in it for pussys

Jimmy and Matte from the rock n roll punkband Apes IQ have answered some questions here and their rockattitude shines through in their answer but that´s cool maybe. January 2006. 


A short or long history?

Jimmy: We can have the one that was in the letter which came with the record?


Please tell me a little about every member, age, family, work, interests and something secret about every member?

Matte: No, you know that integrity is the most important for us in the band, we´re a little better than the rest and we don´t share something about ourselves in some other way than through the music.


Have it been many memberchanges?

Matte: No APES IQ is we four and isn´t it us four we´re not APES IQ.


Any bands on the side of APES IQ?

Matte: Yeah, there is some rumours that one of us is unfaithful…...

Jimmy: I am the guilty one… I plays bass in a hobbyband called Malte X…is some sort of punk I assume. …


Your songtitles can be discussing or what to say about In it for the pussy, have you got critics for them??

Matte: Yeah, we have got some critics sometimes but it´s only from the people which is totally out of humour and thinks that rock n roll is a weapon which can change the world. We plays rock because we love to be on stage and that´s the easiest way to get some girls. We´re only in it for the pussy, it´s simply so.

Jimmy: Hahaha.. well speach Matte.


Poltic and music, does it goes hand in hand? Is music a good weapon to have when you want to get out your thoughts and opinions?

Matte: Eeeeh politic is grey, political music is grey and Iwanttosavetheworldmusicans is grey. Rock is party and nothing to take serious, take a beer and lay back and enjoy instead. ,


Bets political band/artist?

Matte: There isn´t any.

Jimmy: Yeah, there´s surely some but those bands don´t interest us so we don´t know them!


When you do songs, what inspires you lyrically?

Matte: He he he guess?

Jimmy: It depends which mood you´re in….when you have a hangover and your hormones is pumping as best so then you think only about sleeping and sex, and sleeping isn´t interesting  to write about so….haha when you think about that 90 % of our songs is about sex in some way or another we must have a hangover very often..  


You play a sort of garagepunk or how would you describe your music? 

Matte: Kick ass rock n roll.

Jimmy:Alternative punk ass rock n roll… yeah rock n roll must be there anyway

… and ass.. hehe


Is there any good bands in Sweden right now?

Matte: Sure..

Jimmy: In this style or what do you mean? Yeah, there´s some but the most of them have softing down too much or is it so that we have became harder?? Whatever!


Apes IQ, que, what type of name is that?

Jimmy: If we translate it it means the iq of apes… Which is really fun if you think about our iq zero lyrics. But it´s a name which comes from our band when we were named Apes in Quicksand. 


How is the reviews on the new record ?

Matte: Both good and bad, Sweden rock magazine and Metalheart.se is two examples on good reviews and then have some papers which haven´t understand the whole thing  but we will not give them any free advertisement here. One thing is that you must understand irony.

Jimmy:Haha, we says in the band, if someone not like what we´re doing they don´t understand it…  …


Do you care about reviews?

Matte: Only the good ones.


Which is the most peculiar review you ever got?

Matte: A paper which didn´t bother to care about we were named Apes Iq and not Iq apes is a good example, but do they don´t care more than so we don´t care about that idiots opinion either.


You have never had any thought in singing in swedish? Why or why not? 

Matte: No, it would sound so odd singing about drugs and pussys in swedish and it would be impossible for the rest of the world to understand a single word when we break in the whole world.

Jimmy: Notice, When ,not if…,.. hehe


Covers, do you do anything like that?

Matte: No, then you must be able to play and sing.

Jimmy: We have tried for a long time now to play bass but it looks really dark now and then he have the bass too much down on his knees and he cannot play on all his strings. 


Is it many interviews, is it boring?

Matte: There´s some but boring isn´t it any time, it´s always nice that anyone is interested of what we have to say.

Jimmy: Since we always avoid taking any opinion about some difficult subjects so can it feels really easy to do it.


How do you think it is to live in Sweden today? Politically?

Matte: Have no opinion.

Jimmy: Hehe… as Matte said


The socialist party got much critics when the tsunami was, any opion about this? Or is it only a way for the opposition to get some plus points?

Matte: Have no opinion

Jimmy: I sit here and masturbate a little…


Do you vote in an election?

Matte:No comment.

Jimmy: Otherwise Matte? And the car goes well?


The Kixxville Commercial, how did the name came up?

Jimmy: I heard the name Kixxville somewhere and I thought it was a cool word which was right in the mouth. So I checked it out and wondered was the meaning was. It´s a slang word for a place where the drugs take you to…..sex, alcohol and rock is like drugs and our records lyrics is almost always about those things so the record got the name”The Kixxville Commercial”. Good isn´t it?


Which is the question you never get but you want to have? Please ask it and answer it? 

Matte:Question: How is it to be the worlds best band? Answer: Good!

Jimmy: Question: How does it feel to be nominated as one of the sexiest men in the world? Answer: Yeah thank you….really OK actually!


Please rank your five favourite records, five favourite concerts and five most important things in life?

Jimmy: Puuuh… yeah, then we´ll see… Apes are obvious here. But we don´t take Apes Iq here so……


Best records:

1. Mötley crue – Too fast for love

2. Junkyard – Junkyard

3. Faster Pussycat – Wake me when it’s over

3. Glorious Bankrobbers – Dynamite sex doze

5. Sum41 – Does this look infected?


Favourite concerts:

1. Mötley Crue – Hovet -86

2. D:A:D – Torsgatan1 -00

3. Glorious Bankrobbers – Tumba ishall -90

4. Mötley Crue – Hovet -89

5. Mötley Crue – srf -05


Most important things in life:

Jimmy: This varies from day to day. I mean if you have problems with your start engine one day…the start engine is the most important thing in life…bad example but so it is….…


The first, last and most expensive record ever bought?

Matte: The first record was The Runaways - Waitin for the night

The latest was Mustasch - Powerhouse

The most expensive I haven´t a clue which it was.

Jimmy: The first record was Destroyer with Kiss. The latest was

Mötley Crue-Dr feelgood on cd ( I only had it on LP before…)

The most expensive should be a bootleg with Mötley from Hovet-86.. I think i paid 500 swedish krona for it.


The most embarrassing record in your collection?

Matte: Records are never embarrassing

Jimmy: *coff coff* I have some Kent at home….or what do I say? I am mad!


Where do you stand when we´re talking about mp3, download or not, does it help or isn´t it help the smaller bands? 

Matte: It helps.

Jimmy: We´re the band which sent out 1700 records for free of our demo Pussified Pimpride. Everything because as many as possible would be able to hear it…..guess where we stand?


Isn´t there more important criminals to get than the ones that download music?

Jimmy: Yeah for example the ones who put the disgusting cucumbers on Big Mac. DEATH PENALTY!!


Futureplans for the band?

Matte: To play live and sell as many records as it´s possible

Jimmy: Yeah, so it is…


For yourself?

Jimmy: Good question… take the day as is comes more or less. …



Jimmy: The one you go to bed with must do the bed!


Something to add?

Jimmy: Free 3 songs promotion single will be sent out for free from Stockholms proudness Apes IQ. Mail name and address to  apes-iq@hotmail.com and then comes the single in the post after a few days.

The fullength have 13 songs and can be bought on www.cdon.com

Information about the band is on www.apesiq.com

Hell yeah!