-The band started in 1996 has had a ton of labels is now on Fat
Wreck...Chris#2 bass-vocals Justin Sane guitar-vocals Pat Thetic drums
Chris Head guitar-vocals


Please tell me something about every member in the group, age,
interest, family, something bad about every one and so on?
-#2 age 19 likes doing interviews
Justin age 19 likes soy ice cream
Pat age 19 dislikes George Bush
Chris age 19 likes doing all Anti-Flags art work


I have A new kind of army and Die for the government,Underground
Network what else have you done and how can I get it?
-Moblize on A-F records www.a-frecords.com
Bouncing Souls/Anti-Flag split on BYO records.


Which is most fun, is it to record records or is it to play live?
-I like writing cause it is all on you...but touring rules becuase you
get to see it work..i would have to say playing shows...


How is a good concert with Anti Flag?
-One word UNITY


What is the most peculiar which have happened on a concert with AF,
on stage or in the audience?
-A person, male, sucked his own penis....


Do you have good contact with your fans, in which way?
-We always hang out after the show and meet our friends...hear what
they liked and disliked...


Any favouritesite yourself?
-Democracynow.org indymedia.org


Is there any good zine son the net or on paper you can recommend?
-Slug and lettuce


What shall a good zine contain except an interview with Anti-Flag?
-Ideas that you wont find in your local newspaper...


If you could choose to play together with five bands from the past
and now which five ands would be playing a gig with Anti Flag then?
-The Clash, The Dead Kennedys, Saves the Day, Strike Anywhere,


First, last and most expensive record you have bought?
-Phantom Planet most expensive
REM Green or something-first
The Who Whos next-last


Idols when you were small?
-Hulk Hogan, Prince

How is it to live in USA, whatīs best and whatīs worst?
-Best is family, friends...
worst is George Bush


It seems like your live punkrock in your usual life too, what do
you think about bands who plays punk and donīt look punk? Can you take
them seriously?

-Yes...its a lifestlye not a haircut or jacket...


Can music change any persons life you think, in which way?
-I now for a fact it can


Does politic and music goes hand in hand?
-For me it does...


What does punk mean for you?
-Being yourself, thinking about the world...not selfishness


What do you know about Sweden?, What is typically swedish you

-I love Millencolin, they are beautiful people if i had to judge
Sweden on them...i would love every person in Sweden...


Have you heard any good bands from Sweden?
-Again Millencolin, the Hives

Howcome that you came on Fat wreck now, you have been on many
different labels through the times?

-They are great peple they asked us to
do a record we said yes...now you own it...


What do you think about the new way to communicate with email and
internet and all that stuff?

-It is great...anytime ideas are exchanged it
is a great thing....


What are you Anti Flag against? Which flag, is it all flags or only
the american, or do you think we should have a world without borders?
-All flags no seperation no nationalism...no borders...one people one


Where do you stand politically?
-I consider my self a socialist...


What do you think when I write Ramones, George W Bush, Texas,
-Ramones good band...GW Bush, bad man . Texas good state bad people
have come from...


Which are your own futureplans?


Which are the bands futureplans?
-Write a new record for fat wreck chords in october november...tour,
tour tour, record...tour tour tour...




Something more to add?
-I am chris #2 i play bass and sing for anti-flag...
peace out