Questions answered by Bryan Cox/Alabama Thunderpussy march-2007



**1996, Richmond, Virginia. On a dirt floor basement, Bryan Cox, Erik

Larson and Asechiah Bogdan founded ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY (ATP). Fueled by a

desire to play dirty, kick ass rock and roll, they honed their skills and

began assaulting the local circuit, sans singer. Shortly thereafter,

bassist Bill Storms joined ATP and after several failed attempts to find

the right vocalist, the band discovered Johhny Throckmorton and the

line-up was complete.

With a full band intact, ATP entered the studio and recorded a six-song

demo.  One of these tapes landed in the hands of Frank Kozik of Man's Ruin

Records and an offer was made to release the demo tape as a CD EP.

ATP was already in the habit of constantly writing songs, and in the fall

of 1997 the band's first full length 'Rise Again' was recorded and

released in the summer of 1998. Between the recording and release of 'Rise

Again,' Bill Storms was asked to leave the band and Sam Krivanec quickly

filled the void. Inspired and invigorated by the new line-up, ATP returned

to the studio and recorded the 'River City Revival'  LP (just prior to the

release of 'Rise Again' and it's subsequent southern U.S. tour), which was

released in the winter of 1999. Within a month of 'River City's...'

release, ATP was on tour supporting the album, which featured a stop at

the prestigious SXSW Festival where the band met with rave reviews. ATP

then headed back into the studio once again in August of 1999 to record

again and embarked on their first tour of Europe alongside High On Fire -

28 shows, 29 days and over 50 bottles of whiskey!

Summer 2000 heralded yet another return to the road in the form of full

U.S. and UK tours. ATP then delivered split EPs with HALFWAY TO GONE and

ORANGE GOBLIN and completed another full U.S tour with support provided by

SUPLECS and DIXIE WITCH. A line-up change brought guitarist Ryan Lake and

bassist John Peters to the fold, adding an entirely new dimension to the

band, enriching and filling out their sound with dual guitar leads and

utterly rocking harmonies.

In May 2002, ATP delivered ten ass-kickin' shots of "moonshine metal" on

their Relapse debut 'Staring at the Divine.' With the one-two punch of

low-end rumble and twin-guitar harmonies inspired by THIN LIZZY and JUDAS

PRIEST, and the do-it-yourself work ethic of their punk rock roots, ATP's

songs run roughshod over their contemporaries and straight through your

head. 'Staring at the Divine' served up the soundtrack to a whiskey-soaked

rumble and showcased ATP's outrageous blend of volume, distortion and

blazing hard rock. Continual touring commenced immediately upon the

release of 'Staring...' including high-profile appearances as part of the

legendary Wacken Festival (August, 2002), the

2002 Relapse CMJ Showcase in NYC and the 2003 Relapse SXSW Showcase in

Austin, TX.

Not long after this Johnny Throckmorton left the band, but ATP quickly

found a replacement in Columbus, OH native Johnny Weils. With Weils in the

fold ATP went on to record their fifth full-length album, 'Fulton Hill'.

'Fulton Hill' delivered maximum ATP with hard driving riffs and bruising

vocals with plenty of grit and dirt. Immediately following its release,

ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY hit the road in support of 'Fulton Hill'

completing headlining North American and European tours as well as going

out to support friends CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, CROWBAR, GWAR, and others.

During the middle of the touring cycle ATP had a little hiccup in the bass

position again, resulting in Peters being replaced by Mike Bryant. The

band continued touring relentlessly.

Following the band's last headlining North American tour of 2005, Weils

returned to his hometown of Columbus resulting in ATP resuming the search

for the perfect frontman. Enter Kyle Thomas...the smokin' pipes that once



Thomas joined The 'PUSSY during the summer of 2006, right when the band

was piecing together riffs and beats for their next record. With the

confidence that came from the addition of Thomas, those riffs and beats

quickly became ravaging hard-rock songs with a tip-of-the-hat to classic

metal. Thomas added his vocals with a skill and range often not heard in

younger generation metal bands and ATP's sixth full-length record was

born, ready and aimed to showcase the band's growth and power. Taking no

hostages, it's time for 'Open Fire'



Please tell me a little about every member , age, family, interests, work(if the music isn´t your work) and something bad about every one?

