Which is the best things in life????

Jan , 4 Track Demons

Help. OK, records, but I refuse to gibe them in particular order.: P J Harvey: Rid of Me, Velvet Underground: White Light/White Heat, Patti Smith: Radio Ethiopia, Albert Ayler: The Village Concerts, Soundgarden: Badmotorfinger. I don´t feel good because I have 500 records and I have surely missed someone.

Concerts: Patti Smith in Roskilde 2001, P J Harvey on Vattenfestivalen in Stockholm 1998, Ossler in Malmö a week ago , Ramones in Köpenhamn 1985(?) And after that I don´t can´t say anyone more right now.

The most important things in life? Oh my god. OK, we´ll try: The magic in reality, communication, integrity, the balance between darkness and light, musik. Satisfied?


Erik Törnqvist,The Agents

 The five best records it´s difficult to say so I want to choose all Rancids records. The five best concerts I have been to up today is Rancid –95 in Lund, Rancid –98 in Hultsfred, The Facer –98 in Hultsfred Bombshell Rocks –99 in Skövde, The Business –00 in Hultsfred, The five most important things i  life(except my family and all this) varies but as always is it to play music, rancid and to party with my mates 

Bill Stevenson,drummer in ALL

5 best records

Black Sabbath-Paranoid   Ornette Coleman-Tomorrow is the question   Black Flag-The first four years  My Name-Wet hills and big wheels   Bela Bartok-Concerto fur violin and orchestra

5 best concerts

Black Flag-Redondo Beach 79    Steve Earle-Bluebird 98   Kiss-1976   Aeke-Lake Union Pub 1995   Isaac perlman-Hollywood Bowl 1985

5 most important things

My friends     My family       Compassion      Genorosity      Kindness


Top Five Records (could change before you finish reading this)
1.SEX PISTOLS- Never Mind The Bollocks   2.ROLLING STONES-Some Girls
3. LUCIFER - Black Mass   4.THIN LIZZY-Jailbreak  5.RAMONES-Rocket To Russia

1. AC/DC with Bon Scott   2.Alice Cooper   3.Iggy Pop    4. The original DEAD BOYS    5.Frank Zappa

1. Family  2. wrestling  3.meat   4.tv  5.booze

Jon,singer in Argy Bargy and working on Captain Oi

5 best albums are:

Rose Tattoo  "Assault & Battery,"      The Business "Welcome To The Real World,"     Cock Sparrer "Shock Troops,"      AC/DC "Highway To Hell," Blitz "Voice Of A Generation." 

Five best concerts: 

Cock Sparrer '92, The Business '85, Heavy Metal Kids '91, Dropkick Murphys '98, Angelic Upstarts '84. 

The five most important things in life are Family, Friendship, Loyalty,Honesty,Liberty

Jakob B,Avoided and editor for Magasin Ego

Five best records
* good riddance - operation pheonix   * pennywise - full circle   * sick of it all - live in a world full of hate
* lagwagon - let's talk about feelings    * bad religion - against the grain

Five best concerts
* bad religion - kåren gbg maj 98   * intensity - torup hösten 99    * bad taste festival 98
* bad taste festival 99    * dlk arvika festivalen 95 (96?)

Five most important things in life
* love  * friendship    * autonomy   *being in a band   *having a zine of your own ;)

Joakim,Beat Butchers

5 best records

Public Enemy - Apaocalypse 91 the enemy strikes black  Smashing Punpkins - Mellon Collie Sadness
Velvet Underground - Loaded    Clash - London Calling  Ebba Grön - We´re only in it for the drugs  this is what I feel today

5 best concerts

Billy Bragg & the Red Stars - Live London 1991   Alarm - London 1985    Downset - Roskilde 1996
Public Enemy - Sthlm 1999 (finally I ´m got to see them)    Bob hund when they´re in topform

5 most important things

Drinking coffee with my mates on saturdays    Girlfriend and family    Drink Tea, cahainsmoking and read the morningpaper on the weekendmornings  To be political engaged    Some pints Guiness on the way home from work

Someone on at Bent Edge Records

Five best records
Randy - You can't keep a good band down   Nasum - Human 2.0    Refused- Shape of punk to come
Neurosis- Tims of grace   His hero is gone- Monuments to thives

Five best concerts
Neurosis - Klubben 00  Sthlm Pigs- 44:an 97 med Oi Polloi och Yuppiecrusher
Totalitär- Vita huset 98 med Yuppiecrusher etc  Sthlm pigs(sista giget)- Scen Maria 98 med Meanwhile etc
Randy- Punkfest 3 Umeå

5 most important things:
Girlfirend   The Bands    Music   Friends   Love 

Joose Berglund, label manager on Stupido Twins

5 best records
1. The Clash: The Clash   2. V/a: The Trojan story 1-2  3. Pogues: Rum, Sodomy and the Lash
4. Cure: Pornography   5. The Smiths: Louder Than Bombs

5 best concerts
1. The Fall at Electric Ballroom, London, 1990  2. The Pogues live at different venues in late ´80's.
3. Iggy Pop at Rocksummer festival, Estonia, 1994  4. Eläkeläiset Humppa-show at different venues in late 90's.     5. Stone Roses at their peak, Provinssirock, 1989

5 most important things
1. all the dear people   2. my Kerry Blue Terrier Iris   3. football in the summer - ice hockey in the winter
4. Beer, mid price white wine and the occasional spliff     5. Finland in the summer time

Toddball,Big In Japan

Toddball's top 5 records (currently):1. Dillinger Four- Midwestern
Songs of the Americas, 2. Rudimentary Peni- E.P.'s of the RP, 3. The Weakerthans-
Fallow, 4. The Pogues- Hell's Ditch, 5.The Police- Outlandos d' Amour.
Top 5 shows: 1. Fugazi, 2. The Damned, 3. Rancid, 4. Shane MacGowan, 5. The
5 most important things in life: 1. Happiness, 2. Truth, 3. Humor, 4.
Honesty, 5. Friends.

Zac,Big in Japan

Zac's top 5 records (not in any particular order): 1. Swervedriver-
Head, 2. Jawbreaker- Dear You, 3. Guided By Voices- Under the Bushes,
Under the Stars, 4.  Beatles- Revolver, 5. Scared of Chaka- s/t.                                                                      Top 5 shows:1.The Gain, 2. Rocket from the Crypt, 3. Swervedriver, 4.Oranger, 5.
Guided By Voices.                                                                                                                                             5 most important things in life:  1. Love, 2. Friendship, 3.
Music, 4. Sex, 5. Happiness

Tomas Nilsson, guitar and vocals in Bison

5 Best records

Damned – Damned.  Sator – Slammer.  Pink Floyd – Wish you where here. DLK-Le som en fotomodell.  Metallica – Vertigo.

5 Best concerts

 Ebba Grön / Docent död on Musikverket i Stockholm c.a. –81 ( The first "real" concert I was too                 John Lenin / Under Ika on Tre Backar in Stockholm c.a-86  Pink Floyd   Nya Ullevi  94 Glucifer – Hultsfred –98  Metallica   Roskilde –99

5 Most important things 

A cosy girl who wants to rock      Rollercoasters   With happy friends      Consideration and empathy for other living things  Festivals

Denna lista är mycket personlig och säkert ingenting som jag står för i morgon


Favourite records=
1. The Clash- London Calling  2. The Clash- Sandinista   3. Linton Kwesi Johnson- Bass Culture
4. Weezer- Den nya     5. The Mop Tops- Inside

1. Joe Strummer on Hultsfred 1999     2. Randy  i nSkövde 2001   3. Linton Kwesi Johnson in Hultsfred 1999
4. Neurosis in Stockholm 1999    5. The Mop Tops n Falköping 2001

The most important things
1. Blisterhead- I love you boys     2. Family and girlfriend    3.My records- The records are the most valuable in my home.    4. Mates-You know who you are    5. The Mop Tops- For your wonderful music


Viveca Bladh, Border Music

5 best records
Built to spill - Perfect from now on  Seam - Are you driving me crazy?   Fugazi - End Hits
the Triffids - Born Sandy Devotional    Björk - Debut

5 best concerts
Neutral Milk Hotel on Pustervik i Göteborg 1998(?)  Throw That Beat in the Garbagecan i Roskilde 1994
Elliott Smith in So What i Oslo 1997 (?)   Bob Hund in Karusell i Stockholm 1993
Nick Cave in Paradiso i Amsterdam 1993

5 most important things
-to not be to hard or to nice to yourself     - honesty
- to understand that an easy thing s shopping is a political act which have consequences s
- not be to comfortable (in any way)   - take the day, if it comes, as it comes

Johan Wallqvist,Border Music

5 best records
Chris Whitley: Din Of Ecstasy   Grant Lee Buffalo: Fuzzy   Sunny Day Real Estate: How it feels to be something..    Tea Party: the Edges of Twilight     Ben Christophers: My Beautiful Demon
5 best concerts
Tom Waits-Circus-juli 99   Ron Sexsmith-Trägår'n-april 00
nobody else which is something special....
5 most important things
Humility-you don´t win something to be fuckhead
Children-Highly recommended, if not to give you the idea what´s the biggest thing in life
Love-hate(to have an opinion and care)      Music-Nothing is more important     Don´t take life too serious

Craig Bovine,plays in the punkgroup Bovine

5 favorite records:
1.Infernal Love - Therapy?   2.Nevermind the bollocks heres the sex pistols - Sex Pistols
3.Inflammable Material - Stiff Little Fingers  4.In utero - Nirvana   5.Heavy petting zoo - Nofx

 5 best concerts:
1.Therapy? - gGasgow barrowlands 4th november 1995  2.Nofx - Manchester apollo 2nd june 2000
3.Madness - London finsbury park 7th june 1998  4.Less than jake - Glasgow garage 12th may 2000
5.Damned - Falkirk martell 7th december 1997

5 most important things:
1.family  2.friends  3.quality of life  4.music  5.having fun

Brollan, coworker on Skrutt for many years

5 best records.
Cock Sparrer - "Shock Troops".   KSMB - "Rika Barn Leka Bäst".  New Model Army  - "Thunder And Consolition"  Goo Goo Dolls - "SuperstarCarWash"  No Use For A Name - "Making Friends"

5 best conerts
Ebba Grön. Sprängkullen 1981.   Vibrators. Octagon 1984.  New Model Army. Gamle Port 1990.
Sick Of It All. Hultsfred 1994.  Clash. Roskilde 1985.

