Norsk hardcore at itīs best

Amulet comes from Norway and  they are really a band which plays with a lot of aggression on their records. Norwegian hardcore isnīt so usual as swedish.. Torgny is the one who have answered my questions in the beginning of june 2005. 


When and why did you start to play?

-we wanted to revolutionize norwegian hardcore. If we have managed to do that you will be hearing on the next album. Recorded in Sweden, hehe!  

Please tell me a little about every member, age, family, intererests and something bad about every one?



 Are you the same band which released a record on swedish Bridge Records?

-Sure as hell! Thanks to every one in Sweden which have the  underground 27-minutes long hardcore classics: The Burning Sphere.


I have the latest record Danger Danger with you bleeding on the cover, what have you done more and how can I get it?

-We have recorded our new album in Tonteknik in Umeå. A raw and intensive recording in only 17 days. The new record will be out this autumn. 


The cover on Danger Danger is really ”disgusting” , is it important with a cover which people notice?

-Itīs not a principle I follow. The music should follow the visual.    


Which band/record label do the best recordcovers?

-My favorite cover is Beatles White Album or Miles Davis Davis bitches brew.


Youīre on a big label, your music isnīt the kind of music which hits the charts, how could you get a contract with your label?

-We came up on the charts on the 13th place on the norwegian album charts. Our music is on the charts. Is it good enough people understand. If now now, maybe in 10 or 40 years. Nobody cared about Velvet Underground and Stooges when Andy Warhol and Raw Power was released but now theyīre classics. 


How would you describe your music in three words?

-Intensive, aggressive, passionate. 


What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle? 

-The original punkculture is dead. But weīre lucky to have some DIY-spirit in many people. Iīm not mixing firesouls and other people now. Punk is only a owrd. I used the word “punk” when I shall describe something or somebody with a rebelattitude.


To play this sort of music in Norway, how is that?

-Good. We have begin to be a big band in Norway now and we play for a lot of people who never have heard of us otherwise. It feels good.


Is there any good bands in Norway now?

-JR Ewing, Satyricon, King Midas, Turbonegro to mention some.


The old bands like Bannlyst, Svart Framtid and all these, have they meant anything to you?

-Yeah! Classic!  "Snuteterror" by Svart Framtid is one of the bigegst songs from Scandinavia anytime. 


What do you think about swedish music, is there any good bands?

-Personally I like Doktor Kosmos, much depending on the lyrics. It feels good when someone writes smart and simple protestsongs as they do. And itīs sometimes melancholy but never sentimental. DOLL is our friends and we played with Refeused when they played. Section 8 have some good oldschoolriffs. Entombed.  I used to like Soundtrack of our lives but theyīre boring me nowadays. My first big concert was with Herreys in Strömstad. Traumatic! 


You know that it was a band from the 80īs which also was called Amulet?

-Not so good heavy metal from the midwest! Avoid!  


Have it been any problems for you with that name?


Amulet, is a really unusual name on a hardcore band, hwo did you come up with that?

-It was out first bassist which came up with the name. I donīt know why actually, itīs not important. 


Please rank your five favourite records? 

-Black Flag Damaged,

Bad Brains Rock for Light,

Poison Idea Feel the Darknesss

Minor Threat Out of Step

Stooges Raw Power


The first, the last and most expensive record ever bought?

-The first: Minor Threat, The last: Dean Dirg 12" (Very good band from Germany)


The most embarrassing record in your collection?

-I used to do electronic music before and I bought all vinyl I could to sample. I donīt know where to start….James Last. ….totally empty music.   


You have never have any thoughts of singing in norwegian?

-No, it feels to provincial and claustrophobic.

What is most important when you do music, is it to have a refrain, a good melody or to have a good lyrics?

-Everything is important. Everything


What do you say about in ESC?

-The guitarist have engineered  our Diamond 7" from 97! WigWam sucks. Irony heavymetal. Fuck off. I hate Grand Prix, I hate jovial music.


Can you compeat in music?


Is it very expensive to live in Norway?


You have been playing outside Norway, where is best?

-Berlin, LA and Hamburg.

Whatīs the difference of playing in Norway and outside Norway, where does the difference is mostly noticed

-Itīs more dirty outside of Norway. Not so much designed furniture’s backstage. 


How is a good concert with you? Which is your strength as a liveband? 

-We gives everything live and itīs always 100 %.. Out of control - like the cries of a tortured baby. Our strength is that we canīt only stand there. Itīs like a calling. Give it all.

Is it many interviews? Is it boring

-No. Only in Germany when you get the question "You said this, now you say this, why this?" Thatīs boring.

Which is the most usual question?

-Not this question anyway!

Which is the question you never get but you want to have, please ask it and answer it?

Question: Which is your favourite question? Answer: "The tradition of all the dead  generations weigh like a nightmare on the brain of the living".(Marx)


Futureplans for the band?

-To play FullForceFestival ( in Leipzig the second of july. Album release in September.


Soemthing to add?

-Buy DangerDanger. Come and see us live. Thanks to the people who have seen us live in Sweden. Keep your eyes open for the new record, recorded and produced in Sweden!


-Just this: "The false obviousness of everyday practice" (Louis Althusser)