16 Ton rockers is a really good band which plays punk as it sounded back min the days with a more modern sound. November-2017


Some history about the band?

Spinx- Me and my obnoxius brother Pepz had a project around 2012-13, after our band The Slagsterz split up. We were already using the name 16 Ton Rockers. We managed to record about 2-3 songs. Among them a limping version of Ramones Oh Oh I Love Her So... When we realised it didn't sound the way we wanted, we knew it was time to get a real band together...again. Palle, who I had played with earlier, one of the bands.. a crazy one-off 77-punk coverband, Sex Wankers, offered his screaming feedback guitar. He also brought with him, the reggae-rock-man Pelle on bass.The first line up had also the Oasis influenced Freddy Luger on guitar. He left the band in 2015, and we brought in an old friend of both me and Palle- Pata, who had played in various bands/constellations and whom we got lost with in the Stockholm nights with.

Something about each member, age, work, family, ex bands, bands on the side?
Spinx- Leadvocals/Harmonica. I lost the count around 25… Yes, sometimes I work, but mostly 16 Ton Rockers now. Family, yes. 1 girlfriend, 2 kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat.
Earlier bands, Stinky Boys, Sellbergs, Suicide Pact, The Sexsationals, Sold Out Sweethearts, Salvation Star Brigade, The Slagsterz, and a project with Pepz on drums
the Sthlm Boombox Combo… and some home/recording/solo-projects-just-for-fun-
Spinx RåkkenRållBubbla and Rocker Diablo Show…

Palle- Guitar/Backing Vocals, 50+tax, Teacher for maladjusted kids. Played with among others Avfall/Silvias Juveler.

Pata- Guitar/Backing Vocals. Old man. Works in the pipe industry. Family 3 kids in different ages. Played in bands since -78, among others- Erektion, Dirty Living, Trojne, Avfall/Silvias Juveler, Sold Out Sweethearts...

Pepz- Drums/Backing Vocals. Age- the bands only born in the 70’s kid. Works as a caretaker. Have 2 familys. 1 normal, and one not so normal. Ex bands- Suicide Pact, Circus Blå, The Slagsterz. Side project- the Sthlm Boombox Combo.

Pelle- Bass, 55, ultrasingle, 1 grownup kid, works as a social therapist. Played bands such as Rakt Av, Folkhemsorkestern and Skrotum…


I can hear a lot of old punk, and both english and swedish, am I correct. Was everything better before?
Spinx- The music we grew up with has left it marks…
And, Yes, the music was better before. It was new and exciting… Today you’ve ”heard it before”, and can associate to earlier bands… but then again, sometimes new good bands pop up… One of many best bands in the world ever is The Wildhearts. When they came along back in 89-90, it was the same feeling of when I discovered the whole punk thing.

Palle- No

Pata- Better before? It probably was.

Pepz- Everything was better before… Today everything shatters to pieces.

Pelle- No, partly...


16 Ton Rockers, are you satisfied with the name? How did this unusal name come about? If the best bandname wasn’t taken, which name would’ve you chosen then? I mean, which is the best bandname?

Spinx- I’m quite happy with the name, even though I hear some complaints behind my back, from some members. ;) The name works of course better abroad (outside of Sweden). If we’s sang in swedish, we’d probably called ourselfs- The Rollatorn Sjunkerz, or The Förbannadz.
The name 16 Ton Rockers comes from The Clash tour- 16 Ton Tour, where they used Tennessee Ernie Ford’s Sixteen Ton as a intro, and Rockers, could be a way to tie it all together with the song Clash City Rockers. But the best band name?  Maybe Sex Pistols, or, New York Dolls, or… Snivelling Shits, or Albertos Y Lost Paranoias, or L’Amourder...or Blitz or MC5..or….

Palle- No, not happy with it. Best bandname- K. Bry.

Pata- No!

Pepz- Happy as a monkey with the name.

Pelle- No. The best bandnames… Gods Ass or Honkey Ridim Foundation


What’s the best experience with playing live?