5 most important things in life:
Family. Linda & littleman.      Music. 21 years on it´s way and I still burning!
Nature.diving, hunting, fishing, canoting and so on .       Freinds: Without them you´re nothing.
Not to be sick .I hope that for me and everybody else 


Mark,label manager Bronco Bullfrog, Spain

5 FAVOURITE RECORDS (currently):
SUBURBAN REBELS: Nacidos para provocar CD   DROPKICK MURPHYS: Do or Die CD
THE CRACK: In Search of... CD   WALLRIDE: Will last forever CD RABAUKEN: Hey, mein freund CD


STOP IT (Ibiza)   RED ALERT / ZAKARRAK (Barcelona)


George Maddison,Carpettes

Records Too hard this one. I`ll list artists. The Ramones   Jerrylee Lewis    Hank Williams   The Sex Pistols   The Specials

Concerts  The Damned/T.Rex Newcastle City Hall 1977   The Clash Newcastle University 1977  The Specials The Nashville London 1980 ?  Dr Feelgood Newcastle 1976  Most of The Carpettes gigs- I enjoy them !

Important Things  My Wife and daughter       My friends who I have known since school- I include The Carpettes in this category.     Playing in the band.   Sunderland AFC     Videogames

Mathias, CGS records and newsletter

Five best records
   - ill repute (land of no toilets 7")    - tsol (first 12")   - kim wilde (first 12")  - minor threat (first)
   - gorilla biscuits (first 7")
Five best concerts
   - 7 seconds         - lebensreform / tappat   - hammerhead b.t.    - drop dead    - 12 aullidos

Five most important things in life
   - friendships   - trust     - traveling    - place to sleep   - something to eat / drink

Dick,Citizen Fish(ex-Subhumans, Culture Shock)

Best Records: Stooges-Funhouse....Sex Pistols-Bollocks....[onlya 5?]...Nine inch
nails-Fixed....Antisect-In darkness....RDF-Wasteland  ...[theres too many more, doh!]//////

5 best concerts...RDF in Reading 88....Black Sabbath London 76....Fish Brothers Bath 2000...Circle Jerks San Francisco 84...Wire London 2000/////////

5 most important things in life! sex....spaghetti with chile and
garlic...music...cryptic crosswords....cider!

Nick,Cracked Cop Skulls

Five best records

Five best concerts
YOUTH OF TODAY, SNUFF, JAILCELL RECIPES, London African Studies University,UK
Club, UK          CRUCIFIX, ANTI-SECT, DIRT Leeds Bierkeller, UK

Five most important things in life
Breathing,   Eating,    Sex   Music    Politics

Elias Björkman, Laban, Blaserzine etc etc

5 favouritecords
1. Charta 77 - "Tecken i Tiden"   2. Bad Religion - "Generator"  3. Lars Winnerbäck - "Med Solen i Ögonen"
4. Charta 77 - "Grisfesten"   5. Dia Psalma - "Gryningstid"
(difficult to do this but this how it looks right now)

5 best concerts:
1. Charta 77 / Coca Carola december 99 on Kafé 44 (otherwise the most with Charta)
2. Randy on Mera Hitlåtar 2000 (best on the whole festival!)  3. Bombshell Rocks on Mera Hitlåtar 1999 (very good simply)  4. Dropkick Murphys on Kids Wanna Riot tour in   Stockholm 1999 (that´s the wy it sounds) 5. Voice of a Generation on Mera Hitlåtar 2000 (with Radio 69 singer on vocals, cruel)
(don´t remember every gig I have been to, but this is the best obes))

5 most important things:
1.good friends  2. nice family  3. music  4. football! (right now anyway!) 5.books,fanzines,comics and other readable things

Thomas Wallin, basist and singer in Blowball

5 best records
1.Incubus - Make yorself  2.Testament - The Gathering    3.Kerbdog - EVERYONE!!!
4.Live - Pennsylvanian Jewels (bootleg)   5.Bracket - Like you know

5 best concerts
1.Pantera - Vulgar tour   2.Iron Maiden - 7th son tour   3.Bad religion - Hultsfred
4.Rancid - Hultsfred   5.Anthrax - P.O.T Tour

5 most important things
1.That Isse signs some of my bands Blowball or Takida... music I mean.    2.my girlfriend
3.that kerbdog reunion and release 23 records more     4.That Saimon studios burns
5.That someone want to sell their Peavy classic box to me

Helle Brockstedt,Burnouts

5 best Records: Turbonegro: ”Apocalypse Dudes”, Iggy and the Stooges: ”Raw Power”, New Bomb Turks: ”At Ropes End”, The Ramones: ”It´s Alive”, Oblivians: ”Popular Favorites”. ( + all my Elvis 7” singles)

5 best Concerts: Iggy Pop, any time/any where. Neil Young at Roskilde Festival influenced by a major LSD trip. Turbonegro, Stengade 30/Copenhagen. Weeping Willows, Loppen/Copenhagen. Supersuckers, Loppen/Copenhagen. The New Bomb Turks, Underground/Cologne.

5 most important things in life: Love, sex, punkrock´n´roll, good friends and respect.


5 best records:1.Partisans LP  2.Blitz "Voice Of A Generation" LP 3.Condemned 84 "Boots Go Marching In"
4.Varukers "Bloodsuckers"   5.Infa Riot "Still Out Of Order"

5 best concerts:1.Exploited 1991 @ Pipeline in New Jersey  2.Bristles 1994 @ ABC no Rio N.Y.C.
3.Cock Sparrer 2000 @ Cbgb's N.Y.C.   4.Adicts1994 @pipeline N.J.  5.Chaos U.K. 1995 @Wetlands N.Y.C.

5 most important things: 1.Beer   2.Punk Rock Records LPs 7 inchs vinyl.  3.SEX with girls only!!!!!!!!! no shemales.  4.Big TITS  5. A good night out with the boys and we cause a rukus oi oi!

Pelle Gunnarsson,Chrome Magazine
5 best records
01 Tool  - Aenima   02 Black Sabbath  - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath    03 Alice Cooper  - Love it to Death
04 Love  - Forever Changes    05 Swans   - Soundtracks for the Blind

5 best concerts
01 Refused in Söderköping 1997    02 Sick of it All on Skylten Linköping 1997     03 Kiss in Globen 1996
04 Motorpsycho on Herrgårn% Linköping 1998    05 Kyuss in Stockholm 1995

Important in life is to live

Pernilla Davidsson,Chrome Magazine
5 best records 
Sebadoh - Harmacy     Mazzy Star - Among my Swan     The Posies - Amazing Disgrace
Weezer - Pinkerton     Buffalo Tom - Let me Come Over

5 best concerts
Buffalo Tom and Teenage Fanclub, Studion Stockholm 1993 or 1994
The Posies, Skylten Linköping 1995 or 1996    Luna, Hultsfredsfestivalen 1998
Sebadoh, Studion Stockholm 1999   Earthlings? and Queens of the Stone Age, Studion Stockholm 1999

Most important in life: ?

Calle Granehult,Chrome Magazine
5 best records
Slayer - Reign in Blood    Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath     Ac/Dc - If you want blood...
Kyuss - Blues for the red sun       Dinosaur Jr - Green Mind

5 best concerts
Kyuss Globen Sthlm -95     Ignite+Slapshot Kammaren Norrköping - 94       Ac/dc Globen Sthlm -96
Bombshell Rocks Hultsfred -99    Hellacopters Loppen Köpenhamn -00

5 most important things in life
Girlfriend     Punkrock    Hardrcok    Alcohol   Food


Jesus Bonehead from Dayglo Abortions and label manager for God Records

5 favourite records:
No Means No / Sex Mad   Black Flag / Everything turns to Black    DKs / Fresh fruit for rotting vegetables
Black Sabbath / Masters of reality    Dead Boys / Young Loud & Snotty

5 best concerts:
Dayglo Abortions / Voi Vod / SNFU        Dayglo Abortions / GBH        Dayglo Abortions/ Exploited
Dayglo Abortions/ GWAR    Dayglo Abortions/ DRI / Discharge

5 mostImportant things :
Playing in the Dayglo Abortions for 20 years          Running God Records
Drinking Beer Smoking Pot          Touring the world           Hockey

Tim Lynge,Die Hard Records

Five best records
CRO-MAGS "The Age Of Quarrel"    GASOLIN "Gasolin"     ARTILLERY "B.A.C.K."
SLAYER "Reign In Blood"    AGNOSTIC FRONT "No Cause For Alarm"
Five best concerts
PINK FLOYD Gentofte Stadio, DK '88    METALLICA Roskilde Festival, DK '86
   BAMSES VENOM feat. JAMES BLAST Leipzig '00   CRUMB Odense '97

Five most important things in life

Cynthia Connolly, Dischord records and  photograph

new tommy guerrero record             bjork stuff

5 best concerts
All Scars           The Quails         Quixotic       Sonic Youth's tour right now (spring summer, 2000)

5 most important things
Water   Air     Sun     Plants/veggies     Friends

Mats Bodenmalm, Distortion Records

5 best records
 1.Discharge-Why 2. Discharge-Hear/say/see nothing 3. GBH-City baby attacked by rats  4. Suicide - S/T LP  5. Extreme Noise Terror - Retrobution LP
5 best concerts
1. Discharge -83 (Gbg 2 days)  2. Skitslickers -82 (Kristianstad)  3. Metallica -84 (Sthlm)
4. Cramps -86  5. Motörhead -82 (Lund)
5 most important things in life
Rawpunk * Booze/beer * Vinyls * Distortion * Fast things *


5 best records: Prince/Purple Rain, Beach Boys/Pet Sounds,Frank Sinatra/Songs for
Swingin Lovers,The Clash/London Calling,Marvin Gaye/What's going on. 