**We're all in our early to mid 30s. Family is nobody's business. We're

all interested in playing loud music and drinking beer. I'm not going to

say anythng bad about anyone in my band because that would suck


Howcome that it became this sort of music?

**Because the other sorts of music suck.


To be on Relapse , how does it feels, are you feeling that you suit in good among the other bands?

**We don't fit in anywhere. Period. But Relapse has been really cool to

us, and for that I am grateful.


Favouriteband on relapse?



My review of your record sounded like this:

ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY-OPEN FIRE(CD-RELAPSE RECORDS CD RR 6719-2) Relapse use to have heavy/tough/mad things in their luggage and I think that before I put this record on this isn´t any different thing. Wow; I only say when Alabama Thunderpussy do their record for me. Here we get a big doze of 70´s heavy metal mixed with Stooges/MC5 and that type of rock n roll. A singer which sounds really angry and this type of metal is really cool. You can really feel hwo they feel and their sound makes me feel like I´m into the music in some odd way. I go in regress and I feel like I´m really young again and I´m sitting in my boysroom and listen to dangerous music.(SEVEN)12/2-07

What about it?

**Sounds good to me! Thanks for a killer review.


Other bands you being compared to?

**I don't know. I'm sure you can go read a review or two and find some.


How would you describe your music in three words?

**Over The Hill


When you do music, which is most important, is it to have a good melody,good lyrics or to have a refrain that people remembers?

**All three are equally important.


The name where did it came from and does it got many comments through the years?

**Came from an old movie with a transvestite named Alabama Thunderpussy.

People comment but mainly just to ask where it came from.


Have you done anything more than Open Fire? How can I get it and how does it sounds?

**We've released 5 full-length albums previous to Open Fire. You can go

buy them on the Relapse website. They sound like Alabama Thunderpussy.


The typical fan to Alabama does she/he look like?

**Not typical fans here. They're all different.


Is there any good bands in your homecountry now(which is your home country?

**I think you're asking me if there are any good bands in the United

States. And obviously the answer is yes. My favorite one would be ZZ-Top.


What do you know about Sweden? have you been here?

**Yes, we've been on tour there twice. Sweden is great!


Have you heard any good swedish bands?

**Yes! Entombed, Spiritual Beggars, Grand Magus, Dark Tranquility,

Dismember, Sunday Morning Einsteins, At The Gates, ABBA, the list goes



Which is your relation to punk?

**Erik (guitar) was in AVAIL for 10 years. That's the extent of our

relation to punk.


Is it many interviews? Is it boring? Do you feel that is something you "must" do or do you enjoy it?

** I enjoy it for the most part.


Which is the question you never get...please ask it and answer it?



Please rank your five favourite records, five favourite concerts and five most important things in life?

**Impossible; too many. I love music. That's my favourite thing in life and

seeing Rush live as my first concert was pretty special.


First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

**First, **Thriller last  **Born Again

**I don't buy expensive records.


The record you have been much disappointed on?

**Some Blackfoot record. Can't remember the name.


The most embarrasing record in your collection?

**I'm not embarassed by any of them.


Have you been much abroad and played...which country is the best one to play in?

-Iceland was a blast. Here's our tour history:



February 3                Brooklyn, NY              The Hook

Oct. 27                   Richmond, KY ?            The Whiskey??

Oct. 28                    Chicago, IL?              The Note ??

Oct. 29                   Bowling Green, OH?        Howard's Club H??

Oct. 30                   Buffalo,         NY ?             Club Diablo??

Oct. 31                  New Haven, CT ?  Rudy's?

Nov. 01                   Asbury Park, NJ Asbury Lanes??

Nov. 02                  Allentown, PA ?           The Sterling Hotel??

Nov. 03                  Springfield, VA?          Jaxx??

