Asta Kask does not really need any closer presentation because they have been on for 40 years now and are coming soon on a jubilee tour. Micke was so kind and talked a little with me with about this and then they have released their new Ep at Gaphals too. Febryari-2018


40 years as a band ... does it feel unreal?

-Yeah, of course. 40 years is a long time.

The strange thing is that it does not feel. We still have so much fun.


What's the big difference to playing music today if you compare when you started, I mean everything from gigs, making music, promoters etc?

- Clearly that's a big difference. The songwriting is harder today.

In any case, it is a damn process for me to get my lyrics foreward.

You can not be angry with the same things as when you were 15 years as well. But then the texts can not be about aching old bodies and impotence problems.

We are trying to keep everything around as much as possible today. We do not have any management or record companies to slave under. We own our own products today and only use one booker today.

It would be untenable if we booked everything ourselves and handled gages etc. We know .... we have tried.

No, I see no direct difference in the musicplaying in the 80's and today.

Perhaps it's a bit harder to get everything together logistically when we live in different directions.

The gig is the same and in some cases the songs 😉


What's the fun of playing live?

-We really love to play live and would not do this if it felt the least hard or boring.

Since 2003, we have made 3 times as many gigs than in the 80's. We have also had the honor to go to other countries and tour. Clearly we like 3 weeks in the USA on the west coast instead of being home and working. Or during dull November days, go around Japan or Colombia with a beer in your hand. 😉


Which is your worst gig ever?

-Oh…. I can not point out someone who's extra bad.

Perhaps some of the first gigs in the 70-80's where we were drunk on stage or just fucking nervous. We have the foot in several styless so we mix fresh from big festivalgigs to small crowded rock clubs. We like it. If we end up on strange gigs today we think it's fun ... .anyway afterwards.

During the United States tour, we said no to Punkock Bowling in Las Vegas because we already said yes to a place in Phoenix.

Once in place, there were 8 paying and no stage and the gigmoney was Whiskey or drugs. We laughed at it then. But for us each gig is equally important. We give the audience everything even if there's just a guy there. If he has paid entry, he will receive what he wishes.

But of course we have come to freaky odd places sometimes. I remember a Germany tour where the Austrian bookkeeper was scarcely not aware of the places he booked. Often our tour bus was bigger than the venue.

But as I said ... we like it.

The new record contains strong texts and treats a lot of racism? Is it important to touch these things in song lyrics? Is it hard not to have pointers in texts?

-It was probably not planned that the new disc would have such a red thread textual, but it became just like that. We are so damn angry on the normalization of racism and that, for example. sits old nazis in parliament.

They can eliminate it anyway. But we had our fights with Sweden Dumocrates already in the 80's. Then other uniforms was worn.

The fact that the texts address racism vulnerability and humanity feels very close to us today. Rather be called Political correct than dumb runner with the stream.

Pointers? Yes, maybe it would be necessary sometimes.


What do you think about the election this fall? Will SD(Swedish Democrates) increase or decrease? What do you think will be the most important question?

-Unfortunately, SD is getting more room in the election again. The citizens begin to lick a little brown and normalize the panic that is spreading.

I really did not think 6 years ago that the Swedish people could be so dumb that they voted in Nazis in the government. I was really shocked that people are so ill-advised today.

"Touch the pot", I say thank you.


Why was it just a vinyl of the latest album? You release a lot of other vinyl now too. Will it be on Gaphals too?

-The reason is so simple that no CD is sold anymore. The format is out so out and nobody wants it. Now you do not sell records at all. Everything is streamed and downloaded.

We still want to make physical records for those who are still buying and collecting them. The digital songs are not in anyone's collection in 15 years. We ship with a download link in the vinyl so you can burn a CD to your car stereo.

Yes, we have chosen to work with Gaphals as they feel alert and they´re cool guys who burn for what they do.

We'll give it all out on our own K.A.A.P but let them take care of the distro and the spread. We are a little too old and lazy for it.

You go out on a 40-year tour, is it something you look forward to and what do you think will be funniest on it?

-In the name of honesty, I can admit that the 40-year-old was not our idea. We would do a tour for the new full length, which was planned. We failed to get enough material and then chose a 4-song Maxi EP while waiting for the remaining songs. So we have little more to do on this planet


Now Dadde has been in the group a whole lot of years, it works well, I understand?

-It works well with the new guy.

Dadde came in 2004 and has played longer in Asta than any other drummer have. Even more recorded discs with Dadde.

He is a good injection for the guys. And then we get some cool tattoos of him sometimes. 😉


Do you have any other bands on the side? if you have which bands are you playing in these days?

