reckless State). Daniel released an album a few years ago as his own project called Kungens kurwa. Markus sings in Plague Control.  Carl works as a hitman and Patric masseuse (happy ending only!), the rest of us are cannibals. Daniel also drives a truck.


I think there are influences from early punk? How would you describe your music?. 

-Yes, that's right. 77 punk maybe I dont know for me it is enough to just call it punk really but the first album summer hits is probably more of a rock / pop album with punk elements and the others on the contrary.


How does it work when you make songs, is it one of you who makes the songs or how does it work when you make songs? Tell us a little about the songs.... 


Död svan blues

En lång natt

-BINA, so it´s me... has written all the music and lyrics and then Daniel has been involved in putting together the songs and come up with damn good ideas (arranged as I think it is called). We have rehearsed at home in Daniel's living room out in Rågsved (Respect to Biggie and all the neighbors who put up with the noise!) Usually the music has been written first then lyrics after that, but on Utlåst (the song) the lyrics were done first. It was never meant as a lyric, but more to write off a little frustration after an intense lockout, then over time I continued to write it with new perspectives and then it became a song lyric eventually.  Död Svan Blues would never have been recorded, but I came up with it during rehearsals for the studio and Daniel who drummed was skeptical about the whole thing, but now he also likes it. The lyrics were also something that was thrown together quite quickly, but it is one of the lyrics that I am almost most satisfied with. Another interesting thing about this is that without the swan corpse, even this record would never exist. I've seen several, but that dead swan awakened something in me. So many thanks and hope he/she is doing well in swan heaven or that it has been reincarnated into something nice. Another shoutout to the Swan who acts as a model for the cover! Great patience with lots of close-ups until it almost bit off my hand.  En lång natt riff I have had lying around for a long time but had to change about a bit because Daniel did not like. I came up with the outro when we started rehearsing and the actual loop in the chorus I came up with a few days before the guitar was to be recorded. It's probably the BINA song I'm most pleased with actually and the outro itself is probably one of BINA's best riffs.


What types of bands do you play with when you're out playing? What's the weirdest band you've had a concert with 

-BINA has only had one gig so far and it was with Knifven who were damn nice. 


While we're talking about music, how is your view on punk? Is it just a style of music or a lifestyle? How has that idea changed over the years? More punk or less punk? 

-To summarize the answer briefly with a verse from a song by The Kids:  "well there are good and bad times coming our way only rock 'n roll is here to stay rock 'n roll is what i feel rock 'n roll is fucking real" ....Don't know if they considered themselves a rock n roll band but in my opinion they are punk.


BINA, how did that name come up? What were your thoughts on that? Otherwise, what is your favorite band name around the world? 

-It has little to do with evolution if you believe in that theory. Went from Bina Pork Male to just BINA. Quite simply, a natural progression! There are certainly many good band names but it is still in my head right now unfortunately. The Pork Dukes are pretty good. Me, Daniel, Carl and Kenta had a band that closed down pretty fast but we were thinking about called "The driver's liconers" (because everyone had a driver's license) too bad it did not get rid of it was a damn good band name namely. Kenta's active band General Genocide is also a good name. 


How else come you play this type of music today, what are the groups that inspire? 

-It's only natural that you play what you think is good most of the time, I would think. Then I have quite broad musical tastes, listen to most things (except Bob Marley, bandit rock, Rnb rap and grindcore... not so good) so there are probably some who influenced, from early Billy Idol with the synth to early Iron Maiden with the guitar. 


What kind of audience do you draw? Are there any varieties that you are missing? 

-Those who show up and buy records or create a mess in symbiosis with the music are always preferable.


You have got a fairly compact sound on your recording, do you do everything yourself or is there a producer involved? 

-I had a basic idea of how it would sound, then Markus in the studio (formerly Studio Hot Takes now Studio Smutsrock) results have exceeded expectations. But also Sebbelina and Daniel have come up with really good ideas and views that have shaped the whole thing. This will probably be the fourth record, actually the third because Död Svan Blues was recorded at the same time, but I think the development in the music is clearly heard and that's probably the point because there is a lot with previous records I feel could have been better.


Music and politics always go together? Why or why not? 

-No, I don't think so... At least not punk but contempt for politicians. Just look at how many punk bands have written hate lyrics about Margret Thatcher in England, for example. Then politics is actually quite a broad concept, so there is a difference between politics and politics. But to put punk in a box and call it red as many do, I think is wrong. They've probably confused it all with progg. Punk is free and unpredictable... an endangered species, not a sheep.  BINA's lyrics can be about a little bit of everything but think most songs have a self-experienced event basically that it is based on. BINA is not a politician and never will be....anti todo!


Are there any good political band that you like? 

-Their political agenda is of little interest to me


Are there any other bands in Sweden that you can recommend? 

-If you're referring to active bands, then Suger Rats which I think is a pretty new good (they have also released under Bollmora Rekords.) Even the new release with The Bonks is damn good but it's a very old recording with a band that no longer exists as far as I know, at least not with Ludde on vocals. While we're talking Bollmora Rekords, buy The Imps collection because it's also really good. Also think The Cliches from Norrköping have done damn good stuff but think they have stop played unfortunately. If you haven't heard Drip Feed, look up our latest album (Insanity).


