Slovakian Adacta is a really good and hard rocking band. I got their newest LP some weeks ago and felt that I must interview the group now…. September 2023.


Please tell me a little about the story of ADACTA?

Martin: ADACTA is a band.

Jakub:The band has been around for 20 years. From young, naïve, and optimistic punks, we have (d)evolved to slightly tired, and sarcastic individuals.


Please tell me a little about every member, age, work, previous bands etc?

Martin:ADACTA has members. We had a couple of different ones before that left. We got new ones. We all were young once and now we are getting older at a steady pace. There is a span in our ranks from fullbore junkies to small business owners. We've been a part of different bands previously and there might be some future projects ahead. Who the fuck knows. :)

Jakub:Too much irrelevant information everyone would forget right away. In terms of our age, we span from 30 to 47 years, we all have different kinds of jobs, some of us have kids, others don’t want them. Everybody has played in other punk or crust bands, honestly, I don’t think that anyone cares.


The name ADACTA, where did it came from and what does it mean?

Martin:It came from a long list of band name proposals by our first drummer Erik. I guess you could translate it as “Not important anymore, thank you, piss off”. Departing from the band, Erik became a staunch racist in England. He ran away there from his overtly controlling taxi-driving asshole dad. We don't communicate anymore. With Erik that is. We never did with the dad. We kept the band name though.

Jakub: The name came from the Latin phrase used in legal environment. It means a “closed case”. Or, quoting Dunder Mifflin’s very own Michael Scott, “Fuhgeddaboudit”.

I think Erik, the first drummer is dead now. Last time I saw him was 6 years ago at a bar at 1 a.m. wearing a Thor Steinar T-shirt. I didn’t recognize him as I was drunk and wanted to fight him. “Cool” story.


You come from Slovakia. How is it to live there nowadays, racists and politics overall?

Martin: Beware - it fucking sucks! I am sure you would say the same for Sweden but you've never been to Slovakia, or Eastern Europe for that matter, I would wager. There is shitload of racist, Putin and Russia's imperial project loving, bigoted, anti-LGBTI, ultra-religious, anti-progressive fucks in this neck of the woods. Stay away.

Jakub: Yes, unfortunately, this country is dominated by fundamentalist Catholics and Russia-loving rednecks who probably still think it is 19th century. A living proof of Dunning-Kruger, and a genuine monument to failing education system. The political scene of comprising hardcore Catholics, pro-Russian mentally derelict frustrates, ultra-conservatives and pure fascists is on the rise, shaping a unified front hating gay people, refugees, Ukrainians and basically anyone who is not like them. 1 in 3 people love Putin. It is getting scary. On the other, Bratislava, the capital where we live is a bit better off in this respect. It is relatively “normal” city with a higher share of sane individuals and living here is relatively painless.


What are your lyrics about? Any political ones or does politics have no place in music? Slovak language exclusively… never English?

Martin: Everything is political. In ADACTA lyrics though, I try to imply rather than explicitly state anything. That gets dull fast. Language-wise - we scream. We might as well do that in our native tongue, roll the “R”s. It sounds more unique than in English.

Jakub: Isn’t it funny how it always the fencewalkers who claim politics have no place in music? Fuck that. But of course, when you are over 40, it not a bad idea to explore more complex or even personal topics and avoid singing another song about how you hate nazis or religion. As long as you still hate them, like we do.


How would you describe your own music in three words for those who haven´t heard you?

Martin: Crust Metal. Are 2 words okay?

Jakub: I don’t make music I just play drums. I would describe it like playing crust-punk drums to death metal riffs. Too many words already.


Are there any there groups you are being compared to? Is it bad or good to be compared?

Martin:No idea, my friend.

Jakub: It depends what band they compare you to. I would NOT like to be defined as the Sabaton of crust, if you need examples.


You have named your latest LPs Tma, Zlo, Dno , what does those things mean?

Martin: Darkness, Evil and Bottom (or also seabed… it's a wide term in Slovak).

Jakub:The name of the last LP (“Bottom”) …means “the lowest point”, the worst situation you can possibly get in. Like playing in this band, for example


Is vinyl the best thing to put out records on?

