Angel grove is a really good USHC-influenced band from Germany. I´m so happy that I came in contact with them and you should get in contact with their music too. The interview was done in June 2023.


Please tell me a little about the story of Angel grove?

Sven:We started in 2010 with two people and had problems to find the right missing band members. This finally has changed in 2018 when first Tim joined the band on drums and in 2019 Til on guitar and vocals. Since then we are writing more songs and playing more shows than ever.


Please tell me a little about every member, age, work, previous bands etc?

Sven: I am 36, work in human resources. I have only been in this band and none other. Til is 24, studies to become a teacher, have played in a Pop-Punk “project” before joining Angel Grove in 2019, listens to Punk, Hardcore, Metal/Deathcore and Country.

Jan ist 38 and had some other band projects during school day. Nothing have last for long. He works at a candle company.

Tim is 26 and has played in so many bands. Check out his other band „Old Moon Madness“ completly different.


The name Angel Grove, where did it came from and you wasn´t afraid that any other band would be named so?

Sven: We had a paper with 50 possible band names and just made a voting. The idea for that name came from Jan because of a tv show. Easy to find out which one. I searched the internet and found out that there is more than one other band with that name. But none of them was in our region so we did not care


You come from Germany, how is it to live there nowadays, racists and politics overall?

Sven: Germany still is a good place to live. We invest too much time in tiny problems instead of solving the big. The country always had, still has and unfortunatly always will have too many stupid racist idiots running around.


When you do your lyrics, what are they about, anytime political or is politics nothing to have in music? Only in English…never in german?

Til: Our lyrics are mostly about things that we deal with in our lives, family, relationships and sometimes politics. However, we are not a political band and we don’t want to be a one-trick pony concerning our lyrical content. We just write about the things that are going through our minds. I think each of the members is influenced by different bands and, therefore, has different approaches to lyrical content. For me, country music has had a huge influence concerning songs about friendship/relationships, etc., while Hardcore Punk has had a big influence on the way I think about politics and self-improvement.

Sven: And always only in English.


How would you describe your own music in three words for those who haven´t heard you? I hear a lot of Fat Wreck Bands- in the music?

Sven: The typical Fat Wreck Sound yeah. We all love the bands on Fat.

Til: Poppy Skate Punk


Is there any there groups you have being compared to? Is it bad or good to be compared?

Sven: This happens often. Very different names and often I don't know the bands. Lately I often heard Blink 182

Til: I have heard comparisons to Blink 182 and Lagwagon, which couldn’t be a greater compliment for bands in our genre. I don’t think comparisons are generally bad, as long as they don’t become the only thing people say about your band.


You have only released records by yourself or how is it? Not any label which is interested? How can I get a hold on your first records because you have done some more…tell us about them?

Sven: I think we are to small for labels and there are so many other good bands out there. The labels have a huge choice. I think a person who helps you to book shows for you is more important than a label. With the internet there are so many way you can release your music yourself. Our releases are all available on all plattforms. If you want a classic cd you can find it on our homepage


The new single No fun for anyone, when does it come out and which format?

Sven: It will be out on 16. September 2023, digital, cd and maybe for the first time vinyl. Maybe the next song will be out in a not so far future...


Can you feel that you have done a record if you would release it only digitally?

Til: I think in this day and age, releasing a record digitally is the most important way to get your music out to people all over the world and it steel feels like I have made a record. However, as a vinyl collector, I still love to release physical copies of my music.

Sven. Yeah, digital is most important, but we will never have digital only. All our releases will always be on cd and if possible vinyl.


When you listen to music, what is your favourite way to listen to music, Spotify, vinyl, CD or what do you prefer?

Til: I mostly listen to music on Spotify, especially when I am driving in my car or doing sports, but I also love to sit down and listen to a vinyl from front to back.


Do you buy much records yourself?

Sven: I buy all cds from my top ten and all vinyls from my top five bands when they release something new. From time to time I buy second hand cds do complete my collection. Last month I found the missing NOFX Album.


Is there any good record shops left in your hometown?

Sven: No, you have to drive at least one our to the bigger cities Cologne, Koblenz, Trier or Bonn. Our region has always had low population. So there have never been any stores around.


Any good bands from your town and in Germany overall?