Nov. 04                  Richmond, VA ?            Alley Katz





January 15                Washington, DC   Black Cat (w/ Pentagram, Hidden


January 25                Chapel Hill, NC           Local 506

January 26                Richmond, VA              Alley Katz


                                                              ***Jan 27

thru Jan. 31

w/ GWAR***

January 27                Reading, PA               The Silo w/ GWAR

January 28                Sayerville, NJ            Starland Ballroom w/ GWAR

January 29                Providence, RI            Lupo's @ The Strand w/ GWAR

January 30                New Haven, CT             Toad’s Place w/ GWAR,


January 31                Boston, MA                Avalon Ballroom w/ GWAR

February 1                Troy, NY         Hudson Duster (ATP only)


                                                ***Feb. 2 thru March 6 w/

GWAR, All That Remains***

February 2                Orono, ME                 Ushuaia

February 3                Poughkeepsie, NY The Chance

February 4                Towson, MD                Recher Theater

February 5                Charlotte, NC             Tremont Music Hall

February 6                Wilmington, NC            Soapbox Laundrolounge w/

Weedeater (No GWAR)

February 7                Charleston, SC            Music Farm

February 9                Nashville, TN             Exit/In

February 10               Dallas, TX                    Club Indigo - part of

the 2005

Dallas Music Fest.

February 11               Odessa, TX                Dos Amigos

February 12               San Antonio, TX Sunset Station

February 14               Tucson, AZ                Coconuts

February 15               San Diego, CA             4th and B Theater

February 16               Los Angeles, CA Key Club

February 17               Santa Cruz, CA            The Catalyst

February 18               Sparks, NV                New Oasis

February 19               Boise, ID                 The Big Easy

February 20               Spokane, WA               Big Easy Concert House

February 22               Boulder, CO               Boulder Theater

February 23               Wichita, KS               The Game (No GWAR)

February 24               Tulsa, OK                 Cain's Ballroom

February 25               Lincoln, NE               Royal Grove

February 26               Davenport, IA             Quad City Live

February 27               Kansas City, MO  The Beaumont Club

February 28               Columbia, MO              Blue Note

March 1          Indianapolis, IN          The Vogue

March 2          Chicago, IL               The Note (No GWAR)

March 3          Madison, WI               Barrymore Theater

March 4          Toledo, OH                Headliner's

March 5          Johnson City, NY Magic City Music Hall

March 6          Buffalo, NY               Sphere Entertainment Complex


March 11         Savannah, GA              The Jinx

March 13         Tallahassee, FL           Big Daddy’s

March 14         New Orleans, LA  Lounge Lizard’s

March 15         Lafayette, LA             Renaissance Club

March 16         Corpus Christi, TX        Equal Eyez

March 17         Houston, TX               Walters On Washington

March 19         Austin, TX                Room 710 (as part of Relapse

SXSW Showcase w/

Cephalic Carnage, Pig Destroyer, Zombi)

March 20         Little Rock, AR           Juanita’s (w/ Rwake, RPG)

March 21         Birmingham, AL            The Nick (w/ RPG)

March 22         Spartanburg, SC  Ground Zero (w/ RPG)

March 23         Hickory, NC               Wizard Saloon (w/ RPG)

March 24         Greensboro, NC   Ace’s Basement (w/ RPG)


April 3          Kingston, England (UK)             The Peel

April 4          Swansea, England (UK)              The Escape

April 5          Sheffield, England (UK)            The Corporation

April 6          Leeds, England (UK)                Joseph’s Well

April 7          Milton Keynes, England (UK)        Woughton Centre

April 8          Antwerp, Belgium (B)               Hof Ter Loo (w/ Brant Bjork

& the Bros)