5 best concerts:Foo Fighters- free show at ear x tacy records, Tortoise at Tweligans in Lou Ky,
The first more than music fest in Columbus, Nirvana In Utero tour,
Jawbreaker/Jawbox tour. 

Five Most important things:Oxygen, water, food, shelter and women.

John,Deep Elm Records

Five best records
1) Roger Waters "Amused To Death"        2) Roger Waters "The Pros And Cons of Hitchhiking"
3) Pink Floyd "The Final Cut"        4) Pink Floyd "The Wall"         5) Roger Waters "Radio KAOS"

 Five best concerts
1) Spiritulalized - Brownies, NYC - 1995        2) Pink Floyd live in Berlin - 1996
3) The Alarm - Geneseo, NY - 1985      4) Walt Mink - Mercury Lounge, NYC - 1998
5) Iggy Pop - Coney Island High, NYC - 1997

 Five most important things in life
1) Rock N' Roll     2) Sexual Intercourse       3) NASCAR     4) Good Friends
5) Tie:  Whitefish Salad (from Daniel's Bagels, NYC) vs. Hennepin Beer (from Belgium)

Greg,Diesel Boy

5 records In No Particular Order:
The Beatles - The White Album   Bad Religion - Against The Grain     John Coltran - Retrospective
Rancid's First Record      NOFX - Punk in Drublic

5 concerts Also in No Particular Order:
NOFX at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, California 1995
Nirvana and The Butthole Surfers New Year's Eve in San Francisco (the
year he stuck a shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger).
The Red Hot Chili Peppers in a hot as fuck warehouse in Houston, Texas 1989
Bracket at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco 1996 Maynard Ferguson with my High School Jazz Band 1986

Life advice (also in no particular order)....
The Lord loves a working man.      Never trust Whitey.     See a Doctor and get rid of it.....

Doc, Doc Strange Records

5 best records

The Adolescents lp "s/t"    Stiff Little Fingers lp "Inflammable Material"    999 lp "Biggest Prize in Sport"
Blondie lp "Parrallel Lines"     The Dickies lp "Incredible Shrinking Dickies"

5 best gigs
The Dickies   Bad Brains    Circle Jerks   Pegboy    Agent Orange

5 most important things in life
being proud of the person you are        treating others the way you would want to be treated
family (wife)    having a "passion" for what you do     RECORDS!!!

Peter Dolving

5 favourite records: Talk Talk-Eden, Nick Cave-From here to eternity, Bob Dylan-Another side of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen-Nebraska, Elvis Costello-Blood and Choccolate

5 favourite concerts:  Alarm, Klubben Hultsfred 1986, Front 242 Jönköping 1987, Toy Dolls,Kulturhuset Jönköping 1986, Sick of it All, Underground 1994, Nick Cave, Hultsfred 1998

Five most important things:Love, Solicitude, Care, Good food, Warmth


Simon,Drowning Man

5 best records I wont attempt but right now im listening to At The Drive In,
Dismemberment Plan, the new Isis, new SDRE, and DEP.

5 best shows.
Coalesce at Loud Fest 96  Deadguy 93    Token Entry 89    Verbal Assault 87  Screaming Broccolli 85

Cheech Sweet (bass/vox) of THE EASY LIVIN':
5 Favorite Records:
1)  Iggy & The Stooges "Raw Power"  2) The Saints "(I'm) Stranded"  3) Rolling Stones "Beggar's Banquet"  4) The Pagans "Buried Alive"  5) The Modern Lovers s/t

5 Best Concerts:
1) The Gories (their last show ever)/Othar Turner & His All-Star Fife & Drum Band @ The Bank, NYC, 1993  2) The Mummies/Supercharger @ CBGB, NYC, March 1993  3) The Makers/Thee Headcoats @ The Black Cat, Washington, DC, 1997  4) The Devil Dogs reunion, New Year's Eve '98 @ The Continental, NYC  5) The Cramps/Flat Duo Jets @ Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH, 1989 or '90

5 Most Important Things In Life:
1)  my wife  2) not being a dumbass  3) getting my ya-yas out  4) focus  5)
getting laid regularly

Jose Cuervo (guitar/vox) of THE EASY LIVIN':
5 Favorite Records:
1) The Stooges s/t  2) The Cynics "Rock and Roll"  3) 13th Floor Elevators "Easter Everywhere"  4) "Back From the Grave Vol. 1"  5) The Mummies "Play Their Own Records"

5 Favorite Concerts:
1) The Gories/Othar Turner @ The Bank, NYC  2) The Mummies/Supercharger @ CBGB, NYC  3) The Makers/Thee Headcoats @ Tramps NYC  4) The Chesterfield Kings @ Cavestomp '97  5) The Cynics @ Las Vegas Grind 2000 (Not necessarily in that order!)

5 Most Important Things In Life:
1) Clean underwear  2) Girlfriend  3) Rock-n-roll in all it's flavors  4) Parents  5) Bonin'  (Not necessarily in that order!!)

Rusty Floyd drummer of THE EASY LIVIN':
5 Favorite Records:  

1) "The Great Drum Battle" Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich, Carnagie Hall, 1957  2) "Led Zeppelin II"  3) The M-80's  4) Billy Cobham "Greatest hits"  5) The Pretty Things "S. F. Sorrow"

5 Favorite Concerts: 

 1) The Pretty Things @Coney Island High, New York City, 1998  2) The Dickies  3) Pink Floyd  4) James Brown  5) The Cramps

5 Most Important Things In Life:  

1) Great sex with my wife  2) Being happy  3) Music  4) Helping other people  5) Hiking in the mountains

Stephanie Asklund,Edel records

5 best records
   Depeche Mode "Music For the Masses" - Nästan ALLA     Dio "Holy Diver"
   Type O Negative "October Rust       Paradise Lost "Draconian Times" - ALLA
   Queensryche "Operation Mindcrime"

5 best concerts
   Depeche Mode, Globen 1993    Waltari, Roskilde Festivalen 1994    Paradise Lost, Hultsfred 1994
   Dio, Ishallen (Var det 1985?)      WASP, (Sthlm a long time ago)

5 most important things
  Love       Health       Music     TV/Stereo    Garden    

Sal Canzonieri,Electric Frankenstein

Best Records: 1. Alice Cooper - best of   2. Stooges - Raw Power   3. Damned - First album
4. Kiss - Alive   5. AC/DC - High Voltage
Best Concerts:  1. Original TSOL at Miles Square City in NJ, 1984. 2. Black Flag at Hitsville in NJ 1984
3. Misfits at Show Place in NJ 1985  4. Laibach at Kitchen in NYC in 1988 5. Cramps at Privates in NYC in 1984
Most important things in life: 1. Family 2. My and my Family's health 3. Pets 4. Band 5. Martial Arts


Five best records,

1.Underdog "Vanishing Point" 2. the Clash " London Calling" 3. Reggie & the full effect" self titled" 4. Gorilla Biscuits "start today" 5. Michael Jackson "Thriller"

 5 best concerts

1.Face to Face New years 1999 2. Gorilla Biscuits, Reason to believe, insted L.A. 19893. Oasis L.A. 1997 4. the stray cats reunion at the house of blues L.A. 1998 5.Social Distortion Free show at Cal State Fullerton, CA 1989... 

5 most important things in life

1.God 2. Family 3. Friends 4.Skate boarding 5. Golf


Wiebke,Fat Wreck

five best records...hmmm, let's say 5 faves: karma to burn, everything!/social distortion,
everything!/shelter, mantra/sick of it all, scratch the surface/ABBA ;-), Fear Factory, Pitchshifter,
Jawbreaker, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Sepultura,...it's so hard. i have so many faves but they change
with my moods.

five best concerts: ozzfest/nyc 97, lagwagon/avail/bouncing souls/london, astoria 99, warped tour/nyc
98, mighty mighty bosstones/nyc 00, herbert grönemeyer/lübeck 1984 or something?...

five most important things in life: health, friends, freedom, dreams and the power to fight for them.

Ragge Sjögren, Fett, pre Wounded Knee and Wounded Records

5 best records:

 1. Dead Kennedys "Plastic Surgery Disasters", 2. Minutemen "Double Nickles..", 3. Bad Brains "Rock for Light", 4. Black Flag "Damage", 5. Red Hot Chilipeppers "The Uplift..";

5 best concerts:

1. Black Flag on STAB in Jönköping 1984, 2. Zero Boys on Skylten in Linköping 199?, 3. D.I. on Rockbageriet in Finspång 1994, 4. Descendents on Skylten in Linköping 1997 (?), 5. MDC in Stockholm (Raped Teenagers was fthe band before) 198?

