Justin and Manuel from the American hardcoregroup answered a lot of questions from me just before Christmas 2011. And here they are….


-Well some say it started with the big bang theory some say god created all the planets we say fuck that shit, we started off as a group of friends that all played in different bands that wanted a band that was just straight forward hardcore and play shows.

Please tell me a little about every member, age, family, work?

-Justin Coote 31, likes psychobilly and rockabilly plays upwright bass is sxe and is studying to counsel troubled teens.

Manuel Peralez 31, rides a Harley Davidson has a french bulldog named Buster, trains muay thai , listens to rap and hardcore all day everyday, lives with Justin by the beach in San Fransisco.

Kyle Dixon 29 has a 2 year old boy named Jack who rules, is a graphic designer and does alot of work for rappers has a wiemeraner named Fin.

Anthony Pnut PIzzerelli 24 trains muay thai fought in Thailand, rides a Harley, is from the east coast originally listens to alot of rap,

Ed Edski Vigil 22 lives with Senor Raiderman ( google him ) has a 420 tattoo behind his ear and a Rottweiler puppy named Justice and hits the skins like a racist cop.
Interestests and something bad about every member? Well I think the last question covered that.

How is it to play this type of music in USA?

-It´s is awesome but not as popular as in Europe we do it cause we like it and not for money like some other people we will not name cough cough.

How would you describe your own music in three words?

-Hardcore minus bullshit.

You started as a side project to First Blood, how is it today, is Alcatraz your band no 1?

-Well of all we didn’t start as a side project of First Blood when we started,  First Blood rarely even played shows it was just coincidence we were all in First Blood and since most of First Blood at the time was in terror and they were playing alot we started so we could be in a band that played shows and since then First Blood started touring alot so we had to put Traz on the backburner but recently everyone in Alcatraz which was everyone in First Blood minus Justin who actually did merch for First Blood all quit First Blood , cough cough ,  and now Traz is our main focus, Alcatraz livez.

Please tell me a little about First Blood too?

Well Manuel Kyle Pnut and Ed were all in First Blood and Justin did merch and we all quit to be happy :) and do a real band where we could play the kind of music we wanted to.

How is it to live in USA right now, I mean politically?

-It is an interesting time especially with all the protests and people standing up for what they believe in and take a stand some people like to write songs about it and scream on stage about it so everyone sees them but never take any action for what they believe in  it´s good to see people with backbones. The U.S. is a good country to live in we all love living here but like all places it has it´s problems , stand up for what you believe take action, don’t sit on your bed on the internet.

Are people afraid that it will be more terrorist attacks?

-We couldn’t say everyone thinks different there are right wing politicians that try and scare the public to pass wack laws to take away our rights most smart Americans can see through that .

Are you afraid fro new attacks?


What do you know about Sweden?

-It´s cold , let the right one in , At the Gates , Haunted , In Flames , blonde people , IKEA, attractive people.

Have you heard any swedish bands you like?

-Well besides the ones we just  mentioned there is Anchor they´re good.

What is typical swedish do you think? And what is typical american
-Behaviour? Everyone individual is different there are deff stereo types but most of those aren’t reality.

Your lyrics, what influences you?

-Friends music family , the hardcore scene and trying to protect it from commercialism and false idols.

What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?



I f you had the chance to choose five bands from now and from the history
to do a concert together with, which five band would you choose?

-Ramones, Jawbreaker , Richie Valens , Cro Mags , Buried live, Disembodied.

Which is the biggest band you have played together with?

-Earth crisis, Madball, Bane, Syg ?

Which is the biggest band you have had as a support act and then that
band have being really famous?

-Trash Talked opened up for us back when they first started now they are huge.

Please tell me some funny thing which have happen during all these years,some really sick thing?

-Well on our first tour with the band more to pride we were driving back from Seattle to Portland and I asked for something and Kellen our old bass player said it was in his bag i opened it while he went to pump gas, and the first thing I see is a pair of underwear with shit stains all in them I started screaming and showed everyone in the van it was disgusting we still bring it up even to this day.

Which type of people comes to your concerts?

-Hardcore people, and anyone who supports our band( family friends pets space aliens)

Is it many interviews? Is it boring with interviews? In which way do you
prefer to do interviews?

-Nah interviews are cool they help people to get to know about the band these ones in email are the easiest because you aren’t on the spot.

Please rank five favourite records, five favourite concerts and five most
important things in life?

-Bad Brains- Black dots, Quakes - self titled, Disembodied - If god only knew, Jawbreaker - Dear you , Dro mags - Age of quarell, Agnostic Front - Victim in pain.  Best hxc show I ever went to was Earth crisis, Madball, Blood for blood and Skarhead 1998 at the Maritime Hall in San Francisco, more are Iron Maiden with Dio and Motörhead at the Concord pavillion 2002.

First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

-First record I ever had was Michael Jackson- Bad-Manuel, Elvis's greatest hits- Justin , last record for Justin was Restless, and Manuel Earth Crisis Breed the killers.

How do you see on downloading, mp3 and all that stuff?

-I´ts gonna happen but people should support smaller bands and buy a shirt at a show if you downloaded their cd.


Is your label a good label? What can they do better and what are they really good at? -Demons is really cool great to work with cool doodz putting out good bands including US!!!!

Have been outside USA and played a lot, where is best?

-We have done a small 2 week tour in Europe with First Blood and we have done a couple Mexico tours , Japan with Earth Crisis, some Canada shows and Puerto Rico, all over is the best we would love to come back to Europe asap we love playing there seems like people aren’t jaded about hardcore and have attitudes like some other places.

Where in USA is best to play?


Where did the name came from? I know that is a prison but why this name?

-Makes sense to name ourselves after a place that reminds people of an iconic place that life and reality and all the shit that can happen in San Francisco California.

Futureplans for the band?

-Tour tour tour tour someone book us tours now!!!!!!!!!!

Futureplans for yourself?

-Live life



Something to add?

Thanks for the interview support hardcore , don’t get jaded don’t believe snakes in the grass posing as hardcore kids trying to get your money, and go listen to us, Alcatraz - smile now cry later