April 9          Tilburg, Netherlands (NL) 013 (as part of Roadburn


April 10         Zomergen, Belgium (B)              't Oudliefken

April 11         Den Helder, Netherlands (NL)       De Bliksem

April 14         Copenhagen, Denmark (DK)  Stengade

April 15         Gavle, Sweden (S)         Niva

April 16         Asland, Sweden (S)                 Bastum

April 17         Orebro, Sweden (S)                 Satin

April 18         Oslo, Norway (N)          Elm Street

April 19         Vasteras, Sweden (S)               Prisma

April 20         Stockholm, Sweden (S)              Debaser

April 21         Hamburg, Germany (D)               Hafenklang

April 22         Liege, Belgium (B)                 La Zone

April 23         Nottingham, England (UK)  Rock City

April 24         Bradford, England (UK)             1 in 12 Club

April 26         Reykjavik, Iceland                 Grand Rock

April 27         Reykjavik, Iceland                 Grand Rock

May 28            Youngstown, OH            Nyabinghi part of Emissions Fest

May 31           Akron, OH                          Lime Spider

June 1           South Bend, IN                     Cheers


***June  2 thru July 24 w/ Corrosion of Conformity, Crowbar/Fu Manchu***


June 2           Indianapolis, IN                   The Vogue (w/

Corrosion of Conformity, Crowbar,


June 3           Detroit, MI                        Harpo's Concert Theatre (w/

Corrosion of Conformity,

Crowbar, Weedeater)

June 4           Columbus, OH                       Newport Music Hall (w/

Corrosion of Conformity,

Crowbar, Weedeater)

June 5           Covington, KY                      Madison Theater (w/

Corrosion of Conformity, Crowbar,


June 6           Grand Rapids, MI          10 Bells (w/ Corrosion of

Conformity, Crowbar,


June 7           Cleveland, OH                      Grog Shop (w/ Abdullah, Rue)

June 8           Buffalo, NY                        The Icon (w/ Corrosion of

Conformity, Crowbar,


June 9           Towson, MD                         Recher Theatre (w/ Corrosion

of Conformity, Crowbar,


June 10          New York, NY                       Irving Plaza (w/ Corrosion

of Conformity, Crowbar,


June 11          Philadelphia, PA          Trocadero (w/ Corrosion of


Crowbar, Weedeater)

June 12          Norfolk, VA                        Norva Theatre (w/ Corrosion

of Conformity, Crowbar,


June 14          Wilmington, NC            Marzz (w/ Corrosion of Conformity,



June 15          Asheville, NC                      Stella Blue (w/ Corrosion of

Conformity, Crowbar,


June 16          Pleasant, SC                       Village Tavern (w/ Baroness)

June 17          Winston-Salem, NC                  Ziggy’s (w/ Corrosion of

Conformity, Crowbar,


June 18          Myrtle Beach, SC          House of Blues (w/ Corrosion

of Conformity,



June 19          Jacksonville, FL                  Freebird Cafe (w/

Corrosion of Conformity,



June 20          Orlando, FL                        The Social (w/ Corrosion of

Conformity, Crowbar,


June 22          Ft. Lauderdale, FL                 Culture Room (w/ Corrosion

of Conformity,



June 23          Tampa, FL                          Masquerade (w/ Corrosion of

Conformity, Crowbar,


June 24          Atlanta, GA                        Masquerade (w/ Corrosion of

Conformity, Crowbar,


June 25          New Orleans, LA           TwiRoPa (w/ Corrosion of

Conformity, Crowbar,


June 26          Birmingham, AL                     The Nick

June 27          Nashville, TN                      Exit In (w/ Corrosion of

Conformity, Crowbar,


June 28          Memphis, TN                        New Daisy Theatre (w/

Corrosion of Conformity,

Crowbar, Suplecs)

June 29          Little Rock, AR                    Downtown Music

June 30          Tulsa, OK                          Cain's Ballroom (w/

Corrosion of Conformity, Crowbar,


July 1           Dallas, TX                         Trees (w/ Corrosion of

Conformity, Crowbar, Suplecs)

July 2           Houston, TX                        Engine Room (w/ Corrosion of

Conformity, Crowbar,


July 3           Austin, TX                         Emo's (w/ Corrosion of

Conformity, Crowbar, Suplecs)

July 4           Odessa, TX                         Earl’s II

July 5           Albuquerque, NM           Launch Pad  (w/ Corrosion of


July 7           Santa Ana, CA                      Galaxy Theatre (w/ Corrosion

of Conformity, Fu


July 8           Hollywood, CA                      The Key Club (w/ Corrosion

of Conformity, Fu Manchu)