Spinx- The Community, the adrenaline and the beer after the show.

Palle- If there’s a connection with the audience, that’s fantastic. Otherwise it’s boring.

Pata- I agree with Spinx. + all the groupies.

Pepz- The feedback from the audience, and the beer of course, which usually is what we get paid in.

Pelle- Exhibitionism, it’s fun to play.


Where’s the best place to play, and where’s the worst?

Spinx- Best place for a bands such as us, probably outside of Sweden.

Worst...I’d probably say- down the rehearsals.

Palle- I play wherever, don’t give a shit if it’s fun or not.

Pata- On the stage, where we stand.

Pepz- Doesn’t matter, as long as we get to play.


How is it to play this kind of punk these days, in Sweden?

Spinx- We are hard to categorise, since we sound more Sex Pistols/The Clash rock`n’roll than
what people associate with the word ”punk” these days.

I’d probably categorise us as a rockband with punk influences.

Palle- Completely fucking impossible. The old want some kind of a nostalgic kick, and the young aren’t curious enough.

Pata- Good question, next one.

Pepz- People doesn’t understand what kind of music we play. It’s a big difference between us and d-beat punk.

Pelle- It shouldn’t be, but it seems like it is...


How would you describe your music with 3 words?

Spinx- Dirty, Frustrated, Pop

Palle- Fuck, Ing, Angry

Pata- 16, Ton, Pop

Pepz- Kind, Melodic, Unconscious

Pelle- Dirt, Y, Rock


What does punk mean to you, is it just a word, or is it a lifestyle?

Spinx- To me it was the music and the style, hand in hand, which gave me an identity.

Nothing’s changed there. But it can be kind of confusing today, if someone calls me a punk…

Since it almost has the same meaning as Hippie had in the 70’s… In my rock`n’roll bubble i’m punkrock as fuck… but then suddenly someone asks me if i’m a ”heavymetal/hardrocker”!?!!
That’s when I feel like the vikings sven-ingvar…. So, I prefure to categorise myself as a Rocker ;)

Palle- A lifestyle, no doubt.

Pata- Punk was one thing when you were young, now it’s something completely different.

Pepz- Punk is something I grew up with, earlier it was to provocate everything. Today we deleiver from the stage.

Pelle-  An anti authoritariann standpoint.


What do you consider about downloading, mp3 and similar?

Spinx- Support the artists you like, buy it when you can afford it.

Palle- Great.

Pepz- Go on...

Pelle- Generally good.


What do you think about living in Sweden these days, polically?

Spinx- Complicated, unsafe, hateful, manipulated, dishonest… but nevertheless,

still/so far the best Sweden of all Sweden’s.

Palle- It’s like living in a grown-up-kindergarten, where people wants to be so bloody secure. And, then they don’t want other people to feel secure...

Pata- I agree with Spinx...

Pepz-…everything was better before, today everything shatters apart.

Pelle- It’s fucked up! Too many racists, and far too right wing.


Is there any bands in Sweden today, in your hometown?

Spinx- Smash It Up, The Curse, Midnite Stalkers,

The Hellacopters, Imperial State Electric,

Palle- Robyn, Kartellen, Laleh.

Pata- First Aid Kit

Pepz- There’s a few... Jim And His Mates, just to mention one.

Pelle- Abraxis Brama


Do you play anything outside of Sweden?

Spinx- There’s plans for 2018, so hopefully...

Palle- Not as much as we’d like to.

Pepz- Hopefully next year.


Other good bands around the world?

Spinx- Michael Monroe's band, The Wildhearts (Everything Ginger Wildheart does, is good),

The Terraces, The Living End, Rancid, New Model Army, Sleaford Mods, Gorillaz,

Palle- Green Day, Cock Sparrer, D.R.I. New Model Army.

Pepz- SLF, ANL, Buzzcocks, Pistols, Sham 69...

Pelle- Jaya The Cat, Ozril Tentacles, Burning Spear.