5 most important things:

 1.Family, 2. Music, 3. Motion and sport, 4. Travelling, 5. Activity (Work hard for things I like and believe in))

Freddie,Filthy Mcnasty

5 best records:1Strebers-Ur led är...(a milestone in my life) 2. Motörhead-Iron Fist(my first cassette) 3.Ebba Grön-We´re only in it for the drugs(the worlds best title) 4.Little Richard-Keep on Knocking 5. This place is floating a bit but right now a cassette with  Jethro Tull

5 best concerts:The first Strebersconcert is a favourite. Asta Kask last one on Oden, Charta 77 after Tecken i Tiden, My first Motörhead and Captain Beyond in Karlshamn. Difficult to say because if you like the band is the concert always good(almost) 

5 most important things: The most important things in life is of course my family, Linda och Arvid 7,5 år, vfriends of course, my company, and to be satisfied is important. 

Staffan,Filthy McNasty

5 best records: Nationalteatern-Livet är en fest, Stefan Sundström-Greatest hits, Charta 77-Tecken i tiden, Wratchild-Stakka atakk, Led Zeppelin III

5 best concerts:AC/DC many years ago, Motörhead is always heavy, Ramones have I seen two times and they´re rock n roll , Bob Hund is fucking good live and Stefan Sundström also. 

5 most important things: 1. To live free. 2. To be not sick 3.To share my life with somebody 4.Beer  5.Rock n roll


1. The Stooges: Raw Power 2. Ace Frehley: Solo 77 3. Isebel's Pain: Vol II (not released yet!!)
4. The Barefoot Brothers: Vermo Reverb 5. Thee Ultra Bimboos: 4 Fans Can't Be Wrong
1. Iggy Pop/Nomads/Ramones, Helsinki Ice Hall 1991  2. The Cramps, 10 years ago   3. Monster Magnet, Tavastia 1995   4. Hellacopters, Troubadour Los Angeles 1998  5. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, 1998/2001
1. Love/friendship/respect/solidarity   2. Good sex   3. Good food & wine   4. Good music  5. Mother Nature

BEST RECORDS (recent favorites)
1. Soundtrack Of Our Lives: Behind The Music   2. Hellacopters: High Visibility    3. Johnny Cash: American III
4. Monster Magnet: God Says No    5. Queens Of The Stone Age: Rated R
BEST CONCERTS (recent favorites)
1. Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Tavastia, Helsinki, February 2001   2. The Hellacopters, Tavastia, Helsinki, February 2001   3. The Meows, Magic, Barcelona, January 2001   4. Chicken Grass, Tavastia, Helsinki, February 2001     5. The Turpentines, Tavastia, Helsinki, February 2001
1. My girl     2. Music     3. Friends    4. Home and hometown      5. Traveling

Niklas, redaktör för FMMDI E-zine

5 best records
1. Beth Orton - Central Reservation     2. Clash - London Calling    3. Req - One
4. UNKLE - Psyence Fiction      5. Dropkick Murphys - Do Or Die

5 best concerts
1. Red Tags Nord (www.redtagsnord.com) (Luleåhockeys fans in gavlerinken -99)
2. Red Tags Nord (gavlerinken -00)      3. Red Tags Nord (leksands ishall -99)
4. Red Tags Nord (rocklundahallen, västerås -99)     5. Red Tags Nord (hovet -8?)

5 most important things.
1.Love    2. T-Red    3. Luleå HF     4. Simpsons     5. The coming syndicalist revolution

(Bubbles: T-Gul + FMMDI e-zine/fanzine)

Alan Smolak, premember in Forgotten rebels

Five Records:
1) The Ramones - First Album 2) MC5 - High Times   3) Modern Lovers - First Album
4) New York Dolls - First Album  5) Dictators - Go Girl Crazy

Five Concerts:
1) Alice Cooper - Welcome to My Nightmare Tour - May 75, Niagara Falls Convention Centre (Suzi Quattro support). My first big concert. Loved it.   2) Iggy Pop - 1977 New Yorker Theatre Toronto - Ramones supporting. Iggy had David Bowie on keyboards.  3) Grateful Dead - October 1984 - Carrier Dome, Syracuse New York   4) The Dictators - September 1991 - Opera House - Toronto
5) Alex Chilton - December 94 - Continental Cafe - Melbourne Australia

Five Most Important things:1,2,3,4) Cars, Girls, Surfin, Beer - (nothin else matters here)
5) Water

Chris, label manager 206 Records

In no particular order                                                                                                                           NOFX-  Drunk in Public     BAD RELIGION- No Control     DAG NASTY- Can I Say
7 Seconds-  The Crew      LESS THAN JAKE- Hello Rockville

Five best concerts
SNFU-  Spokane  1986    Dag Nasty-  Spokane 1987     7 Seconds- Tacoma 1998
Nofx/Lagwagon- Spokane 1990       Warped Tour-  Gorge

Five most important things in life >>
Friends      Family      Good Music    Good Beer     Golf

Joseph Grillo, Garrison

5 best records
the cure- disentegration     drive like jehu- yank crime    rodan- rusty
swervedriver- mescalhead    elvis costello- girls,girls,girls comp.

5 favorite concerts:
jane's addiction- ritual tour 1990   fishbone- reality of my surroundings tour 1991
the cure- bloodflowers  tour 2000    nine inch nails- downward spiral tour 1994  swervedriver- the middle east 1999

5 most important things
a block of cheese     starblazers complete video collection   my eightball comic books/ and jimmy corrigan
the tour van    lots of porn (only beastiality)

Jimi Wåhlin,Gasman

5 best records
1 pink floyd -the wall   2 sex pistols- never mind the bollocks    3 the clash- london calling
4 nofx- punk in drublic   5 twisted sisters- stay hungry

5 best concerts
1 rage against the machine-hultsfred    2 dropkick Murphy's- hultsfred      3 the business- hultsfred
4 varukers-kungen (sandviken)     5 randy- göta källare
Micke Rönn,Gasman

5 best records

1.Slayer:Reign in blood    2.Metallica:Master of puppets     3.Mötley crue:Shout at the devil
4.W.a.s.p.:S/t     5.Saxon:The eagle has landed
5 best concerts
1.Judas priest:Isstadion,Stockholm     2.Obituary:Bergslagsrocken,Fagersta    3.S.o.d.:Dynamo,Holland
4.Abhinanda:Arvikafestivalen,Arvika     5.The get up kids:Gröna lunds teater,Stockholm

Doug, GC 5

5 best records 1) The Clash -- London Calling   2) Rancid -- Let's Go   3) Replacements -- Let it Be
4) Rolling Stones -- Exile on Main Street  5) X -- Los Angeles

5 best Concerts
1) Rancid in 1995    2) Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros in 1999   3) Nirvana in 1993 (my first concert)       4) Amazing Royal Crowns in 2001  5) Hudson Falcons, several shows, but the first time I saw them in
1999 being the most memorable

Five most important things in life
that's tough to say. I'll go with my friends, my dog, my guitar,
scotch, and the highway

Bruno, label manager on belgian label Genet Records

Five best records (there are so many more!!)
RIPCORD "Poetic Justice" LP   CRUCIFIX "Dehuminization" LP  BOLT THROWER "For victory" LP/CD
KOSJER D "s/t" LP     GORILLA BISCUITS High hopes 7"

Five best concerts

NAUSEA at Vort'n Vis 1992    BORN AGAINST: any show     FACEDOWN: any show
CATHARSIS: any show        BOLT THROWER live in Aalst (?1990)

Five most important things in life

Trying to be a decent human being, a decent boyfriend & a good father         Being a vegan
Running the Pyrrhus store & Genet label

Luke,Good Riddance

5 best Albums:  1.  Bad Religion "Suffer"    2.  Metallica "Master of Puppets"   3.  Slayer "Reign in Blood"
4.  NOFX "Punk in Drublic"   5.  Kiss "Alive 2"

 5 best Concerts: 1.  Iron Maiden "Powerslave Tour"   2.  Metallica "Master of Puppets" Tour
3.  Slayer "Reign in Blood" Tour    4.  NOFX "S and M Airlines" Tour   5.  RKL and MDC "1987"

5 most important things in life:   1. Purpose  2. Love/Passion    3. Music      4. Health     5. Respect


Five best records:Birthday Party, Music Mahcine-Best off, Beach Boys-Smile bootlegs, James Brown, Star time box set, Poison Idea-Kings of punk

Five best concerts:Blue Öyster Cult-Germany, part of golden oldies in 93, Melvins-In Sydney 98, Butthole Surfers-in Adelaide 92, Jesus Lizard-In Sydney 97, X(Australian X) Sydney 82(Sorry If I´m fucked up with the dates and I saw a Captain Sensible solo show in England mid 80´s that was incredible)

Five most important things:Honesty, Knowledge, Strenght, Understanding bullshit, Not taking yourself seriously

Kevin Haste, pre singer in the legendary crustband Anti-System

Five best records? In no particular order...
Five best concerts?In no particular order..
Five most important things? In no particular order...

Pierre Ohlsson,Hathor

5 best records:Slayer-Reign in blood, Iggy and the stooges-Raw power, Iron
maiden-Killers, Misfits-American Psycho and Motörhead-Can´t choose among the older record which is the best

5 best concerts::Motörhead on Kåren i Göteborg 95, Iggy pop on Circus i Stockholm
99, Slayer i nSolnahallen 98, Ministry in Hultsfred 96 och Black Sabbath in
Roskilde 98.