July 9           Santa Cruz, CA                     The Catalyst (w/ Corrosion

of Conformity, Crowbar,


July 10          San Francisco, CA         Slim’s (w/ Corrosion of

Conformity, Crowbar,


July 12          Portland, OR                       Berbatis Pan (w/ Corrosion

of Conformity, Crowbar,


July 13          Seattle, WA                        Nuemo’s (w/ Corrosion of

Conformity, Crowbar,


July 15          Salt Lake City, UT                 Club Vegas (w/ Corrosion of

Conformity, Fu


July 16          Englewood, CO             Gothic Theatre (w/ Corrosion of

Conformity, Fu


July 17          Lawrence, KS                       Bottleneck (w/ Corrosion of

Conformity, Fu Manchu)

July 18          Sauget, IL                         Pop's (w/ Corrosion of

Conformity, Fu Manchu)

July 19          Carbondale, IL                     Big Boy’s Q’n (w/ Zauis, The

Hateful Dead, Dead



July 20          Louisville, KY                     Headliners (w/ Corrosion of

Conformity, Fu Manchu)

July 21          Chicago, IL                        House of Blues (w/ Corrosion

of Conformity, Crowbar,

Fu Manchu)

July 22          Huntington, WV            Huntington Music Hall (w/ Corrosion


Conformity, Crowbar, Fu Manchu)

July 23          Spartanburg, SC           Ground Zero (w/ Corrosion of


Crowbar, Fu Manchu,)

July 24          Raleigh, NC                        Lincoln Theatre (w/

Corrosion of Conformity, Crowbar,

Fu Manchu)


July 28          Richmond, VA                       Alley Katz (w/ RPG,



September 17     Raleigh, NC                        Lincoln Theatre (w/



October 20                Brooklyn, NY                       The Hook

October 21                Reading, PA                        The Silo

October 22                Richmond, VA                       Alley Katz (w/

Confessor, FacedowninshiT)

October 23                Baltimore, MD                      Ottobar (w/

Trephine, Mouth of the Architect)

October 25       Charlotte, NC                      The Milestone

October 26       Savannah, GA                       The Jinx

October 27                Birmingham, AL                     The Nick

October 28                Spartanburg, SC           Ground Zero

October 29                Mt. Pleasant, SC          Village Tavern

November 5                Richmond, VA                            Alley Katz

(w/ Sin City Revival)

November 11      Asbury Park, NJ           The Saint

November 12      New Haven, CT                      Rudy’s

November 13      Wilkes Barre, PA          Café Metropolis

November 18      Wilmington, NC                     Lucky’s Pub

November 19      Danville, VA                       Plan B

November 20         Johnson City, TN                         The Hideaway




January 17                Richmond, VA              Alley Katz (w/ Weedeater)

March 27         Norfolk, VA               Michaels (w/ Beaten Back To


May 29           Youngstown, OH   Nyabinghi (as part of Emissions From the



May 31           Columbus, OH              Little Brothers

June 1           Cincinnati, OH            Top Cats

June 2           Johnson City, TN The Hideaway

June 3           Nashville, TN             The End

June 4           Atlanta, GA               The Earl

June 5           New Orleans, LA  Howlin Wolf

June 6           San Antonio, TX  Sin 13

June 7           Houston, TX               Axiom

June 8           Austin, TX                Room 710

June 9           Dallas, TX                Gypsy Tea Room

June 10          Amarillo, TX              Blue Light

June 11          Albuquerque, NM  Launch Pad

June 12          Phoenix, AZ               Mason Jar

June 13          Los Angeles, CA  Spaceland

June 14          Ventura, CA               The Red Cove

June 15          San Francisco, CA Cat Club

June 17          Portland, OR              Sabala’s Rock Mecca

June 18          Bellingham, WA            3B Tavern

June 19          Seattle, WA               Graceland

June 20          Bozeman, MT               Zebra Lounge

June 21          Fort Collins, CO          Starlight

June 22          Denver, CO                Larimer Lounge

June 23          Kansas City, MO  Hurricane

June 24          Dubuque, IA               Busted Lift

June 25          Minneapolis, MN  Triple Rock Social Club

June 26          Madison, WI               High Noon Saloon (w/ Bongzilla)

