It took awhile but Amrev 2 answered my questions and here are the short answers. This happened in October-2009.




-The band started in 2004 as a 3 piece.  We've been through a few bassists
but have had the same singer/guitar player and drummer.  In 2008 we added a
sax player and since we've been a solid four piece.  We've released 3
records and have played over 200 shows (WE'VE LOST COUNT) plus a few tours.

Please tell me a little about every member, age, family, interests, work
and something bad about every one?


Nege- sax/ vox
Chris- Bass/smiles

Your music is interesting, how would you describe it yourself?

-Dope, bodacious, political punk.


I say in my review that it is a mix of a X-Ray-Spex, Bad Religion and
Gonads, how about that?

-Agree, but with more Steel Pulse.

How did you came up with the thought with a saxophone in the band?

-We ideally wanted a 3 piece horn section but a a sax works just fine.

How..s musiclife in USA right now? Any good bands?
-Everyone Except me, Dead to Me, Bob Dylan, The Peeps.

What do you know about Sweden?

-We know that is Sweden weed is tolerated, it's home of some famous

Have you heard any good Swedish bands?
-We love Bombshell Rocks.

The new tribalism, please tell me more?
-The new tribalism is about the reincarnation of the slaughtered and
oppressed people of what we now call America.

Have you been outside USA and played? Where is best?
-We have never played outside of the U.S. but will soon.

What is the most odd which have happened during a gig with Amrev 2, on
stage or in the audience?

-Our bassist's strap broke and he ended up having to play our whole set
laying down on the stage.

Amrev 2, where did the name come from?
-We are American Revolution 2 = Am    Rev   2

Have you done anything more than the CD you sent to me?
-We have released; 2004 EP, 2004, Break it Down LP,2006,  Couple o'
Covers, 2005 promo disc and Unity Crew LP, 2009.

Im grown up with punkrock, hows your relation to punk?
-We've loved punk since we were in nappies.

Is there any good punkbands in USA, in the world?

-All punk  bands are good.

Please rank your five favourite records, five favourite concerts and five
most important things in life?

-Our favourite record is Bob Marley and The Wailer's 'Catch a Fire', Our
favourite show ever is Gogol Bordello, and the most important thing in life
is water and the sun.

The first the last and the most expensive record ever bought?
-Our first album was KISS, the last one we bought was bad brains, and our
most expensive was 'Dead to Me'.

The most embarrasing record in your collection?

-We have no shame


How do you see on mp3 and downloading and that stuff?

-We encourage free music but are understanding of  bands that are strictly
against gotta make a living somehow.

Futureplans for the band?

-We're gunna keep putting out music



Something to add

-And jelly.