5 most important things: Family, mates, to do what you want,, music, folkbeer and girls of course.:

Olle Hulling, punklegend from Stenungsund, was in Smutz, Hidden Inustrials etc etc

5 best records!   
1.Never Mind The Bollocks - Sex Pistols  2.Leave Home - Ramones
3.Rattus Norvegicus - Stranglers   4.The Undertones - Undertones  5.Moody Blues - On The Threshold Of A Dream
5 best concerts!
1.Undertones i GBG -when?   2.Ramones i Roskilde -when?   3.UK-Subs i GBG -when?
4.Stranglers på kåren/GBG - when?   5.Ebba Grön på Sprängkullen/GBG - when?
5 Most important things
1Love  2.A creative meaningful in daily occupations   3.Strong self-esteem    4.To feel needed

Mika,Impaled Nazarene

5 favourite records
1. Venom - Welcome To Hell 2. Slayer - Reign In Blood 3. Exciter - Long Live The Loud
4. Slayer - Hell Awaits 5. Agent Steel - Skeptics Apocalypse

5 best concerts: 1. Venom at Milwaukee Metal Fest  2. Slayer at Brussels 1994  3. Sodom at Giants Of Rock
4. Laibach at Brussels  5. Motörhead at Brussels

5 most important things in life:1. Metal  2. Pussy   3. Booze  and that´s it.

Tabby,Instant Agony

5 Best records : 

1, Demolition dancing..........The Ruts.  2, Lady esquire........................UK Subs
3, Love like blood...................Killing Joke   4, No more heroes..................The Stranglers
5, Two tribes...........................Frankie goes to hollywoood

5 Best Gigs :      

1, The Ruts.......................................Liverpool Erics.....1979  2, Slaughter and the dogs.........Liverpool
Erics.....1979    3, The Clash............................Deeside, North Wales 1980    4, Killing Joke..............................Liverpool Brady's..1979 5, UK Subs...........Bournemouth Stateside

5 mostImportant things : 

 1, Money   2, Health      3, Liverpool football club     4, Ability to write songs    5, Sanity
Markus,Intensive Scare Records

5 Best Records
- AeroBitch - Are You Ready 7"   - Various Artists - Grito Suburbano LP   - Various Artists - It Smells Like Spring 2xLP    - Neurown Neurotics - Licensing Houirs  7"    - The Kids - 1st LP
5 Best Concerts (Life Bands)
- Gaia    - Candy Snatchers    - Nashville Pussy     - Clit Cops     - Plungers
5 Most Important Things
- Happiness    - Time (to spend on what you like)    - Health     - Stability      - Freedom

Jocke,Punkgrandpa with own homesite called Punktjafs

My Top-5 records, no particular order
Ramones "Leave Home"  Sex Pistols "Never mind the bollocks"  Guns N Roses "Apetite for destruction"
Hanoi Rocks "Bancock Shocks Saigon shakes Hanoi Rocks"  Manic Street Preachers "Generation terrorists"
Eller Ebba Grön "Were only in it for the drugs"

Top-5 Concerts
Pirates Karlstad-78   Gary Holton Casino Steel Hagfors -81  Johnny Thunders Hanoi Rocks Sunnemo -82
Billy Bragg Roskilde -85    Teenage Fanclub Roskilde -92

Top-5 most important things
My son Chris     Stereo     My record collection    sleepingmorning     The computer    Hot wine(glögg)

Henk Smit,Kangaroo records,Holland

5 best records 
poison idea - feel the darkness lp  outcold - two broken hearts arew better than one lp
misfits - walk among us lp   m.d.c - millions of dead cops lp   fu's - all their stuff lp

5 best shows:
bad brains - 1982 leiden , holland  poison idea - 1992 whole first tour
m.d.c. - 1983 whole tour  outcold - 1998 whole euro tour    battalion of saints - 1987 4 shows

5 most important things:
music (records) tyson (my son)   ajax (soccer)   tyson (the mike tyson , boxer)    drinking (beer)


5 best records

5 best concerts
NAZ MOMAND AND THE NIGHTMARES live 85 on acid date   CRY  live på BK ARGOS klubb stuga 95    HENRYFIATSOPENSORE live on BARFOTA i sthlm 97    ONKEL KÅNKEL live hultsfred
JHONNY THUNDERS live på MUDD CLUBB a five minutesgig then, not funny then but now.

5 most important things
Happypornomovies from ´0´s     Russ Meyers movies       kurbitpaintings
aparment wrestling      and to woke up in the morning

Jakob Nylin,Kurragömma fanzine

5 best records
Ebba Grön - We´re only in it for the drugs   Operation - Frihet?    Charta 77 - Tecken i Tiden
Moderat Likvidation - Nitad     Mob 47 - Kärnvapen Attack
5 best concerts
I acnnot decide here, the most punkconcerts are fucking god, the best ones is in a little basement.,
5 most important things
Love     Uprising   Music   Punk   Football      

Brendan, Lawrence Arms

5 best records: Guns n roses, Appetite for destruction, Willie nelson:red headed stranger. NWA:straight outta compton,  The killing tree: We sing sin  The Weakerthans: left and leaving

5 best concerts: the Pogues in London, National Dust in Chicago, Jawbreaker in
Chicago, Bad Religion in Chicago, Fifteen in Detroit.

Most important things in life. happiness.

Niklas Andersson,drummer in Mammoth Volume

5 best records:

Black Sabbath - vol 4    Kyuss - ...end the circus leaves town     Kyuss - Sky valley   Metallica - Ride the lightning    AC/DC - Highway to hell

5 best concerts

Dio, Göteborg 85    Iron Maiden, Göteborg 86    Metallica, Göteborg 88    Black Sabbath, Oslo 98    Unida, Göteborg 99

5 most important things

Olivia, Malin, eat,  computer,  Television, 

Jami,label manager on Mans Ruin Records

Five best records:


FIVE BEST SHOWS: (1999-2000)

He forgot to tell me his most important things in life.


5 best records::Absurd Dities – Toy Dolls  Dirty Deeds – AC/DC  Urban Disipline – Bio Hazard    Backside Of Hell – Yo Motherfucker      Automatiskt – Mimikry     Amazing Grejs - Dökött

5 best concerts:Toy Dolls – Bergslagsrocken 1994   Bio Hazard – Fryshuset 2000   AC/DC – Globen 1996   Dee Snider – Karlshamns Festivalen 1998

5 most important things in life: Sleeping, Snuff,  Good food,  Music,   TV


5 best records:Keeper Of The 7:th Keys Part 2 – Helloween     Kings Of Metal – Manowar      Live After Death – Iron Maiden       And Justice For All – Metallica      Painkiller – Judas Priest

5 best concerts:Iron Maiden – Globen 1999    KSMB – Bergslagsrocken 1994      Dia Psalma – Hultsfred 1994    Gamma Ray – Motala 1999     AC/DC – Globen 1996

5 most important things in life:Sun  food  water  rock n roll  snuff     


5 best records:Pleasant Dreams – Ramones      Aldrig en CD (LP) – Asta Kask    Noppriga tights och moonboots – Räserbajs     Stay Hungry – Twisted Sister     High Voltage – AC/DC

5 best concerts:Ramones – Skellefteå 1995      Räserbajs – Raj Raj Festivalen 1995     AC/DC – Globen 1996 Motörhead – White Corner, Göteborg 1994     Dee Snider – Karlshamns Festivalen 1998

5 most important things in life:My friends    To sleep long and often   Almost to have sex  Rock n roll   My Ramonescollection       


5 best records:Ett psykiskt drama i sju akter - Rövsvett       Welcome To Hell – Venom     Besserwisser – Svart Snö     Left Hand Path – Entombed     Stay Hungry – Twisted Sister

5 best concerts:Ramones – Stockholm 1991    Iron Maiden – Fear Of The Dark Tour     Manowar – Borlänge 1999

5 most important things in lifet:Sleep   Alcohol   Music   My Race Ford   Eat    


Magnus Eriksson,Moment 22

5 best records

1. Ebba Grön - We´re only in it for the drugs.  2. Blitz - Voice of a generation.
3. GBH - City babies attacked by rats.  4. Iron maiden - Iron maiden.  5. NOFX - White trash,two heebs and a bean.

