Linus from the Anatomi-71 has answered a bunch of questions from me. This happened in the month-end September-October 2015. One of the best crustgroups right now?



A little history about the group?

Linus: Anatomi-71 was created in 1999 in Kristinehamn by Linus, Ulf and Pär, mostly as a way to pass the time and distract from the small town anxiety and general restlessness. Then it was mostly a frivolous project; the texts were more obvious nonsense, the songs were little insane explosions at the maximum a minute and we used the drum machine. As people began to pay attention to what we were doing, it was more of a real band. Putte came as a d drummer around 2001 and it is well that which is the start of today's Anatomi-71t Since then, we have made four 12 ",one 7" and two split 7 "and a bunch of gigs. We have well become more serious in terms of both song titles as text writing, which I suppose is because we have become better at playing and that it seems unnecessary to cut corners when people actually care. For reasons we need not go into here disappeared unfortunately our original bassist Ulf recently from the band, so newly added on bass, Erik, aka Eken, Steken etc.


Tell me a little about every member, age, work, family, bands before and bands on the side??

Linus: We are between 33-38 years old, all living in Gothenburg except Patrik living in his house in Skivarp. All have partners, Putte has a pitbull and Erik has two kids. Pär works in a stock and assume its garden cottage. He has been playing with some different punk bands, for the moment, it is well Strul and Strålskadad active. I, Linus works as a psychologist. I played before with Nödslaktt, but it is well little on the ice now. Writes and draws a lot. Repaired sporadically with a space / punk band that even Pär are in. Patrik working in home care. Has played in a thousand bands, including Burst, the Kolony, Decontrol and ENS to name a few. Currently, he has a crustproject down in Skåne called Stupstock and plays possibly still with an Italian grind band called Vatican City Syndrome. Erik works at the store, mopedrider and hang on Markurells in Bellevue. He is a really good bassist has played in lot of bands, including Motörbreath, Portrait, Murdered cop and others. Plays also with Strul with Pär.

I can hear very old hardcorebands likeAnticimex Shitlickers, I hear right ?? Was it better before?

Linus: Fun if you like it, it's tough bands both. Everyone in the band like good old hardcore punk although we try to mix it up with some other stuff, punk rock, seventies rock, space rock, old doom and stuff. We listen the on an awful lot of music and Anatomi-71 will be well some kind of lowest common denominator. Personally, I listen a lot to old stuff, but it's a pretty old default view to mutter that it was better before. There are new good stuff too if you just cope interested.


Anatomi-71, are you satisfied with the name. I think of an old synth group or something like that! If not the best band name had been busy, which name had you chosen then? I mean what is the best band name? Why was it that name?

Linus: The name came about, just as the band of large, mostly by chance. Ulf's parents are vets and we found a photo in their photo albums picturing a bunch of bearded men standing and joints in a dead cow. The caption said "Anatomi -71". We took the image straight off and made for the covers of our first demo. There is of course a bad name, but at the same time, I think it's nice that it does not feel so time-bound. Many bands have the band name that most are paraphrases other currently popular band name and I think it gets a little identity loose after a while. Glad you think it sounds like an old synth group!

What is the best thing about playing live?

Linus: It's fun to play and it's great and that people seem to like it. There is a more direct type of response than what you get when you are recording records.


Where is best to play, was the worst?

Linus: I think Truckstop Alaska in Gothenburg is the most enjoyable venue, or one of the funniest in all cases. Think in general it tends to be fun to play in Göteborg, it is home and tend to get very busy. Same with the gigs we've done in Varmland, it's also home somehow. Do not know where it's been the worst, usually think it's fun to play. That was when Ulf was dying of Bologna and shouted "Aaaj" in the mic instead of texts.


How is it to play this sort of punk In Sweden today ??

Linus: Do not have much to compare with but it's fun. I am grateful to be able to do something as marginal and narrowly and still have so much appreciation.


How would you describe your music in three words ??

Linus: Dynamic, driving hardcorepunkrock?


What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?

Linus: The discussion about what punk is pretty silly for a grown man should not subcultural categories playing such a large role, it is well about some kind of youthful identity. At the same time, it is of course also the "neutral" majority culture is a way to highlight the group affiliation. For me personally it is important that even as an adult able to continue questioning the destructive social norms, whatever you call yourself a punk or not. I have full respect for those who look more like punk activism, as an active stance that permeates throughout their lives, although it may not be so common in Sweden. For many, this is well-punk more a fashion and music style. I grew up with punk music and still like it, but is also spoken by the idea of ​​punk as a counterforce, which calls into question the rules and ingrained attitudes which exclude and depresses people.

How do you download, mp3 and the like?

Linus: I personally still buy records and think it's more fun with a physical product, but it is well that I grew up with it. I think a lot of covers, lyrics and stuff when we do songs and stuff goes the little lost in the digital so for me personally it is not the same. But I like the anarchist of digitization, the music will be free and available to everyone. Plus I guess it's better for the environment.


How do you think it is to live in Sweden today, politically?

Linus: I think the situation is really uncomfortable now, specifically in view of the fascist tendencies, but also in terms of consumer safety and the climate. I'm not much for doomsday thinking, but I am genuinely concerned about what will happen in Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world. It whipped up some kind hate where people no longer know what to say or do. We look at each other as means to achieve their own goals. The lack of a common vision and it is an existential anxiety and rub over the civilized surface.