June 27          Chicago, IL               The Note

June 28          Lansing, MI               Mac’s

June 29          Ypsilanti, MI             Elbow Room

June 30          Cleveland, OH             Grog Shop

July 1           Buffalo, NY               Broadway Joe’s

July 2           London, ON                Call the Office

July 3           Hamilton, ON              The Underground

July 4           Toronto, ON               Club Rockit

July 5           Peterborough, ON Montreal House

July 6           Montreal, PQ              Foufounes Electriques

July 7           Ottawa, PQ                Kashmir

July 8           New Haven, CT             Rudy’s

July 9           Boston, MA                Middle East Upstairs

July 10          Philadelphia, PA The Khyber

July 11          Brooklyn, NY              North Six

July 12          Baltimore, MD             Sidebar Tavern


September 22     Hamburg, Germany (D)               Hafenklang

September 23     Arnhem, Netherlands (NL)  Goudvishal

September 24     Bischofswerda, Germany (D)         East Club

September 25     Lovendegem, Belgium (B)   ‘T Oud Leifken

September 26     Brussels, Belgium (B)              Magasin 4 Festival

September 27     Jena, Germany (D)         Rosenkeller

September 28     Verviers, Belgium (B)              Spirit of ‘66

September 29     Tilburg, Netherlands (NL) Little Devil

September 30     Trier, Germany (D)                 Exhaus

October 1                 Bern, Switzerland (CH)             Reitschule

October 2                 Luzern, Switzerland (CH)  Boa

October 3                 Ravensburg, Germany (D)   Club Balthes

October 4                 Innsbruck, Austria (A)             Bogen 19

October 5                 Athens, Greece (G)                 AN Club

October 7                 Vienna, Austria (A)                Arena

October 8                 Mezaggo, Italy (I)                 Bloom

October 9                 Bassano del Grappa, Italy (I)      Transilvania

Electrica Club

October 10                Rome, Italy (I)                    Circolo Delgi


October 13                Saint Feliu, Spain  (E)            Atzavara Club

Ocotber 14                Barcelone, Spain (E)               Badalona

October 15                Madrid, Spain (E)         Ritmo Y Compas

October 16                Gijon, Spain (E)                   Albeniz

October 17                Paris, France (F)         Peniche Alternat

October 18                Dudley, England (UK)               JB’s

October 19                Nottingham, England (UK)  Rock City

October 20                Bradford, Scotland (UK)            Rio

October 22                Milton Keynes, England (UK)        Woughton Center

October 23                London, England (UK)               The Garage

October 24                Kontich, Belgium (B)               Lintfabriek

November 13      Richmond, VA                       Nanci Raygun (w/ Rah Bras)

November 20      Baltimore, MD                      Talking Head

December 3       Washington, DC            The Warehouse

December 4       Richmond, VA                       Alley Katz




January 8                 Richmond, VA              Alley Katz (w/ Dixie Witch,

Beaten Back To Pure)

January 18                Philadelphia, PA The Trocadero (as part of


Contamination Festival)


                                                 March 8-14 w/ BURNT BY



March 8          Winston-Salem, NC Brew Ha-Ha’s (also w/ Every Time I


                                                    Bloodjinn, Evergreen


March 9          Atlanta, GA               Neutron Bomb

March 10         New Orleans, TX  Dixie Tavern

March 11         Houston, TX               Walter’s On Washington

March 12         Fort Worth, TX            Wreck Room

March 14         Austin, TX                Emo’s Annex (the Relapse

SXSW Showcase)