Martin: No, it's not. Sorry to burst the PVC-fetish bubble. The plastic used is non-recyclable, not regulated when it comes to additives such as mercury, cadmium etc. Vinyl records release health-endangering levels of cancerous phthalates around wherever they are stored. The “warmth” of the sound can easily be reproduced by equalisation of any other medium/digital stream. Sans the crackle of dust particles. But it's so cool otherwise, right?

Jakub: Vinyl collection is a disease, and I am immune. This is not an offense or anything. I just don’t buy records and enjoy metaphors. But on the band-funding note, it is a way to support a band you like, so jokes aside – thanks to anyone who buys our records but listening to digital files is OK for me.


Can you feel that you have done a record if you would release it only digitally?

Martin: Yes. It's not easy. But yes.

Jakub: It is probably a “No” from me. I guess it’s good to have something tangible to hold in your hands. Am I contradicting myself already? I even have a sexual parallel in mind, but not wanting to offend anyone, I will keep it to myself.


When you listen to music, what is your favourite way to listen to music, Spotify, vinyl, CD or what do you prefer?

Martin: Through sheer power of convenience it's Spotify now. It's also masochistically tittilating to use a platform that fucks you so hard on royalties.

Jakub: I think that listening to music is overrated. I am happy with YouTube or any digital app that is free.


Do you buy much records yourself?

Martin: Unfortunately, I did. I try to wean off. Still unsure how to support the scene in other way. I have too many t-shirts etc.

Jakub: Not anymore. For over 20 years. It’s very relaxing not to buy records. Seeing some of my bandmates getting anxiety attacks when visiting some really well-supplied record stores with rare Japanese dbeat, my resolve is confirmed.


Are there any good record shops left in your hometown?

Martin: The owner is a nice dude. He might try to sell you overpriced bootleg of Nirvana's Nevermind if you are dumb enough to take the bait. Other than that, his store's main focus is Oi!, ska and reggae. But there is some good stuff too. Here and there.

Jakub: How would I know?


Any good bands from your town and in Slovakia overall?

Martin: Jakubysko, Drugs, Concussa, Systemic Damage, Lutra, Kazostroj, Rozpor, Krudus, Hrob, Nerva, Rana, oNo and some more. I would love to say “many” more. But I can't.

Jakub: There was a hiatus for a few years but there are lots of new bands around. Martin mentioned some of them above. I also like Beton from our hometown. As well as Teufelsmauer and Two Monkey Hookers and a Racist Dwarf (yes, that is a band name. “In Brugges” anyone?)


What does punk mean to you? Is it only music, a word or is it a way of life?

Martin: More than life, less than music.

Jakub: I used to believe punk was my family. Yes, I know it is a song by Imperial Leather, so pun(k) intended. I love seeing old friends after many years at gigs and feeling the vibe, So, it still is a family of sorts, even though I have a proper family of my own now. Punk certainly very strongly influenced the process of shaping my value system. Interestingly, there was some stuff I cared about even as a small kid, before I had any idea about punk, DIY or anarchism. So, in a way, I kind of had to find punk - to have my beliefs reinforced or something. I used to be a metal head and I cut my hair switched to punk at the age of 17. Everybody else did it the other way round. Weird, right?


Tell me a little about following songs and what they´re about? Who did them and what's the story behind?


-a) Kto si

Prolapsed lovesong to Dunning-Kruger-affected cunts. I have a short fuse with those.

b) V srdci temnoty

Abstracted from and inspired by Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. Risky business of self-analysing deep dives. You might not like what you'll find. I didn't.

c) Do zeme

Crippling anxiety from losing those closest to you. Lyrics by our former singer.


Are you selling any merch on your gigs, do people buy it? What sells best?

Martin:It has been often rumored and sometimes observed that some individuals might have purchased a thing or two. But we remain suspicious and vigilant in our efforts to sell the least we can.

Jakub: Martin is too modest. He always comes up with good t-shirt designs. In fact, if selling t-shirt was the only measure of success, we would be a successful DIY band. But it isn’t and we aren’t.


Which is your own favorite song among your own songs? And which song is the people's choice?

Martin: I don't have one. I choose between those that we can reproduce live the best. What's yours?

Jakub: I love “Z mostov stupa dym” and “Sam za seba” from the Zlo LP from 2016. About burning bridges and about standing up for yourself even if alone, respectively. From the latest one, I guess it is “Do tla” and “V srdci temnoty”. But it gradually evolves and changes, so time will tell.


When you create songs, is it one in the group who does them or how do you compose a song?