Are there any bands in Sweden today? In your hometown? Is there any good bands there nowadays?

Linus: Three out of four of the band live in the Gothenburg and this is of course infinitely of bands. Can randomly mention Uran, Vicious Irene, Sork, Strul, Night Viper  and Yuri Gagarin as a sample of currently active band. The same applies to well-Sweden. Last few days I have listened to the Korsfäst and the Mascara Snake, for example. But you may refer to Kristinehamn where we come from originally? I do not have as large an eye on Kristinehamn scene nowadays. The people I know who play now well Vengeance of karma and Insane.

Do you play anything outside Sweden?

Linus: Very little, I would gladly have done more, but it is difficult with logistics when everyone has their own life and stuff to get involved with. But we have played in Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Denmark and Italy.


Other great bands from abroad?

Linus: Oh, my God. There's any number of bands. Are you thinking specifically of punk / hc bands I can mention Death Raid and Crossed stitched eyes.


Your lyrics, what influenced you in? You did Ruset of Glo latest album? Why that song? Have you done more covers?

Linus: It is I who writes all the lyrics. Guess I'm influenced by the same things as everyone else. Songs I heard, books I've read, people I met, things I'm with. I consciously try not to write the classic punk texts just like, "you're wrong, you're stupid", but rather to reflect on why people become stupid, to identify the problems and see the processes behind, it becomes so self-righteous else. Sometimes solemnly, sometimes more comical. I like the mixture. It was well Pär's proposal to do Ruset, our version was of course a mixture of Glo and Rukorna. We have played some other covers, Avskum and Perverts among others. Sometimes we do Neil Young and Loud Pipes in repo.


Is there anything you are never going to write about?

Linus: Seeing no reason to write texts with opinions that we can not account for, or agree with, but otherwise it is well free up.


Politics and music, does it always goes together ??

Linus: It depends on what you define as politics. It is clear that music does not have to be about opinions, criticize society or contain a lot of sociological terms. More often involves well music that express a mood or an emotion, positive or negative. But the pronounced apolitical music can of course also mean a kind of position so it depends who said how you see it.

Best political band / artist?

Linus: I ranks and sorts not music I like that way. But I heard more of the bands and artists that express something that feels genuine, that have some kind of self-reflection in what they write. You notice when bands just trying to have politics as a glued-image and it could be terrible.


Do you think music can change someone's life, I mean texts etc?

Linus: I think you may be affected by everything you are going through. I do not think I myself would not be who I am today if I had not been shaped by the music I listened to through the years. But it's not something you can control, it depends entirely on the context in which people take in the music. It would be naive to believe that there is a simple causal relationship, that one hears a text and then radically changing opinion. But music can of course create platforms and contexts, which in turn can shape us as humans, so why not?


Your cover is really cool on your record, who did this. Is it important to have a cover that you understand what type of music you play? What is your favorite cover all time? ...

Linus: Thanks, glad you like it. It is I who have done all our album covers, except for Bombstrike split 7 ". I think the album cover plays a major role, otherwise I would not have spent so much time on our recordss. It is fun with the band that has a holistic approach with the cover Type Hawkwind or crass. Can not say I have any particular favorite covers, there are many stylish.

It is important to get physical discs? Is there any good record shop in your hometown?

Linus: I think it's more fun to create music with the plan that it will culminate in a physical disc. I often write songs with the ambition to be able to complement each other on a record, that's the format I grew up with. There are a lot of record stores in Gothenburg, but unfortunately too many dying out, there was much more interesting shops ten years ago.


Please tell me something really funny that happened during your career on stage or backstage etc?

Linus: It was fun in Copenhagen when Ulf presented us as an Anatomy and a halvfjerds then fall into the drum kit. But there are very silly. Every day is an anecdote in Anatomi-71's life ... Do we have a career anyway?


How does your audience look like? Which type of people? Do you miss a few types of people?

Linus: I like the fact that we go home in a little different circuits, both among punk folk and other public warped people. This is exactly how I want it to be. Like that it is not a strictly male audience, I'm not fond of the idea of ​​men in the group who make music only for the men in the group, there will be no sectarian about it. But we are grateful that someone is listening at all.


Please rank your five favorite records, five favorite concerts?

Linus: I'm unfortunately not the type that has a ready list of five favorite records. Rather, in this case twenty-five. Same thing with concerts ...
Is it boring with interviews ??

Linus: No, I think it's great that people care about what we do.


If you could choose five bands from history, dead and alive to have a concert together with you, which is the dream bands then?

Linus: No idea, but say Hawkwind, Stooges, Jesus Lizard, The Rats and Girlschool then, mostly to answer your question ...


Music is a good way to get frustrated and become a kinder person ??

Linus: It probably can be. It is good to use frustration as the driving force into something constructive.


What is the weirdest question you have in an interview?

Linus: I do not know, will not com in on any particular. Sometimes you get the interviews with a bunch of nonsense questions, but it's not that fun that people keep on ...
Which is the question you never get, please ask it and answer it?

Linus: Oh, do not know. But it's fun when people have a genuine interest and have done some research.


Future plans for the band?

Linus: We keep on rehearsal us together with Eric on bass. We do some new songs and will seek to play a part.


For yourself?

Linus: Take it as it comes!


Words of wisdom?

Linus: Think for yourself! Or by the way, do not do it, it just gets stupid.


Something to add?

Linus: Thanks for the interview. Think it was a lot of interesting questions. Good luck.