March 15         Dallas, TX                Spiderbabies

March 16         San Antonio, TX  Sin 13

March 17         Oklahoma City, OK Green Door

March 19         Kansas City, MO  The Brick

March 20         St. Louis, MO             Way out Club

March 21         Chicago, IL               The Note

March 22         Columbus, OH              High Fives

April 5          Harrisonburg, VA Godwin Gymnasium @ James Madison

University (w/


and Burnt By the Sun as part of MACRock)

May 3            Richmond, VA              929 Café (w/ Antiseen, Deviltones)

December 5       Baltimore, MD             Otto Bar

December 6       Brooklyn, NY              North Six

December 7       Providence, RI            The Sickle

December 8       Montreal, PQ              Foufounes Electrique

December 9       Toronto, ON               The 360

December 10      Rochester, NY             Water Street Music Hall

December 11      Cleveland, OH             Grog Shop

December 12      Youngstown, OH   Nyabinghi

December 13      Philadelphia, PA Balcony Bar (w/ YDI)






                                                               March 8-20



Mar 8            Philadelphia, PA Balcony Bar (w/ 27)

Mar 9            Cleveland, OH             Grog Shop (w/ Craw, LickGoldenSky)

Mar 10           Grand Rapids, MI Intersection

Mar 11           Chicago, IL               Prodigal Son Bar

Mar 12           St. Louis, MO             Creepy Crawl

Mar 13           Kansas City, KS  Davey’s Uptown

Mar 14           Oklahoma City, OK Green Door

Mar 15           Fort Worth, TX            Wreck Room

Mar 16           Austin, TX                Emo’s (w/ High On Fire, Cephalic


Mar 17           Houston TX                Cardi’s

Mar 18           Lafayette, LA             Rinky Dink

Mar 19           New Orleans, LA  Dixie Tavern

Mar 20           Atlanta, GA               Star Bar

Mar 29           Baltimore, MD             Fletcher’s (w/ Electric


Mar 30           Richmond, VA              Alley Katz (w/ Burnt By the Sun, Pig


Mar 31           Virginia Beach, VA        Hoopla’s


                                                                April 4-6



Apr 4            Raleigh, NC               Lincoln Theater

Apr 5            Atlantic Beach, NC        Ziggy’s By The Sea

Apr 6            Richmond, VA              Alley Katz


                                        May 2 – June 1 w/ ORANGE GOBLIN


May 2            Brooklyn, NY              North Six

May 3            Richmond, VA              Alley Katz

May 4            Savannah, GA              Velvet Elvis

May 5            Raleigh, NC               Lincoln Theater

May 6            Atlanta, GA               Star Bar

May 7            New Orleans, LA  El Matador

May 8            Houston, TX               Rudyard’s

May 9            Dallas, TX                Gypsy Tea Room

May 10           Austin, TX                Emo’s

May 11           El Paso, TX               Cantina La Tuya

May 12           Tempe, AZ                 Hollywood Alley

May 13           Los Angeles, CA  Troubadour

May 14           San Francisco, CA Covered Wagon

May 15           Portland, OR              Satyricon

May 16           Seattle, WA               Graceland

May 17           Missoula, MT              Jay’s

May 19           Denver, CO                15th Street Tavern

May 20           Kansas City, MO  The Pub

May 21           St. Louis, MO             Creepy Crawl

May 22           Minneapolis, MN  7th Street Entry

May 23           Chicago, IL               Double Door

May 25           Detroit, MI               Shelter

May 26           Youngstown, OH   Nyabinghi Music Hall (part of Emissions

                                                    From the Monolith Festival)

May 27           Cleveland, OH             Peabody’s

May 29           Lansing, MI               Temple Club

May 30           Philadelphia, PA Khyber Pass

May 31           Rochester, NY             Mercury Jar

June 1           New York, NY              Brownie’s


                                                              June 26-29



June 26          Myrtle Beach, SC Music Warehouse

June 27          Charlestown, SC  Music Farm

June 28          Charlotte, NC             Tremont Music Hall

June 29          Kill Devil Hills, NC      The Pit

July 20          Richmond, VA              Plan 9 Records (Free in-store show)