5 best concerts:

1.Thåström,Gävle sommaren -99 (Swedens only rocckstar,yeah!)  2.Sick of it all,Studion Sthlm -97 (a fucking concert from the beginning to the end)  3.Cosa Nostra,Söderhamn -95 (The first time I saw them, a fucking good liveband) 4.Charta 77,Smedjan Köping -93 (when the liveCD HEL was recorded)   5.Iron Maiden,Globen -92 (childhoodidols)

5 Most important things

1.Peace.  2. My girlfriend and family.  3. Music.   4. Friends   5. Food and drink


1.seaweed-spanaway  2.fountains of wayne-utopia parkway  3.glassjaw-everything you ever wanted to know about silence   4.seaweed-despised   5.breeders-last splash
1. seaweed , into another. in new york city  2. v.o.d , glassjaw, movielife, rookie lot, weebles. on long island
3.de la soul and common sense .in new york city  4.1st warped tour- civ, seaweed, quicksand, soia. on long island  5.burn, soia - in new york city
1.family  2.friends/band   3.girlfriend   4.music    5. half baked -the movie

Anders Jakobsson, Nasum

5 best records
Zappa/Mothers - "Roxy and elsewhere"   Van Halen - "s/t"   Tool - "Aenima"
Led Zeppelin - "Remasters"     Carcass - "Symphonies of Sickness"
5 best concerts
Afghan Whigs - Kulturhuset, Örebro 93   Smashing Pumpkins - Johanneshov, Sthlm 97
Metallica - Solnahallen, Sthlm 88   Mats/Morgan - Hallsberg 98   Refused - Hallsberg 98
(osäker på årtalen)
5 most important things in life
My love   My material things   My work   My bands   My fantasy


In no paricualr order. Queens of the stone age - s/t. Radiohead - Ok computer. Entombed - Wolverine blues. At the gates - Slaughter of the soul. Burning Spear - Fittest of the
But what the hell, I have about 100 favouriterecords so it´s not so representive this.
5 best gigs. No particular order.. Queens of the stone age -
Midtfyn festivalen DK 1999, Sense field - Skylten, Linköping 1996, 7 Seconds
- 44:an, Stockholm 1993, Entombed - Hulstfredsfestivalen 1999, Helmet -
Heyday, Roskilde DK 1994. Nut what the hell I can say so many more that was fucking good them too. 

5 most important things in life.? Love,friendship, Music, good food and booze and sex. 


Justin Thirsk,drummer in 98 Mute

5 best records

-1. Bad Brains-Rock for Light.  2.Pennywise-s/t  3.
Minutemen- Double Nickels On The Dime.  4. Neil Young- Decade.  5.The
Clash-London Calling.

5 best concerts.  

1- bad brains, adolescents at fenders ballroom 1986  2- slayer at l.a. sports arena 1989
3-bad religion, nofx, pennywise, vandals at patriotic hall 1991  4.- agnostic front, adolescents, bad religion fender  ballroom 1988  5- pennywise, sublime in long beach 1993

5 most important things in life  

1. family   2. family   3. being true to yourself  4. helping friends out
5. remembering your friends and family that have passed away.

Hocky,The Pain

5 best records:Never mind the Bollocks - Sex Pistols, London Calling - The Clash, Killer - Alice Cooper, Dirt - Alice in Chains ,h Made in Japan - Deep Purple.

5 best concerts:David Bowie Kungliga tennishallen 1975, Iggy Pop Konserthuset 1976, Sex Pistols in Halmstad and Helsingborg 1977, The Clash in London 1979, Deep Purple in Stockholm 1986.

5 msot imporrtant things:family, Karate, The band, harley davidson, Human rights


Five best records:Sex Pistols:Never mind the bollocks, Clash:Clash, Chelsea-Chelsea, Buzzcocks-First album, Damneds first album.

Five best concerts : Clash was fucking fantastic live, Buzzcocks, UK Subs, New Model Army and Flesh for Lulu because I met you there.

The most important things in life:health, harmony, love

Karl Demata, Plastic Head distribution

favourite 5 records:
Dean Martin - This time I swing   Muddy Waters - Hard again   Tom Waits - The heart of Saturday night
Paolo Conte - The best of     Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue

5 best concerts:
me, playing live home in front of the TV.!

5 most important things in life:
my girlfriend Kerstin    my family     my guitars    my records     Italian food and wine


5 best records:D.R.I - "Dealing With It"       Corrosion of Conformity - "Animosity"
Dead Kennedys - "Bedtime For Democracy"      Rush - "Moving Pictures"   Eric Pyle - "Bein' Green Ain't Easy"

5 best concerts: DOA - Punk Douglas club ('86)    C.O.C.- Punk Douglas club (88)     Government Issue - The Cauldron (89)      The Melvins - Royal Albert (92)    Eric Pyle - Cousin's Deli- every night of the week.

5 most important things:- Loud tunes with a beer and a doobie       - good books         - stickin' it to the man
- stupid jokes that make you laugh, but you can't understand why    - old photos that make your friends look like asses

Anders, Radio 69

5 best records:         

 Dropkick Murphys – Do Or Die The Business – The Truth The Whole Truth…US.Bombs – War Birth Cocksparrer – Shock Troops    The Clash – S/t

 5best concerts:  Dropkick Murphys - Hultsfred 99   Rancid – Hultsfred 98   The Business – Hultsfred 2000    Joe Strummer – Hultsfred 99    Agnostic Front/US.Bombs – Malmö 99

5 most important things in life::                                  Nothing would mean anything without my mates in the band and the rest of my mates which is always with us. And with that follow loyalty, honesty and music. It´s difficult to mention something special, it´s very much things which is important but these things can´t anything replace.

 Jon Free, Raw Energy Music

Five Best Records:
Out of Hand~ Res-Erection~ Raw Energy Music  Sector Seven~ Along The Way~ Raw Energy Music
No Connection~ Toe Tappin' Fun~ Raw Energy Music Marilyn's Vitamins~ in these shoes~ Raw Energy Music
Various~ TWENTYBANDCOMP~ Raw Energy Music/Custom Recordings
Five Best Concerts:
The Annual Raw Energy Beach Picnic              Beli-Fest (1998)
Playstation Skate Space (An interactive multimedia satalite skate park~ 1999)       The Raw Energy Film Festival "Framed To Bits"        Raw Energy Nights (Every Thursday) at The Beat Junkie
Five most important things in life:
Friends     Fun     Love     Adventure & Explorations      Respect 

Anders Jakobsson,Raw Mania

5 best records
Ramones - It's alive    Motörhead - Bomber    Social Distortion - Somewhere between heaven and hell
Aerobitch - Time to start kicking ass   Nine Pound Hammer - Hayseed timebomb
5 best concerts
 Turbonegro - Roskilde    ACDC - Skandinavium    Supersuckers - Helsingborg
Eddie Meduza - Hönö     Iggy Pop - Roskilde
5most important things
 Porno    Beer     Rock     TV-games     Westernmovies

Stefan,Re-Animator Records

5 Best records
the Stooges- Funhouse    Naked Raygun- Jettison    Cocksparrer- Shock Troops
Wierd Al Yankovic- all of his records from the 1980s    Public Image Ltd.- First Issue

5 Best concerts
They Might Be Giants- 1990 Ann Arbor, MI    Killing Joke- 1994 Detroit, MI
the Jesus and Marychain- 1994 Detroit, MI    Gluecifer- 2000 Detroit, MI  Nadsat Nation- 1993 Ann Arbor, MI

5 Most important things
Rock and roll    Family/friends  Photography   Education     Occasional Solitude

Johnny Yuma., Real McKenzies



Becca,Revelation Records

Five best records
#1 Stiff Little Fingers "Inflammable Material"  #2 Buzzcocks "Singles Going Steady"
#3 Cock Sparrer "Shock Troops"  #4 Youth Brigade "Sound & Fury"  and #5 = all the rest of my records!!!

.Five best concerts
Sham 69 @ the whiskey in hollywood in 1979  the black flag riots of 1980
any show at the Starwood  every show between 1980-1981     the pogues @ the palace 198?

Five most important things in life
my son   happiness   beer  stiff little fingers  my records

Jason Upright,Revelation Records

Five best records: 

Motley Crue "Shout At The Devil", The Sundays "Reading,
Writing, Arithmetic", Will Ackerman "The Opening Of Doors", Pantera "Vulgar
Display Of Power", Fleetwood Mac "Rumors"

Five best concerts:

 Motley Crue, Toilet Boys, S.O.D., Metallica, Ozz Fest '98

Five most important things in life: 

Emotional well-being, physical health, education, spirituality, music

Rod T,Revelation records

5 best records are-1)Stagger Lee "it ain't" 7"  2)Tugboat "my turn" cd 3)Makara/Shaharazad split 10"  4)Khemer Rouge 7" on witching hour recs.  5)Duster "1975"  ep

5 best concerts are-1)the Red Scare/Orchid 2)Usurp Synapse/Book of Dead Names 3)Los Crudos 4)Black Dice 5)Gehenna

5 most important things are-1)Jodi(my love) 2)Coleman(my cat) 3)comfort(my security) 4)anger(my desire)  5)sleep(my dreams)

Vique,promotiongirl at Revelation Records

Five best records
Joni Mitchell - Blue      Charles Mingus - Black saint and the sinner lady     Refused - Shape of punk to come
John coltrane - Favourite things       Greyhouse - Double 7"

Five best concerts
Joni mitchell and the Philharmonic Orchestra at the greek theatre, LA, 2000        Dayton festival 1992
Texas is the reason/Chamberlain/Samuel - Rhode Island july 1995        Devo - London - 1991
Greyhouse - Dayton 1993

Five most important things in life
friends      family      sex      vegan treats     lions


5 best records: 1.Clash: On Broadway (compilation).2. Pogues: Rum, Sodomy and the Lash.
3. Samhain-boxen. 4. Madness: the Rise and Fall. 5. The Righteous: .and the
Saga begins.
5 best concerts/ Business(Hultsfred) Agenterna(Tre Backar), Bruisers( Kafé 44),
Eilert Pilarm (N-Tälje), Misfits(Hultsfred).
5 most important things/ Beer, football, friends,Movitz, Music


5 best records/1,2,3.Cock Sparrer: Shock Troops, Guilty As Charged, Two Monkeys. 4.
Oxymoron: The Pack is Back. 5. Warriors: The Full Monty.
5 best concerts/ Bruisers(kafé 44), Dropkick(Hultsfred), Templars(Oslo),
Rancid(Hultsfred), Linton Kwesi Jonson( Hultsfred).
5 most important things/ Beer, music, friends, snuff, tea 