Til: There are no other bands from my hometown, but some of the best bands from Germany that fit into the same genre than us include Itchy, Donots and Montreal.


What does punk mean to you, is it only a musicstyle, a word or is it a style of living?

Til: To me, it means being free to do whatever to you want, as long as you do not hurt anybody else. It also means accepting everyone as an individual and not judging people based on factors such as the color of their skin, the god they choose to believe in or their sexual orientation.


Tell me a little about the following song and what they´re about?

Cyborgs, PMA and No fun for anyone


Sven: Look out of the window. Everyone is walking around with his eyes at his phone only, no one is looking at each other. You go to a show and everyone is making pictures or low quality videos instead of enjoying the moment. It is a world full of cyborgs


Til: PMA is an abbreviation for Positive Mental Attitude. The song is about growing up and accepting the changes you go through and handling setbacks and problems by always trying to find a way to improve yourself and see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is inspired by the music of a lot of hardcore bands that I have been listening to for a long time, such as Stick To Your Guns, Terror and H2O.

No fun for anyone?

Sven: The first song of the new EP? The name is actually „Anyhow“. It's about our next show. 15, 50 or 500 people, we don't care, we always give everything we got and try to have a good time. Even if there is only one person who wants to see us we can have a great show.


Are you selling any merch on your gigs, do people buy it? What sells best?

Sven: Yes we do. I thought we need some special things to sell, but no one cares. The Bestseller still is a shirt. A lot of people as for vinyl, so I guess it would run well, too.


Which is your own favoritesong among your own songs? And which song is the people choice?

Til: It is difficult to pick just one song, but a few of my favorites include the whole upcoming EP, PMA, Chasing Headlights, Lying On The Floor, Cyborgs and History. I think “fan-favorites” could be History, PMA and Chasing Headlights, and hopefully the songs that are on our new EP! Sven: Most people I talk to ask for „History“


When you do songs, is it one in the group who does them or how do you compose a song?

Sven: Totally different, sometimes one of us comes with a completly finished song, sometimes we work on it together. Two weeks ago we just started playing and had a song 10 minutes later. I sometimes sit at home and it takes years before I show the song to the others. Everyone is involved.


Please rank your five favorite records?

Til: Anti-Flag – For Blood and Empire; Stick To Your Guns – Disobedient; Rise Against – Revolutions Per Minute; No Pressure – No Pressure; Benjamin Tod – A Heart of Gold is Hard to Find


Do you care about reviews? Which is the most peculiar you ever had, with this band or any other band you have been to?

Sven: Of course we do. The only thing I just want to take reviews serious is, that the person really has thoughts about what he is reviewing. We can do without a five sentence review which is just a blue print and you only have to cange the name of the band and the name of the songs and the review would fit to every band. To this day we only got very normal reviews. I am happy that no one ever just wrote that we are shit.


If you could choose five bands from the past and the history and nowadays and both dead and living bands to have a concert together with your band. Which five have you been chosen?

Til: Anti-Flag; No Pressure; Lagwagon; Strike Anywhere; Rise Against Sven: Blink 182, Strung Out, NoFX, Lagwagon, Millencolin


Is music a good way to get out frustration and become a nicer person outside the music? Sven: To me music is the best way to handle your feelings and you behaviour. If you have a really bad day music can alway bring you back to earth. If your job is hell you always know there is a song waiting after you have finished.


Have anyone of all your fans done something really crazy when you have played live, ? Have done any tatoos or something like that?

Sven: No, some funny with with drinking but nothing somebady else hasn't done before. Our focus is to make a good show and to give everyone he feeling to be a part of it.


Any good Swedish bands you like?

Til: Millencolin, Misconduct, Refused, Amon Amarth, At The Gates


Is it boring with interviews? Is it much interviews? What do you prefer Telephoneinterviews, face to face or as this one via e-mail?

Sven: We love to talk about music and love to meet people in general. So we always like interviews. I still like to meet people in person the most, so face to face is great.


Futureplans for the band?

Til: Play as many shows as possible and meet nice people all over the world


Futureplans for yourself?

Sven: Stay healthy and make as much music as possible and show it to other people



Sven: Respect others and do what ever you want


Something more to add?

Sven: Thank you for your nice questions, Be yourself and explore the world. Not the one in your smartphone.