August 2                  Schenefeld, Germany       Wacken Open Air Festival

August 31                 Richmond, VA              Bottom Line

September 7      Richmond, VA              929 (w/ Burnt By the Sun)

September 21     Fredericksburg, VA (w/ Throttlerod)

October 8                 Knoxville, TN             Pilot Light

October 9                 Little Rock, AR           Downtown Music

October 10                Dallas, TX                Club Clearview

October 11                San Antonio, TX  Strutter’s

October 12                Austin, TX                Room 710

October 13                Oklahoma City, OK Green Door

October 15                Atlanta, GA               Nine Lives Saloon

October 16                Spartanburg, SC  Ground Zero

November 13      Woodbridge, VA   The Spotlight


                                     November 14 – December 10 w/ Sixty

Watt Shaman

November 14      Baltimore, MD             Sidebar

November 15      Philadelphia, PA Balcony Bar

November 16      Brooklyn, NY              North Six

November 17      Rochester, NY             Bug Jar

November 18      Cleveland, OH             Peabody’s

November 19      Toledo, OH                Bottle Rocket Bar

November 20      Columbus, OH              High Five

November 21      Detroit, MI               Alvins

November 22      Akron, OH                 Voodoo

November 23      Chicago, IL               Beat Kitchen

November 24      St. Paul, MN              The Lab

November 25      Milwaukee, WI             Cactus Club

November 26      Iowa City, IA             Gabe’s Oasis

November 27      Columbia, MO              Mojo’s

November 28      Kansas City, KS  The Brick

November 29      Oklahoma City, OK Green Door

November 30      Dallas, TX                Spiderbabies

December 1       Austin, TX                Emo’s

December 2       Houston, TX               Rudyard’s

December 3       Little Rock, AR           Downtown Music

December 5       Birmingham, AL            The Nick

December 6       Atlanta, GA               Star Bar

December 7       Tallahassee, FL           Beta Bar

December 8       Tampa, FL                 Brass Mug

December 9       Savannah, GA              Velvet Lounge

December 10      Asheville, NC             Stella Blue

December 21      W. Springfield, VA        Jaxx (w/ the Misfits)






                                      ***European Tour w/ HIGH ON FIRE



April 7  Eindhoven, Netherlands (NL)        Effenaar

April 8  Kontich, Belgium (B)               Lintfabriek

April 9  Hengelo, Netherlands (NL) Metropol

April 10 Hamburg, Germany (D)               Molotov

April 11 Malmo, Sweden (S)         KB

April 12 Stockhom, Sweden (S)               Kagelbanen

April 13 Oslo, Norway (N)          John Dee

April 14 Gothenberg, Sweden (S)    Posterviksbaren

April 15 Alborg, Denmark (DK)               1000 Fry

April 16 Copenhagen, Denmark (DK)  Loppen

April 17 Berlin, Germany (D)                Knaack

April 18 Dresden, Germany (D)               Star Club

April 19 Bielefeld, Germany (D)             Forum

April 20 Trier, Germany (D)                 Exil

April 21 London, England (UK)               The Garage

April 22 Bourges (France)          some Festival

April 23 Wil, Switzerland (CZ)              Remise

April 24       off

April 25 Vienna, Austria (A)                Flex

April 26 Milano, Italy (I)                  Binario Zero

April 27 Bern, Switzerland (CZ)             ISC

April 28 Forenze, Italy (I)                 The Auditorium

April 29 Chaux De Fonds, Switzerland (CZ)   Bikini Test

April 30 Luzern , Switzerland (CZ) Sedel

May 1    Koln, Germany (D)         Underground

May 2    Frankfurt, Germany (D)             Ostpark

May 3    Heidelberg, Germany (D)   Schwimmbad

May 4    Rotterdam, Netherlands (NL)        Night town

May 5    Gronigen, Netherlands (NL)         Vera


Is there any chance for us to see you here in Sweden soon?

**Hopefully this fall.


Futureplans for the band?

**Keep putting out records and touring.


Futureplans for yourself?

**Keep playing drums for Alabama Thunderpussy.



**Not from me.


Something to add?

**Thanks for the interview!