Joe,Rise Against

5 best records:1) Bad Religion - No Control  2) Bad Brains - S/T  3) Articles of Faith - "Core"  4) 7 Seconds - The Crew    5) Minor Threat -   Discography
5 best concerts: 1) SNFU at the Thirsty Whale in 1992  2)Bad Brains at The Vic Thearter  in 1989 3) Bad Religion at The Metro on the Generator tour 4) Naked Raygun (anytime)  5) At The Drive In (anytime)

5 most important things in life: 1) Family 2) Friends 3) Music 4) Skateboarding 5) Pizza

Chips Kiesbye,Sator

The 5 best albums just today
RAMONES-Leave home    BIG STAR-# 1 Record    THE BYRDS-Younger than yesterday
LOVE-Forever changes     THE BOYS-Alternative chartbusters

5 of the best concerts
RAMONES-Göta Lejon, Stockholm 1979    CELIBATE RIFLES-Roskilde festivalen 1988
BLACK FLAG-Marquee, London 1981   DEAD KENNEDYS-Underground, Stockholm 1981
ROBYN HITCHCOCK-Yaki-Da Göteborg 1989


5 best records: 

Weezer "self titled", Jimmy Eat World "Clarity", Get Up Kids "Something to Write Home About", Alkaline Trio "Goddamnit", and  Propagandhi's "Less Talk, More Rock"

5 best concerts:

Bad Religion, Face to Face, Get Up Kids, Mojo Nixon, and GWAR

5 most important things: 

my girlfriend, my mother, my brother, and all the rest of my friends. I love music, but that's not what life's about. If your loved ones are not you top priority then you're screwed up.

Simon Ellard, Senap:   

5 best records 1. Thåström: Explodera mig 2000   2. Dead Kennedys: Plastic Surgery Disasters 3. Neurosis: Through silver in blood  4.Charta 77: Grisfesten

5 best concerts1. No Means No: Roskilde -94  2. The Cure. Hultsfred -96 3. Peace love & pittbulls: Alvesta -92  4.Lars Winnerbäck: Jönköping -99

5most importyant things: 1Love 2.Music 3.Honesty 4.Coffee 5 SENAP


5best records 1.RATM: s/t  2.Bad Religion :Generator    3.RATM: Battle of LA   4. Petter: Mitt sjätte sinne      5. Metallica: And justice for all...

5 best concerts: 1. Sick of it all: Roskilde -94  2. RATM: Hultsfred -00     3. Metallica: Göteborg -92     4. Biohazard: Hultsfred -95      5. Banal Anal: Hova -94    

5 most important things:1.Love  2.Food  3.Music 4.Friday the 13th 5. SENAP


5 best records: 1.Kiss-destroyer  2Ramones-S/T  3.Strebers-Kallt stål/Varmt blod/I fädrens spår  4.WASP_I wanna be somebody  5.Venom-At war with Satan

5 best concerts::Kiss-Göteborg 96, Bad religion-Lund 94,  Teddybears-Hultsfred 92,  Diapsalma -Alvesta 94, Refused- Hultsfred 94

5 most important things:1.Love 2.Movies 3. Jolt Cola behind the computer 4.Vacation  5.SENAP


5 best records:1.RATM-S/T  2.Red Hot Chili Peppers-Californication  3.Hives-Veni Vidi..  4.Bad Religion- generator  5.Ramones-Rocket to Russia

5 best concerts:Sick of it All-Hultsfred 94  2.Diapsalma-Alvesta 94  3.Metallica-Göteborg 92  4.Venom- Wacken-00  5.Cure-Hultsfred 96

5 msot important things: 1.Red  2Love (fucking)  3.Friday the 13th  4.heavy metal and punk  5.SENAP


5 best records: 1.Slipknot-s/t  2.Deftones-Around the fur  3.Korn-s/t  4.Limp Bizkit-3 dollar bill yáll  5.System of a down-s/t

5 best concerts: 1.Slipknot,Klubben,Stockholm -00  2.Marilyn manson, Hovet,Stockholm-99   3. Rage Against the Machine-Hultsfred-96   4.Deftones-Klubben,Stockholm- 97  5.Refused-Vänersbrog-98

5 most important things in life 1-Love/Friendship  2The music  3.Sengaija  4.To live the way yourself want  5.Not depending on other people


Johan Gummesson,Setback

5 best records

Cro-Mags - "Age Of Quarrel", Misfits - "Walk Among Us", Poison Idea - "Feel The Darkness",  Discharge - "Why", Gorilla Biscuits - "Start Today". I have many more favouriterecords but it´s the ones I come up with right now.

5 bbets concerts.. Misfits - Mejeriet, Lund 97, Poison Idea - Smålands Nation, Lund 93, Supersuckers - Gino, Sthlm 95, Sick Of It All - Hultsfred 93, Dickies - Mejeriet, Lund 99.

Five most important things in life is: Mates, music, family, and to feel satisfied with life and to have fun.

Ray Cappo,Shelter

Records 1.SSD- kids will have there say2. Talking heads 77 3. Xray spex -the
day the world turned dayglo 4.7 seconds committed for life 5. Fiona apple
(first one)

Concerts...1. 7 seconds and Agnostic Front  CBGBs 2. Abused, Agnostic Front,
Causefor alarm A7, 3. Jerrys kids, Fu´s , SS decontrol Paradise Boston 4.Black
flag in new haven 5. Shelter quicksand inside out tour.

Things 1. Learning2.listening 3. Loving. 4.living 5.creating

Andy,Sigourney Records

5 best records
1 Bad Religon - Suffer   2 Strebers - Kaos & Skrål    3 KKPA - S/T   4 Strebers - Kallt stål/Varmt blod
5 No Fun At All - No straight angels
5 best concerts
1. KSMB - Katrineholm-93   2 Dia Psalma - Lund-94  3 Bad Religion - Lund-94  4 Bad Religion - Hultsfred-96
5 Social Distortion - Malmö-96
5 most important things in life
1 The girl I marry (where are you!?)  2 Sigourney Records  3 Punk   4 Malmö FF  5 Mif Redhawks


Fave albums - skatalites - ska-boo-da-ba, burning spear's first album on
studio one, charlie parker vol.3 on verve, the pharoahs - live in the
basement, joe cuba - bang band push push

Fave concerts i've seen - illinois jacquet in lincoln square, rebirth brass
band at the maple leaf in new orleans, any skatalites concert, the beat at
the del mar fairgrounds in 1983, art farmer at the village vanguard

Five things in life - music, food, sex, friends, electricity


Here have we in the band choosed one favourite and one we like everybody, it´s for the records and for the concerts, in the most important things we talked us together.

5 bets records:  Krister, Fugazi ”13 songs”   Pär, Randy ”The rest is silence”   Andreas, Rage Against The Machine ”s/t”  Simon, Training For Utopia ”Plastic Soul Impalement” ALL TOGETHER: Sunny Day Real Estate ”How it feels to be something on”

5 best concerts: Krister, Bluetip, Kerosene 454, Umeå -97  Pär, Faith No More, Dalarocken –92 Andreas, U2, Stockholm –93(?)  Simon, The Crucified, Cornerstone –95  ALL TOGETHER, Fugazi Umeå 2000

5 most important things:good tasting food, good music, a nice pyjamas, good God, love,  


Five best records:
1. Sielun Veljet "Suomi Finland" lp   2. Elvis Presley "The Sun Singles" 7" box
3. Satchel "Family" lp     4. Emperor "IX Equilibrium" lp      5. Morbid Angel "Domination" lp

Five best concerts:
1. Motörhead @ Nummirock Festival/Finland 1999  2. Queens Of The Stone Age @ Provinssi Rock/Finland 2000   3. Emperor on No Mercy Festival Tour 1999    4. Morbid Angel on No Mercy Festival Tour 1999
5. L7 @ Helsingin Jäähalli/Finland 1993

Five most important things:
1. Music   2. Pussy(I hope he means girls)   3. Drugs    4. Pizza   5. Sleep

Zoe Kemp,Southern Studios

five best records
Fly - yoko ono - ryko disc     vienna - ultravox       dare - human league
suicide - suicide - blast first      low - david bowie - big fuck off corperate label
these are what i like today tommorrow who knows

5 best concerts
spice girls - manchester arena 99    cher - manchester arena 99    gary numan - manchester academy 99
smog - garage london 99     suicide - royal festival hall london 1998

favorite thing is my cat, ernie.


Game Face- Three to get Ready     Fugazi- Repeater    Braid- Frames and Canvas
Wu-Tang Clan- 36 Chambers     Portishead- Dummy

Bryan Adams (it was my first one)     Hey Mercedes      Portishead        Game Face (every time I see em)

LIFE (I know I'm cheesy, get over it.)
Family       Hope      Rock N' Roll        Good Food       Good Friends

Stry, ex Babylon Blues, Ebba Grön, Imperiet, Besökarna, Blödarna, Garbochock and so on

 5 best albums(no compilations...I got 6 but it could have been 30)
Raw Power     Highway 61 Revisited    Safe as Milk
Strange Days    New York Dolls      Monster

Concerts I don´t know anything about....

