Adicts I saw back in 1984 or something like that. I did a little interview with them back than and now it´s another one in august 2002. Still they´re playing and Pete Dee answering my questions

What did you do between Rise and Shine and 27. Did you play all the time or?
-The Adicts Played numerous gigs and then Pete Dee got very ill and has spent over 3 years very sick, He has overcome Hepetitus C, it is remission. He is recovering slowly. there for the Adicts were put on hold until Pete got well.


What do you think about bands who begin to play again, like Pistols and so on?
-The Pistols are the biggest Con in punk rock. Remember they said Punk was dead. Well is it? they have had 20 years to practice and they are still shit.
They arent a punk band. Punk is alive !tell that to her royal shitness mrsRotten

How would you describe your music with three words?
-Rockin Apunkin Good

What drives you to play music?
-A Car


Do you have many personal changes through the years?
-We had a few bass players before Mel had to go on the Bass, thats it really and we have recently added Mels brother Scruff on Rhythm gtr and a divorceor two.


Please tell me a little about every member in the group, age, family interests and something bad about every one?
-The Adicts have families. We all lead lives outside of the Adicts. We arent young anymore, but we still feel young.
our personal lives are a private affair. dont be so nosey.

Monkey, is an archaeologist. Likes football, and sex.
Kid..Has smelly feet. likes new socks, beer and the occasional shag
Pete.Has a lisp. needs new teeth likes football and No beer, doesnt shag.
Mel..Is Archaeology. Enjoys Sex with anyone, likes a good joint and doesnt care about football or beer.
Scruff.. Is almost a Virgin. Needs a good woman. Likes talking about sex and chocolate = Football


What does the word punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a way to live?
-Punk is an atitude. It is a way of life not a fashion. Its Fun..

I saw you in Jönköping many years ago( I think it was 1986 or something like that) and then you were my absolute favoriteband, is that the only time you have been to Sweden?


What do you know about Sweden?
Lots of trees and porno videos and boiled eggs nice girls
Have you heard any swedishbands worth to mention?
-There are a lot of good scandinavian bands around


The oi scene/street punk scene is really big here in Swden how is the scene in England right now?
-There is a scene but its in hibernation, its changing once again.


Is there any good bands there right now?


How is a good gig with Adicts?
-An Adicts gig is always good, (usually)


Do you have good contact with your fans, in which way?
-We have a great web site and its growing rapidly we adore our fans. We try to keep our fans up to date.


What´s the best and what´s the worst of being in a band?
-The Best thing is playing a gig its better than any drug and meeting people the worst thing is there is a lot of travelling and feeling like shit.
What´s the biggest difference with playing nowadays and to play back in time?
-The Kids are amazing now they arent as sinical, they appreciate us more because we are still here.
Back then it was great too, its just a different era. We had to endure many dangerous gigs in the old days, in the making of punk rock. Too much critisism.


It have came out many different best of with you and many other groups in the same style, do you get any money of the compilation or is it only the labels who earn money on you?
-Some greedy fuker is making the money. Many labels owe us money.
Is punk still underground, or can you say that it´s underground again and it is there it must be or?
-Punk is now huge and respected a lot more Punk is now on radio, Finally ! the Underground scene is great. there are many positive things about punk now.


First, last and the most expensive record ever bought?
-Abba rule. Wanking over them two yummy swedish girls was a big past time


What about the fact that many punkrecords is so fucking expensive, that´s against the punk philosphy or isn´t it?
-Not at all How many punks spend 5 times as much on a computer game. Its a lot of work by a band to write or record a record. records arent expensive really.

I understand that Clockwork Orange is a favoruite film, do you have any other movies to recommend?
-IF....Gangster No 1...Spinal tap. Godfather.
When you do music, which is most important, is it to have a good
melody, a good lyric or to have a refrain that people remembers?
-A good feel helps, Melody is vital. Lyrics come in different verse either crap or good trying to get a balance is important


Who does the songs in the group and how do you do the songs?
-We usually write them when we are together. with rough ideas prior to recording. In the past we used to practice a song. Now we dont.


How is to live in England right now? Politically and so on?
-Its better with Tony Blair, he's a good bloke. its still a shit hole though. The fish and chips arent what they used to be.


How did you react when the terrorist attack was on 11th of september 2001. With anger, fear or what did you think? Were you afraid that England would be the target too.?
-Didnt you?. We all felt fear. Fukin cowardis Hang the fukin lot of them We say. We cried inside. its something we all wish we never witnessed


Have it changed your life anything?
-Yes We are suspicious of religion and angry at what happened


Are you still rockers in rags?
-We are the same people .


Future plans for the band?
-Keep making records giging and having fun


Futureplans for yourself as human beings?
Monkey,,,Learn to sing
Pete,,Learn to Learn
Mel,, What?
Scruff..get married


-Stay true to your self


Something more to add?
-Get Adicted we wont go away