4 Track demons was a group which really knocked me with their music. I was ”forced” to do an interview with the group and itīs Jan whoīs answering the questions in the beginning of march 2002. Here is the interview and the letter which came with the interview.


Hello Peter!

This came really good because Iīm home and I have some sort of flu and havenīt anything else to do. Dolving have also got this and we talked and we came along and call this the Hitlervirus. Be careful, it maybe can get you through the mail too. You suddenly got temperature and it feels like you have beaten up of a gang of skinheads. Yeah, Iīm not so sick that I canīt answer your questions, so here they are.



-4TD started as a recordingproject in the summer of 97. I was in another group called Limboland but I wasnīt satsified with our slicked sound as my songs got there. So I and Kim Lantto(our first basists, he was in Comatose before) did some songs on a recorder which sounded good. We started to check after people who wanted to be in a band and Tammy came in on drums after she had answered an ad that i had put in some musicstores. We played together and did some small gigs-2-3 a year and  a demo. In the fall of 99 Kim quit and Fredrik Reinedahl(Soulquaka System) came with us.  We continue in the same way and we did a demo before we decided to do our first record. It was recorded in the spring 2000 and it was released in januaruy 2001. Fredrik didnīt want to be in the group anymore so he quit in may 2001 and Kim jumped instead and in the same wave Niklas Mellegård came in as an ordinary basist. The new record was released in january this year82002). We have got some bigger gigs now even if itīs extremly hard to get the right things.


Please tell me a little about every member, age , family and so on and something terrible about every member?

-Jan Risheden (me): vocals, singer and the one who does the songs, 34 years old.

Tammy: drums. 21 years.

Niklas Mellegård: bass: 31 years.

-I canīt tell you anything more. That thing with family you only ask because you want to know if sheīs single. And something terrible I donīt want to tell you about my musicans.


You come from Gothenburg, is there any good bands and how about chances to play?

-I canīt say that I know so much about othe bands in this town. Itīs surely many good bands which I never have heard of.Itīs often so that when I go out and look at bands thereīs somebody which i know I look at, so itīs a little like incest. I love Jack Brothers, I donīt know many bands which swing like that. I like Gusto, the reggaeband which Dolving is involved in and Division of laura lee have I never heard live, but I really like the record. Other I must say I donīt knwo so much. When itīs about chances to play itīs very bad. Itīs useles. You must say please and please for many months to get a little gig.  And that because of the fact that itīs not so many places to play on. I would like a musicscene where it isnīt so fucking big thing to have a liveband on stage and there you can take a beer and listen to band without paying so much in payment to get in and maybe you can here something you never have heard before.


Did the thing Popstad helped you out something?

-Barely, I think that everyone agree about that. For us who donīt was involved in it it never was fun. But if you think about it, itīs no use to pay to much attention to expensive mediaspectacles.


Everyone who comes from Gothenburg support the team GAIS or, maybe itīs so that you donīt care about sport, can you think of being on a record to the team you support?

-I must speak for myself – which I do in all these questions – and I must admit that Iīm totally unintersetd of fotball and sports. I donīt know if 4TD would have been good on a footballrecord, itīs not really that stuff we do - I hope.

Tammysays that Hisingstads IF is the best but theyīre not doing any record right now.


Have you checked Olympic Games out something, what do you think about Sweden this far?

-As I said my sport interest isnīt so big but I found my favouritesport during Olympic games-curling. Itīs fucking unbelieveble there everything goes so slow so slow  and they shout out the tactis so high. And those things they seep with. Itīs beautiful, meditative and strange. But I donīt care who wins.


Now back to music, I said that youīre sound a little like Leathernun and early Union carbide, what about that?

-I havenīt listened to Leathernun, but I have heard the comparement before if you talk baout my singing. Carbide I like even if I donīt think that we do the same thing. Itīs interesting to hear what people tell us for references- sometimes itīs the same thing it is when you did the song but other times you have never heard about the group and that you can get together with the things you do. But you get something to think about everytime.