5 msot important things: My own music     Maria, my girlfriend     Kalle, my son
Wrold Championship in Football    Other peoples music  and that s my small life (I could have put in liqour and that sort of things)

Michael Svegbrandt, f.d Bristles, numera Negatives och Skalatones

Five favourite records
Sex Pistols-Never Mind The Bollocks  Ramones-It's Alive  Stiff Little Fingers-Inflammable Material
Specials-Specials  Ebba Grön-We're Only In It For The Drugs/Ksmb-Aktion
+hundreds of good punk and skarecords

Five best concerts
Exploited-Göteborg -81? Sham 69-AF-Lund -80?  Stiff Little Fingers-AF-Lund -81?
Clash-Olympen-Lund-80?  "Turister i tillvaron"with Ebba Grön o Dag Vag AF-Lund -81?
(Roskilde -81, Bad Manners, Fischer Z, Ian Dury, UB 40, Toots & The Maytals m.fl.)
+ and 10 more supergigs

5 most important things in life
Landskrona BoIS  Punk  Ska  Sport  Records

Bosse Svensson, punklegend from Kristinehamn and friend to Avskum

Three best concerts
KSMB at Sundsta fritidsgård, Karlstad, Sweden  Underjordiska Lyxorkestern at Magasinet, Örebro, Sweden
Iggy Pop at Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden
These are the three gigs that stands out as most memorable eventhoght I've
been to tons of concerts and at various festivals throughout the years.

Five things I haven't done yet
Bought an american pit bull terrier   Bought a motorcycle    A Prince Albert, need I say more?
Kissed Gwen Staffani    Become a "hillbilly from hell"

Peter Thorsson, Skrutt editor

5 best records

1.London Calling-Clash  2.Thunder and consolation-New Model Army  3.No Control-Bad Religion   4.Ebba Grön-We´re only in it for the drugs  5.Vibrators-Pure Mania

5 best concerts

1.Discharge-Sprängkullen,Göteborg 82,  2.Ebba Grön-Uddevalla 80, 3.New Model Army-Gamle Port,Göteborg  90  4.Iggy Pop-Rondo,Göteborg 94  5.Nick Cave-XL, Göteborg 90

5 most important things

1. My Family  2.GAIS  3.My sons footballteam  4.Skrutt  5.Records

Somebody on Taang Records

Five best records

Five best concerts

5 most important things


Matt,Teen Idols

5 best Records 1- Toy Dolls/Dig That Groove  2- Misfits/Walk Among Us  3-Dickies/Incredible Shrinking Dickies  4- Green Day/Dookie  5- Rezillos/Can't Stand The Rezillos

5 best Concerts 1-NOFX  2-Green Day  3-Toy Dolls  4-Foo Fighters  5-Bad Religion

5 most important things life-Family,Girlfriend,Band,Breathing,Walking

Dan Dider,The Promise Ring

The best records

  1. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ‘Boatmans Call’
  2. George Harrison ‘All Things Must Past’
  3. Beck ‘Mutations’
  4. Hayden ‘Skyline National Park’
  5. Kings Of Convenience ‘Quiet Is The New Loud’

 Best Concerts

  1. Radiohead
  2. Morrissey
  3. Weird Al Yankovic
  4. David Cross
  5. Will Oldham

 5 most important things

  1. My girlfriend, Danie
  2. My two nieces,  Mariah and Sophia
  3. My family
  4. My house
  5. My friends

Nick 13,Tiger Army

1) Misfits, "Walk Among Us"  2) Samhain, "November Coming Fire"  3) The Clash, "The Clash" (UK version)
4) Meteors, "Wrecking Crew" 5) Morrissey, "Your Arsenal"

1) The Ramones, 1989 2) GBH, 1990 3) Meteors, 1993 4) Mad Sin, 1995 5) The Cure, 2000

Important things in life:
1) Music (+ guitars) 2) Friends & Family 3) Sex  4) Food/In-n-Out Burger  5) Pro Wrestling

Jocke Hammarstedt,Topper

5 best records
 1. Go for it-Stiff Little Fingers 2. Nobodys Hero-Stiff Little Fingers 3. London Calling-Clash 4. Give Em enough rope-Clash 5. Inflammable material-Stiff Little Fingers
5 best concerts

 1. Stiff little fingers. 2. Stranglers(Roskilde 87). 3. Clash(84 tror jag det var). 4. Die Toten Hosen(Roskilde 92). 5. Ramones (Gröna lund på åttiotalet).

5 most important things in life 

1. Freedom. 2. to say whatever you want. 3. to be a dad 4. drink beer and lusten to Stiff vinyls 5.play whatever you want 


5 favouriterecords
1.Sex Pistols: Never mind the bollocks  2.Motorhead: Overkill  3.Brian Setzer Orchestra: Dirty Boogie
4.Motorpsycho: Let them eat cake  5.Foo Fighters: The color and the shape

5 favourite concerts
1.TNT: Heimdal samfunnshus(Norge) 1984  2.Motorpsycho: Pusterviksbaren,GBG 1999
3.Hanoi Rocks: Duedalen(Norge) 1985   4.Ramones: London 1990  5.Billy Idol: Limelight,New York 1995

5 most important things
1.Troublemakers  2.Mother and father 3.Punksoda   4.My guitar   5.Pizza & beer


Jon Lund,Welfare, before Radioaktiva Räker

5 Favourite records (no random order)
Iron Maiden-The number of the beast    Sisters of mercy - Black planet   The Stooges-Raw power
Sex Pistols-Never mind the bollocks     Slayer-Reign in blood

5 best concerts: (no random order)
Thåström-Hofors, folkets park,sometime in the 80´s  Suicidal Tendencies - Solnahallen on Clash of the titans tour  '91 or something   Monster Magnet-Hultsfred 1999    Sisters of Mercy-Arvika 1998
Sepultura-Fryshuset, early 90´s

5 most improtant things
1.Mates  2.Music  3.Love  4.Cigarettes  5.Booze


5 best records
(sorry, I cant decide for just one record of these bands!)
Bottom12, Big Black, Nine Inch Nails, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Dead Kennedys,

5 best concerts
Bottom12 in Hildesheim, Germany     Ministry in Berlin    Therapy? in Bremen @Hurricane Fest.
Sick Of It All in Berlin,    Pixies in Giessen @ Bizarre Festival

5 most important things
Freedom, Friends, Music, Family and Water(no joke!)

Isse Samie, pre- Dolores,now he is a scout for Virgin Records 

5 best records

1.very much punk,power pop & dancemusic, too much to be listed

5 best concerts
1.The Jam-Lund -80      2.Bad Brains-Sthlm 87/88      3.Public Enemy-Sthlm Ritz 87
4.Sweet-Scandinavium 73/74       5.Union Carbide Productions- Sthlm Tre backar 87

5 most important things

tennis,food,sex,money and cars.....records 

Underestimated Records,someone there

Five best records
Deaththreat LP , Minor Threat 12" (both 7's, etc)  , Dischord 12" of 4 7"s (Teen Idles, SOA, Government Issue, Youth Brigade)     ,Stalag 13: in control 12"  , Dead Kennedys: fresh fruit for rotting vegetables.

Five best concerts
Naked raygun at the riv in '90   Trial and Isolation in a basement in Milwaukee '97
Chicago fest '00  Last Earthmover show in Detroit '98 No Justice/Varsity/Purpose/Embrace Today in NJ '99

Five most important things in life
motivation (to make a difference, etc)     compassion    friendship   love    honesty

Erik Norberg,Wolf Brigade

The 5 favourite records are maybe:"Med is i magen"-Asta Kask, Anti
Cimex-"12;an", Broken Bones-"Dem Bones", Scatha-"Respect,Protect,Reconnect",
And right now Lost Word-"Tot Aber Haltbar" is much in my record player.

5 best concerts:         Asta Kask,Upright Citizens:Örebro
DRI:Fagersta    Post Regement:Jönköping    Entombed:Stockholm    Napalm Death:Fagersta

5 most important things in life is mates, love, music, vegeterian food and cigarettes and beer of courseV

Sascha, labelmanager on Wolverine Records

5 Best records:
1.Ramones - Rocket to Russia      2.Social Distortion - White Light, White heat, White Trash
3.Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Lets face it     4.Turbonegro - Apokalypse Dudes        5.Elvis - Best of...
5 Best Concerts:
1.Kiss '98      2.Turbonegro '99      3.Spermbirds '88     4.Social Distortion '97     5.Dickies '93
5 Most Important things
1.Love    2.Family     3.Friends      4.Honesty      5.Enjoying Life

Patric Witting, punklegend in Uddevalla, now active in Fattijons and Mannheads

5 best records

Sex pistols  -Never Mind the Bollocks     Clash: Live     Fattijons : Live shots, garage shots and cumshots

Thåström :     Misery loves co :
I cannot list it to many good things

 5 best concerts

Stiff Little Fingers 82 in Gothenburg with the whole pack in a little minibus       Exploited . Karlshamn 81
Fattijons 99 på Cafe Hvitfeldtska a magic evening         U2 : 82, 87, 89
Ebba Grön : Ellös 80, Rude kids : Uddevalla
All old gigs on Sprängkullen with Attentat, Discharge,and so on

5 most important things 

Children, work, the contact with old punkfriends, Manchesters triple 98/99, that my CD works

Thomas Åkerberg, member in Pure Mania, pre-Hiroshima and label Manager for In your Face Records

Five best records
 Turbonegro - Apocalypse dudes    Pure mania - Alibaba baby    Strebers - Kallt stå/ varmt bloodMotörhead - Ace of spades     Blitz - Voice of a generation
Five best concerts
 Sick of it all - Studion Sthlm -97    Supersuckers - kägelbaren Sthlm -99   Cosa nostra - Kamikazepunken töreboda? -95     Sator - Dalarocken -90   Union carbide production - Dalarocken -90

Five most important things in life

 Punk - Rock     Beer    Love      Jenna Jameson      Bmw