-You may probably have Daddy, who has some other bands today. We others have only a few different constellations today.


How has the punk changed during the 40 years you've played?

-It's been a damn rollercoaster all the way I think. From being just a genre of punk to become so complicated that you need a dictionary today to sort out all.

It was easier earlier but for that it did not say was better.

When punk came into our lives, it was an ADHD medicine for all angry kids. We were helped into a good life that developed us into thinking and critical DIY people.


You're still a band that, unlike other "older" punk bands, which attracts new and young audiences too, or how is out there when you play, are they just old people of our age?

-We are extremely grateful for that. We often have 3 generations in the audience. The younger ones at the top clearing and screaming for the songs on "En för alla ingen för nån" disc. It was sometimes their ticket in to Asta Kask.

In the middle, the middle age punks stands with their arms crossed and rocking a little bit when we play Ringhals Brinner.

At the back, the parents to them at the forefront of the time when it started. It's great fun to meet all of these after a gig where everyone has their memories of Asta Kask. Some from 78 and some from 2016.


Which is the most odd band you've played with at any concert so far, I mean a band that is far from your musical?

-Oh there have been many. But the mix is ​​what's fun.

Can´t come up with anything now. But there have been wizards and 20-men bands like in Japan and Colombia.


How do you do when you writing songs, is it just one who makes a song or how does it work for you? Do you always sing the song the one who have done the song when performed or how do you do?

-We often have an almost finished song when we get to the rehearsalroom. Everyone makes their personal touch and PLOPP then it becomes an Asta Kask song.

Whoever writes the song sings it of course if nothing else is wanted. Therefore Bonnie's obesity of songs on the last discs.

I'm really slow about writing songs today.


Are there any new good punk bands in Sweden that you want to mention and highlight so that more people can hear just that band?

-There are plenty. I love new bands and really want to follow them up from the start. We do not want anything more than a young band playing the shit of us and putting us in place.

I get new favorites all the time.

Right now I'm really love Trubbel, The Baboon Show and The Dahmers.

But also bands in Demo mode.

Five discs that must be included in the tour bus?

-In fact not important at all. We would like to have a little quiet on the bus.

Sleep like old guys or just talk crap. We listen more to fucking odd songs when we travel.


When and where did you have your first concert? How did it go and which songs were played? Is there any of the songs left on the repertoire today?

-It goes all the way apart. Since we changed the set, I can not choose a concert. But we did quite a lot in the parks with the early Asta Kask.

400 raggare and a punk band. You can figure out how it went.

Certainly there are songs left from that time on the set list.

Fänrik Fjun was probably one of the first songs from 78.

We learned a lot of course of course but also want to convey what we are today too.


There are always questions you would like to have in an interview ... .If there's somebody you never get but want .... if so, ask it and answer it?

-I've probably got all the questions in the world. The one stranger than the other. But I'm terribly happy and surprised when any interview has good research and becomes personally interesting.

There were a lot of fanzines in the 80's who wanted to have us interviewed.

After answering the same interview 100 times times, one was sad.

We made a preprinted answer sheet and sent that. It always sued

Not of insufficient interest from us, but it was thought that the questions could be a little more fun for us and for those who read the fanzine.


Many foreign bands make covers on your songs. Do you have any favorites of these? Is there any CD / LP collection with your songs made by other bands?

-Japanese are damn good at making Asta Kask in Swedish. 

Takahschagummi(excuse spelling) makes really good covers with good Swedish pronunciation.

Rasta Knast actually made their own career with our songs and our logo. 

Sometimes when we have played in Germany some younger people can come out and say that it was good, but why are you just playing Rasta Knast songs

Recently, a band from Ecuador released a Tribute EP in Spanish.

They failed to translate so they wrote own texts, I think.

We have been looking forward to making any collection of this. We had a link on our website for all collected covers. I do not know if it's left anymore.

A little fun story is when we first played in Bilbao Spain.

At an official dinner party with fans and organizers, it turned out that an older guy had a confession. He had come to his rehearsal room in the 80´s and presented anew song he have made. The spng was Psykiskt Instabil firmly rename to Civilizate. 

They played it for many years and it was their HIT.

When the internet came, everything was revealed.

Now we have recorded Civilizate in Spain and took our song back



When do you come to Gothenburg and what bands do you have as support?

- April 14, we will visit Pustervik in GBG. What bans who plays more I have no idea unfortunately. It has not been our thing to fix.


Future plans with the band after the tour?

-After the tour, we will drive some summer gigs in Sweden that is booked. Can not handle it unless it is not clear. 

We will continue to work to write more songs to the album.

We have some loose threads on a couple of overseas tours to ..

We drive on as usual.

See You