Which other groups are you being compared to?

-Oh, I donīt know if I can remember everything. Velvet Underground and PJ harvey is the one that I say myself and many people say the same as me. Otherwise, Morphine, Pixies...Sonic Youth many times, which have took me to listen to them but I have never really doen it. Doors, Joy Division, Husker Du in a review right now but they have I never listen to either.


Do you care about reviews? Whixh is the most peculiar and which is the best you ever got?

-I donīt care about reviews. You want people to check out what youīre doing and not be scared to do it. So itīs better with a bad review than noone. But you got a little sad when you read  something where the people who have written about you donīt understand anything and know that many of these people not have understand nothing and know that because of thes epeople many people maybe only know these things about us. Itīs much so that many musicreviewers must be seen. The most peculiar-and most negative was up on Dagens Skiva www.dagensskiva.com yesterday and thatīs because I canīt recognize myself in what he was writing. It feels like someone tried to put a square thing into a round hole to get the music in his ears. But what to do? The best is that Lennart Persson in Feber have the right thing- ha had precisly understand what we ant and want to do. A negative review make me a little depressed for some hours- a positive, intelligent, wellwritten one makes me happy for many weeks


Have you been played much in radio?

-Sometimes, actually. Håkan Persson on P3 Rock have played Oceanside two times and many different songs (oest "Holiness" och "Oceanside") have been on playlists on different local and studentradios. I think itīs really heard that 4TD can be heard on the localstation in Eskilstuna and in Ljusdal to mention some examples


How is a good gig with 4 track demons?

-A good one is when we and the audience toegether shape the magic so you donīt care anymore about all things people say you donīt can do. A good gig have intensity and energy which you canīt get anywhere else. When it feels like ”now itīs for real” when every word you sing and every chords is the truth.


4 track demons what name is this?

-It comes from P J Harveys record "4-track demos", but why it has been stucked is because it gives the right associations. Little raw and distorted and then a little about itīs something else than the common things in life


Have you done anything more than This is Holiness? How can I get it?

-Our first ep is called "Previously Uneleased" and you can buy it on Bengans and Skivhugget-or in every recordstore over the land because itīs distributed by Border, but itīs not so many which have tokk it home. And you can buy it on CDON on the net too.


What music do you like otherwise?

-Iīm gown up with 60īs – and itīs Hendrix the most – and I listen for a long period only on jazz ,and then it was free jazz. Right now I listen to Patti Smith which is one of my heroes. And of the more modern things I like P J Harvey, Soundgarden, Morphine. Much rock, little pop. Improvised, experimental music. Arabic and turkish swing. Pelle Ossler. Good blues, 70īs punk, Ramones for example. Konstmusic from 2000 century. Maybe itīs easier to say that I hate salsa, jazzrock, folkmusic and other things which i slicked and greasy. Tammy listen mostly to rock n roll, punk and punkblues(Bob log which ĪTD have been partying with after a gig with a jamsession afterwards) and many other things too. She have so much better check to what happens on the musicstage than me. Niklas is a big Pixies and Jam enthusiast, but I havenīt been spoken to him about his musictaste. Itīs very varied but itīs that way nowadays.


First last and the most expensive record you ever bought?

-First: "Glitter" by Gary Glitter for 2 swedish krona cutout in Vivo . I was only 7-8 years so I had surely could coming backstage on his concerts. The latest one was Raw Power with Stooges in the remixed version. But I understand that it didnīt depend on the mix because he should let the creep James Williamson play gitar instead of the genious Ron Asheton. The most expensive: I donīt know , The Doors box maybe.


Which style of people like your music?

-"This is Holiness" my mother thinks is good. So that does all other people too. No i donīt think itīs some special people who likes us. On the last gig it was a drunk teenagegrils which danced and they seemed to think our music was good. Itīs fun because thatīs not our primary target.  What that will be I donīt really know either, the lyrics is about common things and we have no ultrahip attitude so we can reach all of them who want to have any need of us.