Any good bands in your hometown?

-I moved quite recently and out here seems to be only EPAtractors that play techno. 


Do you think it is important to get out physical records? Is it vinyl that applies or?  How can I get my hands on your first CD SommarHits? Is it that and the split with Lost Boys plus the two singles you've made? 

-Just releasing the music on the internet is useless and vinyl is more fun than CD but just a shame that it has become so expensive. Yes, the mentioned releases are everything and Sommarhits can be bought from BINAs Facebook or write an email to however, there is a song on the album that destroys everything (Binas psykos) regret that I had with it now like this afterwards. Was a fucking noise when it was recorded and I didn't hold all the levers because we were all extremely drunk except one person and it should have been instrumental.


Do you buy a lot of records yourself, are you collectors? What is the most expensive record you have? 

-I have periods I can get manic and buy some but have a poor grasp of value. Ville The Douche, who has sung on a few songs, is a brutal vinyl nerd so it's really him you should talk to. 


Just releasing music digitally, is that something for you? Does it feel like you would have even released an album/record if you are only released on say Spotify? 

-Spotify is boring, there should be physical to hold. It does not give so much, becomes of course completely different feeling and put on a record especially with a pair of fat Bang & Olufsen Beovox Penta at high volume! They don't even have bluetooth and that's exactly how it should be. Difficult when someone is over and there are a lot of records from the collection that both like, to choose from but the greedy guest should instead online and rule. I would have understood if this was still the alternative, it would have been a completely different thing.


What do you think it is to live in Sweden today, politically with the brown-blue mess Ebba Busch's statement etc? 

-I don't have any further control over her. Don't watch Swedish news anymore, tired of all the NATO psychosis propaganda, it's as far from objective as it can get... and before that, it was just Corona all the time. If I had owned a time machine, I would have gone into it if I could bring some people with me (back to the 80s) 


You don't play much live?  

-No, but it would have been fun! A bit difficult to get to just with a large orchestra where many have work, family or other activities. 


If you made a beer like many other bands do, what would it be called and what kind would it be? 

-It would probably be called "BINAS SOMMARBEEZ" and be released in December as the album did. Nothing too complicated either, a bright semi-blistered lager that quenches thirst well. Not so strong it has to be too. This Falcon Pilgrim was damn good, don't understand why they removed it? but it could also end up in a Bina jar in the future, perhaps then "BINAS VINTERBEEZ" and released in July.


What's the best thing about playing live? 

-The energy and the rush


Please rank your five favorite records, your five favorite concerts? The most embarrassing record in your collection? 

-Motherman.. These first two questions seem to me to be almost too difficult. The last question is pretty simple though and it probably gets GES- När vi gräver guld I USA single. The song is nostalgia for me but Orup is pretty disgusting. Some masterpieces I have in mind now are Uk Subs- Endangered species, Proxy singles (Undone and Police car), Hurriganes- Fortissimo, GBH-City babys revenge and Onda & Fejs- Jordens salt (unfortunately not physically released), Blood- False gestures for a devoius public. There are actually many more worth mentioning. Speaking of GBH, they were damn good live at Augstibuller, I'll never forget that gig. Uk Subs was also sick good in Rågsved, fun to see them on a really small stage and in the suburbs. Saw Drunx Incharge live on a boat, it was also great. Sthlm Inkasso was also damn fun that you had time to see before Onda died (RIP), it was there outdoors between Gamla Stan and Slussen, always fun with outdoor gigs. There are many more but memory is not enough right now and there were almost five.


Do you play covers live or songs from your other bands? If so, which ones? 

-Always fun with covers had many ideas in the beginning of this gig but none came to fruition. Hot city or Somebody help me with Hurriganes, You're ready now with Slaughter or Olympian with Skids and 77 Sunset Strip by Riptides are some that would be damn funny and suit us... Maybe next time!


You have recorded a video for Utlåst, who made it and what is the purpose of recording a video today? 

-Yes that's right, we made the video because we think it's funny. Likes music videos and watches a lot of movies. There are also very few good music videos in punk. When I say we, I actually mean Sebastian's shield "Sebbelina". I was involved in the music video but he has cut everything.


Is there a lot of interviews, is it boring? 

-Not many at all, not boring either


What is the most common and boring question? 

-There are probably more boring answers than what do it matter. Hope I avoided them. 


Words of wisdom? 

-BINA are the best! 


Future planes for the band? 

-Would be fun to play in Blackeberg sometime this year as it was intended only this spring at the cinema because there I have played before when me and Sebbe (the whole Valpmynning I think) arranged a whole day with lots of punk bands, it was almost 20 years ago but would have been fun to do it again soon. We booked April 14 but then both Slaugther and the dogs and also 999 play somewhere in Stockholm so it was just to cancel. 


For yourself? 

-Loose weight


Anything to add? 

-Thank you for letting BINA participate with this interview at Skrutt Magazine!