Bad Dreams Always have been going on in many years with their tough music and now it was the time to be in the worlds best fanzine …or? This was done anyway in the end of april-2011 and it´s T-ban which was answering the questions.  


You have been playing for a long time, have it been all the time or how is it?  

-Since 1988 have we been doing this raw fast hardcore punk. It haven´t been all the time due to memberchanges but as a wholeness have we been going on all the time.  


Members have come and gone, tell me about every member then and every member today?

-We have had 6 drummers, nr 1 Uffe ”Kazjurol” 2 Christian ”Hives” Nr 3 Anders ”Bruket” 4 Ante ”Dead Reprise” nr 5 Andre ”Nukleär” and now nr 6 Mikael Krigge which have been in Fear of War and Bedrövlerz. On bass had Jocke ”Suffer” been there but for one year ago he had to much to do with his rallycareer. Now is it Figge ”R.I.F.” which doing the bass with us. Pontus have always been the one who have shouted out his hate in BDA since the start and I T-Ban have been abusing the guitar since the start also. We are all in our 40´s and works and struggles with paying bills. Fucking bad and we lives up when were playing gigs.


Fagersta was a little as a musicmecca when we´re talking about tough music back in time…how is it now? Is there any good bands there?  

-It have been a lot of good bands from here, really hard bands. Now there is some new bands here which is good but I really don´t know their names but I think it was better back in time.


Why does your music sounds as it does?

-There is so much anger which must come out of the body and we´re grown up with punk and we like fast raw music.


Now does APX help you with the distribution of the new record and how is that?  

-APX helps us to spread our record in the world and try to get gigs to us, It´s good and PS fight on Patricia & Robban.


When we talk about records…what do you think about the development with downloading etc…me myself is a collector and don´t want to have music digitally

-I´m in the old school too so I like to sit and feel on the things I shall listen to. But the younger kids download for sure more than the olds school punks I believe.  


Is it good or bad for a band of your caliber do you think, I mean with downloading?

-I don´t think we´re so effected by that, I only hope that people download our music or most of all buy our CD´s.


Is it much interest now when you have released new material?

-It´s really good asking after new BDA-songs have we noticed.  Fucking good reviews in old Maximum Rock n Roll from USA.


How does your audience look like?

-It´smostly punks and dregs as ourselves but there is some ”usual” people too so it´s a little bit mixed.  


Have you played a lot in foreign countries…if you have where?  

-No, not any gigs outside Sweden yet. But it´s on it´s way this year and it will be really fun to play in we say Germany.


Your lyrics…what do you write about….or could you do a real love song?

-We write about everything from treachery, bitterness, religion, drugs, suicidebombers and some other things we hate and no it´s not going to be any lovesongs for BDA.


Do you think that music which is done and is hard is been done of soft guys/girls and what do I mean with that? Do you get out your aggressions in your tough music?

-It is surely right on me anyway. It´s better to write out your aggressions and go around and be angry all the time which some people are.


What does the word punk mean to you, is it a lifestyle or is it only a word? Which is your relation to punk?  

-Punk = good music. Good attitudes. Cooool clothing style etc. Have always liked punk since it came -76.  


Me myself likes punk really much but I use to say that I like metal but that I don´t like the audience on a metalconcert…do you understand what I mean?

-I really don´t understand the question.


Is there any good bands in Sweden today?

-Typ Uncurbed, Totalt Jävla Mörker, Bristles.


Which is the biggest band you have played together with?

-Carcass Rockborgen Fagersta 900210.


How do you think it is to live in Sweden….politically I mean?  

-It works to live in this country as long as you work and are not sick , otherwise it can go to hell. I don´t think there doesn´t matter who is leading the country. Only liars and blusters.


Did you vote? Or do you don´t think it matter if you do it or not?

-Yes, I did and I think personally that everyone should vote and much to show their dissatisfaction.  


How would you describe your music in three words?

-Aggro, fast, raw.


Is it many interview? Is it boring?

-It´s really fun to answer questions and that people want to read what you´re thinkin. So please bomb us with interviews.


Which is the worst and most weird question you ever have got?

-I cannot come up with anyone right now so the questions maybe isn´t asked yet.  


When you read reviews with BDA. Which is the band/bands you´re been compared to?

-The Accused, S.O.D., Crude SS , MDC etc…


Do you understand that reviewers compare bands to other bands?

-Yeah, you can understand that so the reader who never have heard the band can understand how the band is sounding and that´s good.  


Five best records right now?

-Wags of Fear, Off!, Bristles, Queers, Uncurbed.


Five records you must have in the car when you ”tour"?

-Bad Brains-Rock for light, Government Issue-Boycott stabb, Slayer-Reign in blood, Minor Threat-Out of step and D.R.I.-Dirty Rotten EP


The first, the last and the most expensive record ever bought?

-Damned-Damned Damned Damned and the most expensive is some Ramones single for around 400 kronor.


The record you have been buying just for the cover on the sleeve and get disappointed on?

-have never bought any record just because of the recordcover so I pass on that question.  


Futureplans for the band?

-Out and play gigs, both in Sweden and we hope outside Sweden. I think there is something on it´s way to Europé this year and we want to release a record in the beginning in next year. So please write to us about gigs.  



-Treat other people as you want to be treated yourself.


Something to add?

-Webiste and check out our new site and stay clean.