All tomorrows recordings whatīs that for record label?

-It was founded by the group el Musico when I was in that group and played saxophone, to release their first EP. And then we used the same etiquette when we released our record, but we work apart from together when itīs about economy, production and everything else. We have done the records all ourselves.


How is to live in Sweden then?

-I think itīsboring when people say something bad about Sweden but you canīt keep out from doing it sometimes yourself. The things that are good-is a welfarecommunity built on a human lifeview – that is going to be gone because of a total marketvalue. And thereīs a miss in the socialdemocratic welfareidea, they think that ALL wants a new apartment with handkerchiefwarker, which does that every cheap older house isnīt there anymore and you must work your ass off to get somewhere to live

That we live in a wholecapitalised , stupid, dumb depressing shitcommunity maybe not depend only on Sweden beacuse itsīthe whole global development I think. Is it better somewhere else. I donīt know. Good with Sweden. We have freedom and possibilities. Bad: itīs strong forces that works against us to have these freedom and possibilities. And that everything must be the same, media and other shitstuff. But I still living here,so...


Do you care about politics? How does the election goes this fall, does Göran Persson wins with dancing in childrens telly and to flirt with DiLeva and so on?

-I have difficulties to be engaged in the partypolitic, because it goes that way that youdescribe. Göran Persson should be piled and be barbequed over calm fire and then someone should be pissing on him, but I have difficulties to see how we can do it parlamentaric way. And that depends on many things which is the fact why I donīt engage me in more imporrtant things but it feels like itīs more important things to do, like trying to show people that it can be more important things in life than the shit they give us.


How did you react the 11th of september when the terrorist attack was? Have it changed your life in some way?

-I didnīt get surprised, because USA have been asking for it for a long time but it defends not that innocent people get killed. No, it havenīt changed my life.


You told me that you in your youth have done some sciencefictionzines, please tell me?

-I lived in the shithole Simrishman in south of Sweden and had very few mates there but I have the luck that I got in contact with a network of odd, intelligent, creative people which did science-fiction fandomas they called them. With help of homemade, stenciled papers we build a reality which was more fun than the shit that were around us . Sometimes it was about SF or letters to a very big area of friends. But it was like some sort of diary. It have meant a lot for me and I have met a lot of friends and fantastic people and it took fucking long time before i took care of the real reality. But I think itīs overrated even now


What does a fanzines better than a ”real” paper?

-An ordinary paper lives under the pressure that it must give the readers what they want, which means many times, sweat shit. And it must suit everyone to and that means a very little things you can write about. A fanzine donīt have to live up to something and it can live with the writers enthusiasm and theres bigger chance for a fanzinewriter to get direct feedback than itīs for a real journalist. A fanzine is done with passion, without any profitinterest. And thereīs some papers whoīs succed to get between that. Some I think. Göteborgs tdining for/about/to all homeless people. They have already things to write about and can do anything interesting about that.


What do you likes internetzines?

-Wonderful! Here you have the possibilty to make some nice and bot so expensive.It costs only time, enthusiasim and nice work. Iīm liking papers and the printing typed papers but it costs so much more than time and all that but it is much better to get distribution over the whole world almost for free


What do you like internet overall?

-I like internet. Thereīs a whole lot of shit there, but itīs a possibilty to get big spreading on your stuff without taking any big economic risks



Any favouritesite?




 Futureplans for the band?

-Try to get so many gigs as possible. Do new songs



Futureplans for you?

-This weeked I go into studio and do a solodemo, the same songs as 4TD but only me and a guitar. My thought with that is to get a gig with only me where the bandīs not can come with me. And me and the old 4TD bassist Kim is develop our CD-R company with experimental usic. Brax-Tone os it called. Check the website www.brax-tone.com. Gigs with my other projects(se Brax-Tone)




-Nothing is so much for all so I can say it to all.


Something more to add?

-Only the thing that it was fun to do this interview and it was flattering and I wish you and other people who this sort of things good luck.