999 is still going strong and have release their new record Bish Bash Bosh sometime ago and I get a hold of Arturo who was fast with his answers. This happenened in the beginning of december 2020.


A new record is out now Bish Bash Bosh, how does it sound and what does the title mean?

-It sounds great, the title is an old saying meaning something is easy , like quick effortless.

It was a long time since the last record, have you been playing all the time?

-Yes weve been playing constantly.

There´s a lot of records out with live, compilationrecords and so on. Do you have them all?

-No I dont have them all I can´t keep up with all these releases, also I´m not a collector.

To make a record today isn´t a so big economic win I understand, is it important to get out physical records do you think?

-Yes it is important, gotta make new stuff.


Only to have it on Spotify isn´t a real release or what do you think?

-No it´s not, we are old fashioned we want people to have the physical thing.

Which are the members today in 999? Are you living on your Music or do you have "real" works? If you have what do you do?

-None of us work   the band is still the original singer Nick Cash, original guitarist GUY DAYS , i´ve been bass player for 30 years and our drummer is now Stuart Meadows who has replaced original  Pablo Labrittain who had to quit due to arthiritus in his hands.


I don´t understand, are you in Lurkers too because on the latest record Sex Crazy you´re not playing? Is there two Lurkers or what?

-Well yes there is 2 Lurkers, I was the bass player in 1977, but left in 77, i got the band back together in 1987 with original guitarist PETE STRIDE and original bass player NIGEL MOORE who i´d replaced in 1977, I became the singer in 87 and have been ever since.

Pete Stride gave up playing in 1992 but I carried the band on without him,

In the last few years he and Nigel along with original drummer Esso started recording under the Lurkers name but they never play live at all and never will, 

It has caused confusion but most people know now, I do the live gigs.

During the covid, have 999 done any livestreams or something like that?

-No were not interested in that.

I had covid some weeks ago, how about you, have you gor covid yet or do you been healthy?

-None of us have had it at all it´s utter nonsense in my opinion.

How you Think England have been doing during the covid with lockdown and if you compare with Swedens a Little bit more open society? What do people think about Swedens way?

-Swedens way is the right way, fuck this lockdown shit.


And when we talk about England, what do you Think of the whole Brexit-thing?

-Brexit is a joke, Britain will be worse for it, it has been brought about so the rich billionaires make even more money while the poorer suffer.

Back to Music, who does the songs in 999, are you doing them together or how do you do a new song?

-Guy and Nick write all the songs, then we rehearse them and we all add our bits and make it a team effort.

Which is 999 most political song do you think? Politics and Music does it goes hand in hand?

-Yes it goes hand in hand, but not every song should be political , there should be all kinds of subjects written about.

999s most political song is probably Bye bye England.

Best political band around?

-Well no band can beat Crass they were the most subversive band of all, I liked what they wrote about but not the music, as it was not melodic enough for me.


Have you Heard any good Swedish band?

-I really dont know about swedish bands.

Good new punkbands in England right now? And which of the old ones are the best right now?

-I dont really follow new punkbands, to me its all been done better by the original ones.

What does punk mean to you today if you compare with 43 years back? Are you still call yourself a punkrocker?

-I didn´t call myself a punk back then I dont now, I like the music but I´ve always liked all kinds of music, its just the music I got caught up in as a musician and thats why I still do it. It´s my job and a very enjoyable one.

999 have a lot of fans, what is the most crazy a fan have done, I mean a tattoo or something like that?

-A guy jumped onstage and set his pubic hair on fire when we were playing that was funny coz he was screaming with the pain, but the smell was terrible.

You have been playing live around the World, which is the best country to play in? And the worst country?

-Best country is Germany and Britain.


Are you missing the liveconcerts nowadays? Have you been begin to prepare any new livegigs yet?

-Yes it´s also a great part of my social life to play around the world I see mates and drink a lot and have fun, that is obviously not happening now.

We have some gigs in our diary for next year but I´m not optimistic they will happen, i think this pandemic is going on for a long time yet.

I love beer and I do my own beer...Many rockbands have their own beer, if 999 do a beer, what its´going to be called and which style would it be? Feeling alright with the brew maybe? And 9,99%?

-Probably Nasty Nasty, ha ha.

Five favoriterecords right now?

-The best of the 13th floor elevators

Simon and garfunkles greatest hits

The Polite Force by Egg.

Tir na nog by Tir na nog

Does your chewing gum lose its´ flavour on the bedpost overnight by Lonnie Donegan .

If you could choose five bands in all history to have a big concert with 999, which bands have been performing together with you then, it can be bands which are alive and dead? Or have you already been playing with all bands you want?

-I´d like to play with







I don´t know if you like football but this season have been boring in many aspects (I love Arsenal and that´s not so fun) but football without audience is boring too. Do you have any favoriteteam?

-I supported Chelsea from 1964 when I was 8 until 1974, I only missed 4 games at home and also went to many away games too. I was born 1km from their stadium, I always look for their result first but cannot name you more than 4 current players, my glory team from the early 70´s are nearly all dead,

I hate what has happened to english football, its all about money, it´s ruined it.

Which are the futureplans for the band?

-Well to keep going if theres anywhere left to play because many venues cannot carry on they are closing at an alarming rate.

And for yourself?

-Try to not get too down about things, and to survive this covid bullshit.


A wise man never plays leapfrog with a rhinoceros.