Beau Beau in Avail was hoping that I have some sense of humour and I hope you have that to. This interview was done 4/7-00 and I hope you enjoy it even if itīs not so long.


-Yes we have a long history 11-12 years 5 full lenghts and way to
many tour to count on your fingures and toes

Please tell me a little about every member?

- Well I pay those other guys to play on the records and tour but Iīm the only one in the band that does anything i mean i write all the music lyrics and set up all the tours  and all  that stuff I give them $5 a day on tour to buy food and whatnot I think  they  got it good? Dont you?

Do you have any bands before or beside of the Avail worth to

- No not at all I mean I was in NOFX and LagWagon but they were just joke bands i started

Why did you go to Fat Wreck?

-Better distrubution and they gave us all cars

Whatīs the difference if you compare with Lookout?

- Not as good distrubution and no cars

What do you like the other bands on Fat?

- Yeah I like most of them

How is the punkscene in USA right now?

-About the same as ever but there are way to many bands with cds nowadays you cant tell if somethings
good untill you buy it and then you have to go try and sell it back to the store cause it sucks cause every band in the us has a damn cd out.

Is there any good bands there?

- Like the questions before

What does punk mean to you?

- Having fun and not caring what people think about it

Is it more important the word punk now or was it more important when you were younger?

-I think peole take that fact that they are punk more serious now but I dont know if its more important as a "movement" I donīt know how many punks do you know are in the government or makeing a

What do you know about Sweden ?

- That all were vikings or something once and that I like playing there

Have you heard any good swedish bands?

- I dont think so?

Which are your advice to new bands to get anywhere in the musicbusiness when they recently started a band? 

-Dont think your gonna make a living from music and just have fun dont take yourself to serious

How is a good concert with Avail?

- When we have fun and the poeple there do to

How does the average Avail fan look like?

- Kinda like you look

Do you have good contact with your fans?

- Yeah totally we love our fans hahha what a silly word fans

You have an own homesite, please tell me who is doing it and so...?

- I do it and its i check it every day so leave me a message

What do you think about the new way to communicate with email and internet?

- Itīs the damn devil

Do you have an own favouritesite?

- No not really

Whats the best and whats the worst of being in a band?

- The freedom to do whatever i want and the fact that i cant go anywhere with out someone
talking to me about AVAIL

Is it many interviews?

- Yes a tons of them

Is it boring to being interviewed?

- Only if I dont have fun with it

What is most frequent asked question?

- What does Beau Beau do?

What does Avail mean(the word I mean)?

- Look it up

Are you reading any fanzines, someone to recommend?

- No

Five records you can be without?

- Minor Threat ,Adolscents, Youth Brigade,Gorilla Biscuts, Avail

The last record you bought?


Are record collectors pretentious arseholes?

- Yeah but I collect records so wait what the hell are you calling me?

Which is the most expensive record you have bought?

- Maybe 50 dollars

What is the future in rock?

- ME in the future

What does love mean for you?

- uhhhhhh

Which are your future plans?

- To tour a lot and put out a record then tour some more


- uhmmmmmm

Something more to add

- Damn you ask a lot of qustions what are you gonna
do with this again your not going to send this to my mom are you?