Alchemist comes from Australia and their dark music feels very interesting. Their guitarist/vocalist Adam Agius was kind enough to answer my questions in the end of june 2003.



History? What have you done before Austral alien(how can I get them and on

which label)

 -Adam:  We have done 4 full length albums before AA. Our first three are on

shock records and are only available in Australia or on import, they are in

order JAR OF KINGDOM 1993, LUNASPHERE 1995, SPIRITECH1997, our next releases

are available on Relapse they are ORGANASM 2000 and of course AUSTRAL ALIEN



Please tell me a little about every member in the group, age, family,

interests, and osmething bad about every one?

 -Adam:  Rod is our drummer he is 32 and likes to fuck around on the computer

making our video clips and go surfing. He is a bald cunt. John is our bass

player and loves to smack that fucking thing all over the stage. He is 32

and a bald cunt as well. Roy is our lead guitarist and he loves to get

stoned and make all our art work. His hair is always shinny but stinks of

perm solution. I am Adam , master of all that is good in Alchemist and I

have no bad points ...I'm a legend.


I think you play a little gothic music, what are you being compared to?

 -Adam:  Everyone from Sisters of Mercy to Pink Floyd , Killing joke to King



Have you got any reviews yet from your new CD, good or bad?

 -Adam:  We have already over 50 reviews all good so far.


Which are you believe in most, the bad or the good one?

 -Adam:  The good ones of course because there have been no bad ones , and I

think the album is fantastic.


Do you care about reviews? Have you never ever changed anything because of

a review?

 -Adam:  We do care about reviews but we just do our own thing it really does

not matter what the press  thinks as long as the fans like it.


How did come up with the excellent album name Austral Alien? 

-Adam:  Our guitarist Roy came up with the name and it was going to be for a

tour in 2001 we called the Austral Alien tour of Australia { pronounced the

Australian tour } We thought it was way to good for a tour name and so

decided to build a record around that name instead and the end result is

what you hear on Austral Alien.


Is it the way you feel like aliens in the musicbusiness in Australia? 

 -Adam:  It's the way we feel that  we are Aliens to the rest of the worlds

music industry , we believe nobody sounds like we do. In Australia we are

pretty popular.


It´s not so many bands in your style there or, here in Sweden mostly

garage bands and punkbands are well known from your country?

 -Adam:  How does your music been taken in your country? Very well , for this

tour so far we have sold out our shows and the disc is selling over 5000

copies in two months its very good for such a small population.


.Is there any good bands in Australia now?

 -Adam:  Yes many good bands, I like Pod People and I like Daysend  I also

like Frenzal Rhomb and Superheist as well as Destroyer 666.


What do you know about Sweden?

 -Adam:  I have visited Stockholm and loved it! I am very into the early

Swedish extreme bands like Entombed and I love Katatonia and Bloodbath. I

also love Opeth whom we have just finished a tour with in was

sold out as well. I  like the Swedish people especially some of the girls I

saw there and in Denmark.


Have you heard any Swedish bands worth to mention? 

 -Adam:  Oops yep all of the above also In flames and Bathory of course.


How did you came in contact with Relapse? Is it a good label?

 -Adam:  We just sent them our stuff for years and finally they got interested

in us. So far they have been a great label, we are hoping they will provide

some tour support for us to tour Europe and the states.


Is it good to have so many raw bands as labelmates so you can stick out a


 -Adam:  We will always stick out as we do our own thing , we don't really

care what other bands are doing. Amorphis are as mellow as us so we feel we

don't stick out in a bad way.


How is a good concert with you?

 -Adam:  About 500 payers all going fucking mad and singing along with us, We

have had a great time as of late.


Please rank your five favouriterecords, five favouriteconcerts and five

most important things in life? 

 -Adam:  Five records

            Pink Floyd ..Dark side of the moon

            Porcupine Tree ...Stupid dream

            Celtic Frost ..Morbid tales

            Voivod ...Nothing face

            AC DC…..Dirty deeds


            5 concerts

            Pink Floyd 1989

            Metallica 1989

            Slayer       1995

            Prodigy 1999

            Opeth    2003


            5 most important things

            Writing music

            Playing live

            My girlfriend

            My family

            My Cat


First last and the most expensive record ever bought? 

 -Adam:  First record 1983 , Number of the beast Iron Maiden Last record

Porcupine tree the delirium years. Most expensive was No remorse by Motorhead on vinyl in a black leather case it cost me 100 bucks.


Idols when you were small? 


-Adam:  Paul Hogan , Yngwie Malmsteen , Angus Young.


How is it to live in Australia today, what´s best and what´s worst with

living there? 

-Adam:  Australia is fucking great every thing is good here except our

conservative government and the fact that we are so far away from the rest

of the world.


When you do a song, which is most important, is it to have a good lyric,

good melody or is it to have a refrain that people remembers?

 -Adam:  To have a refrain that people remember and the melody or catchiness.


Who do the songs? Only one in the group or do you do them together?

 -Adam:  We all write together , this is not strict but accounts for 90% of

our music.


Have been outside Australia an played, where is best? 

 -Adam:  Nope only Australia and NZ and Australia is the best so far , not

much to compare it to I'm afraid,


When you play out are you playing with similar bands or do you play with

harder acts?

-Adam:  We play with hard and soft bands we play with pop bands we play with

electronic bands we play with rock bands and we play with metal bands,


What have artists like Nick Cave done for your country ?

-Adam:  Not much except make us depressed., I love the Birthday Party though.


Which are the future plans for the band? 

-Adam:  To keep writing original music and to tour the world.


For yourself as a band? 

-Adam:  Same as above , that's all I want to do.



-Adam:  Peace


Something more to add?

-Adam:  Alchemist fans petition your local promoter to bring us to your

country to play ...we will not disappoint. Also visit