Martin: It's me. Then we tweak it some and then we record. I put the riffs together, create the structure, then we discuss with Max, the other guitarist, on how to harmonize. Guitars in ADACTA rarely play in unison nowadays. In this we blatantly rip off Mastodon and Bulgarian folklore singing. Totally recommend both.

Jakub: Martin always used to come with riffs and we would arrange the songs together at a practice. Nowadays, he does even the arrangements, the whole package – he brings complete songs. It’s comfortable as it gives me more time to work, do boxing and drink alcohol and think about quitting drinking. Although I miss the creative process a little.


Please rank your five favorite records?

Martin: I rank all five of them 5/5.

Jakub: It drastically changes with time: 20 years ago, it would be something from Hiatus, Conflict, Discharge, Bad Religion, early Disfear, Wolfpack or Iron Maiden. I guess this is the answer you wanted to hear. Today I really enjoy more subtle music, or sometimes even silence. Or talking to interesting people. That’s my favorite music. I realized that nowadays I visit a lot of gigs only to meet people. Jesus, I do sound like an old person.


Do you care about reviews? Which is the most peculiar you ever had, with this band or any other band you have been in?

Martin: I do when they are positive and pretend that I don't if they are not. We had a couple of peculiar ones that were not positive. But I don't care.

Jakub: I am learning not to care. Its healthy. Even when they are positive.


If you could choose five bands from the past and the history and nowadays and both dead and living bands to have a concert together with your band. Which five would you choose?

Martin: Why disappoint and/or annoy those poor dead souls with this kind of forced collab? We try to have decency and compassion.

Jakub: Exactly. I don’t see any logic in why any of some old bands would care about playing with us…

I prefer playing with bands that like us – musically or as people (I know, almost impossible).

However, there are bands that I would love to see play: Iron Maiden in early DiAnno era. Motorhead in their early years. Sepultura in the “Beneath” era. It is not possible and paradoxically, that’s kinda cool about it.


Is music a good way to get out frustration and become a nicer person outside the music?

Martin:We have the first part down, yes. We release frustration. We're still a bunch of assholes though. Go figure.

Jakub: I doesn’t work that way for me. And I am not a nice person, quite often.


Had any of your fans done something really crazy when you have played live? Does any one of your fans have any ADACTA-themed tattoos or something like that? Or other odd things?

Martin: A couple of poor saps nearly got paralyzed whilst moshing. But didn't, thank Satan. There are a couple of ADACTA-themed tattoos, sure. And there is a pitbull named Adacta which is awesome.

Jakub: I remember when it was still possible to play in Russia, we had a gig in Pskov back in 2014 and people there sat on the floor and pretended to row in an invisible boat. That was funny. But then somebody told me that it is a normal thing to do at HC gigs. I was a bit disappointed.


Any good Swedish bands you like?

Martin: Gert Jonnys.

Jakub: I really like Ursut and old Terrible Feelings (the 7-inch era. Then they started to be a cool rock’n’roll band with cool photos and I lost interest, it was not for me anymore). And Masshysteri, although they seem to keep playing the same song again and again. But those backing vocals are so cool.

Obviously, I also love old Disfear, Wolfbrigade and Meanwhile but that goes without saying, I guess


Is it boring with interviews? Do you do many? What do you prefer? Telephone interviews, face-to-face or ones via e-mail such as this one?

Martin: It's a shitload of fun. We do a couple of them a year, not anything that would be annoying. E-mail ones are fine. We are charmless live and I can not even recall if we've ever been interviewed through the phone. It would go poorly I would imagine.

Jakub: We do not get so many, so I don’t mind. But it all depends on how smart and inspiring the questions are. E-mail is better, you can proof-read and delete stupid answers. Like I should probably do now.


Future plans for the band?

Martin: To enjoy ourselves. To crush our enemies, to see them driven before us and hear the lamentation of their partners.

Jakub: To do more stuff. Travel a bit to play gigs. Meet old friends. Make new.


Future plans for yourself?

Martin: No future. No plans. No myself.

Jakub: Do more box. Drink less alcohol. Be nicer to people around.


Words of wisdom?

Martin: No.

Jakub: Do more box (or just exercise). Drink less alcohol. Be nicer to people around.


Something more to add?

Martin: Thank you!

Jakub: Hi to Franz and Myteri and Adrestia! Hope you are doing fine