Acheron seems to be angry and evil but Vincent

seems to be a good bloke, read the

interview done in the end of october 2004.

A little history?

-VC- I formed ACHERON in 1988, after I quit playing guitar in the band NOCTURNUS. Since then, ACHERON has released several albums and has been featured on many other releases. The band has built up a cult following and continues to create Dark blasphemous music for the hordes of the Unholy! We have 2 new releases this year on BLACK LOTUS RECORDS, which include “REBIRTH: Metamorphosing into Godhood” and “DECADE INFERNUS 1988-1998”.

You have been a lot of members, please tell me a little about todays members, age, interests, family, bands before and something bad about every one?

-VC- ACHERON  present consists of myself, Kyle Severn, Stacey Connolly and Christopher Wiford. We are all in our 30’s, except for Christopher, which is in his 20’s. (He’s the Young guy. Ha, Ha) Kyle is Married with children, Stacey is Married, and Christopher has a steady girlfriend. I personally am happily divorced. So you want me to talk shit about them? (Ha, Ha) I can’t do that. (Ha, Ha)

You have been in a lot of bands before,please tell me a little about those bands?

-VC- I really haven’t been in a lot of band. The most known band I played for was Florida’s Death Metal band NOCTURNUS. I also played in a band called ENTITY. That’s about it for my past bands. But presently I also am a part of a band called WOLFEN SOCIETY.

You have been involved in something called Church of Satan, please tell me a bout it?

-VC- I am no longer a member of that organization. I resigned from the CHURCH OF SATAN several years ago. At this time I have no want or need to be a member of any organized religious groups. When I was a member of the CHURCH OF SATAN, it was more of a “Think Tank” for like minded people. But with some of the newer people, they have made it seem like an actual “church”. I still agree with most of the ideas set forth in “THE SATANIC BIBLE”, but my beliefs are more personal now. I still have the Satanic ideals in my blood. I am Heathen!

And what is Temple of the vampire?

-VC- It is the modern day cult of the group “Hekal Tiamat”. It practices ancient vampirism, not Hollywood folklore. They are indeed very interesting. Their magical practices are very insightful. A true predator idea. I was involved with them several years ago and based the ACHERON album “THOSE WHO HAVE RISEN” around their mythos and teachings.

You write a lot of columns yourself, isn´t you, in which magazine and about what?  Live Journal, what is that?

-VC- LIVE JOURNAL is just an on-line site that people get to rant and spew their thoughts and ideas.

Crowley seems to be a taken name, which is your real name?

-VC- Vincent Crowley is indeed my legal name. And even if it wasn’t, what makes you think I would want to answer such a question? (Ha, Ha) Names are just words.

Now back to the music, how would you describe your own music in three words?

-VC- If I had to give the music a label, it would be Black Death Metal.

Metal is a broad styled , what do you think about the new metal bands which have come the last time as Linkin park and those bands?

-VC- To each their own. But I hate bands like LINKIN PARK and LIMP BIZCUT. If I want to listen to Rap, I’d listen to a Rap band. Not this Nu-Metal Rap bullshit.

Which is the most important metal band through all times?

-VC- In my eyes, it would have to be BLACK SABBATH. They got the whole dark sounding music style going back in the late 60’s. BLACK SABBATH is still considered Heavy today! And that is saying a lot. The were indeed ahead of their time.

Which is the most important metal song through all times?

-VC- There are so many great songs. But the one that really sticks out for me is “The Antichrist” by SLAYER. It was one of those songs that helped forge that early underground metal movement back in the 80’s.

What does the name Acheron mean?

-VC- In Greek mythology, it was the “River of Woe”, which Charon took the soils of the dead across to get to Hades.

You have done a lot of records, which is your own favorite?

-VC- Our new one “REBIRTH: Metamorphosing into Godhood” is my favorite. I think there are a lot of catchy songs and I really like the way the song writing took form.

The label you´re on now, is it a good label?

-VC- Thus far, BLACK LOTUS RECORDS has been a great label to work with. They are indeed the best one I have ever dealt with. They are still a growing label, but the potential is excellent. We are presently discussing re-signing with them for the next ACHERON album.

How does your fans look like?

-VC- We have fans of all types. Long Hair, Short Hair, No hair. Metal People, Satanists, Anti-Christians, Gothics, ect, ect. We have our own style and we don’t really fall into some kind of trend, so many different people listen to our music.

Do you have good contact with your fans? In which way?

-VC- I think we do. I personally am in contact with many of the ACHERON fans and try to be very accessable to their questions. Our fans mean everything to me. They are what keeps ACHERON alive!

When you do your lyrics, what influences you?

-VC- It all depends. I have to be in a certain mood. The nighttime is when I usually write. My own dark thoughts are what influences me.

Can music change anyones life?

-VC- Sure it can! It can make someone feel alive or perhaps help someone to tap into their emotions. Music is a very powerful thing. If it wasn’t for bands like VENOM, BATHORY, CELTIC FROST, SLAYER, CARNIVORE, DESTRUCTION or KREATOR, I wouldn’t be playing music. They totally inspired me to create my own extreme form of Metal.

Please rank your five favourite records, five favoruite concerts and five most important things in life?

-FAVORITE RECORDS (Not in any Order)


FAVORITE CONCERTS (Not in any Order)

  1. BLACK SABBATH “Born Again Tour” with Ian Gillian”
  2. MORBID ANGEL “Blessed Are The Sick Tour”
  3. VENOM – “Milwaukee Metal Fest”
  4. KING DIAMOND – “Abigal Tour”
  5. DIO – “Scared Heart Tour”


  1. SEX
  2. MUSIC

First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

-VC- My first album I ever got was ALICE COOPER “KILLER” album, which I still fucking listen too! Great stuff! The last album I bought was the BELPHEGOR “LUCIFER INCESTUS” digipack, which is brilliant! The most expensive album I ever bough was probably THE FINAL CONFLICT (Omen 3) Soundtrack, which was the foreign import. I spent like $35.00 on that  cd.

Most embarrasing record in your collection?

-VC- I listen to all sorts of stuff, so I’m sure I have a lot of crap. But I’d have to say the copy of NWA “STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON” is the worst. But I had to have a copy of their song “FUCK THE POLICE”. It may be rap, but it is a classic. (Ha, Ha)

The best record to have sex to?

-VC- My personal favorite is DANZIG “Black Acid Devil”. Lots of weird electronic sounds and beats. Great to fuck to!

What do you know about Sweden?

-VC- I know a lot about Sweden. Lots of great Metal comes from there.

Have you heard any good swedish bands?


What about the political situation in USA right now? Who wins the election?

-VC- It fucking sucks! Who wins? Who cares!!!! They all are political puppets for the rich.

How have Bush done his work this far?

-VC- He’s just like all the other political figure-heads. He is a lying manipulating con-man. Like they ALL are!

Future plans for the band?

-VC- We are actually getting ready to go over to Poland and play a few shows. After that we will do a small Mexico tour. And if all goes well, we will be in the studio to record some new ACHERON!


For yourself?

-VC- Just looking for the next sexual perversion to take place. (Ha, Ha)


-VC- “Save the world, Kill a Christian (or Muslim)”.  (Ha, Ha)

Something to add?

-VC- Infernal Hails for thy support! We hope everyone gets our new albums “REBIRTH: Metamorphosing into Godhood” and “DECADE INFERNUS 1988-1998” on BLACK LOTUS RECORDS! Keep the darkness alive within you black hearts! Ad Maiorem Satanae Gloriam!



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