Your lyrics, what are the influences? Never in any other language than English?

Spinx- Reality/Feelings/Experiences. There are a few lines in Swedish on teh Limited Edition CD, on All The Funny DAIZ Are Gone, but that was supposed to be a-one-off… but who knows, there might be something in the future.

Palle- It’s all about getting it out, before you explode.


Is there something you will never write about?

Spinx- Party political propaganda lyrics, I’m not interested in supporting sects.

Palle- Religious things.


Does Politics and Music go together?

Spinx- No, to me rock`n’roll is all about entertainment, combined with an outlet of feelings and community.. Politics splits. If some lyrics reflects the society, then I don’t see them as political, i consider them more like informative. On our CD, there’s  a few informative lyrics based upon reality.

Palle- A tone, can’t be political.

Pata- No, but it could.

Pepz- Nope.

Pelle- No, I don’t agree with Palle.


Best Political band/artist?

Spinx- Early New Model Army

Palle- New Model Army

Pata- Sex Pistols


Do you think music can change anyones life, I mean with lyrics etc..?

Spinx- It can inspire, but it’s up to the peson...

Palle- Think? I know… I use music to give people a chance in life.


Your cover is really cool on your CD, who did that, Is it important to have a cover that shows what kind of music you play? Which is your all time favorite front cover?

Spinx- Spinx66. Yes it’s important to have something that reflects the music…
Our logo was an emergency solution, since we didn’t have a good bandpic.
The best cover, without any doubt- Sex Pistols – Never Mind The Bollocks.

Palle- the bloddySpinkbastard has done the artwork. Best cover- The Beatles – The White Album.

Pelle- Best cover- Frank Zappa – We’re Only In It For The Money.


Is it important to release physical records? Vinyl or CD, or both?
Are there any good recordshops around?

Spinx- To release both, and everything would be good, but it’s a cost issue.

Palle- Don’t think physical records are necessary. To play live is the most important thing.

Pelle- There are many selling vinyls.


Please tell something funny, that’s happened during your carreers, onstage, behind etc…?

Spinx- Once upon a time, a long time ago, I played in a band, when we had just reached halfway through the second song. I see this guy at the front in the audience going wild, pogoing and laughing. At the same time i checked over my shoulder, to see why the guitar was screaming with feedback… I saw it lying there on the stage, and realised quickly that the guy in the audience was our guitarist. So I had to play guitar for the rest of the show, while he was out there ”mingling”…
And when people asked about when his band would play, he just pointed at the stage, and told them,  that – we’re playing right now. No names mentioned, but the band was Suicide Pact, and the guitarist was Benny a.k.a. Ego. T. Superstar. What a hero! Today he runs the rock club Freak Show down in Essen Germany, together with his wife Ela. If you happen to be somewhere near, why not drop by and ask for the way...or something.

Otherwise, just the usuall drunks, fights, and some...not so sober guitarists, stumbling around and playing unplugged without noticing...there can also have been a few occasions, ending up on the Gröna Linjen, or the Röda Linjen...

Palle- Mosquitobites on the bum

Pata- Barred I hope… too many incidents, to choose from...


How does your audience look like? What kind of people does attend? Do you miss any kind of people?

Spinx- We have some cute ones, some small ones and some with sugar on… but we miss the people who hasn’t discovered us yet.

Palle- People who you didn’t was alive anymore, and people you could be a father to.


5 Favorite Records and 5 Favorite Concerts?

Spinx- Favorite records...

1. Sex Pistols - Never Mind The Bollocks,

2. The Wildhearts - Earth v.s.,

3. AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,

4. The Clash - London Calling,

5. Dead Boys - Young, Loud And Snotty.


Imperiet - Kolingsborg 1983

Manic Street Preachers - Glädjehuset 1992

Hellacopters/Uk Subs - Studion,. Sthlm 1995


Palle- Sex Pistols – Never Mind The Bollocks

Pata- Favorite records...

1. Sex Pistols – Never Mind The Bollocks
2. D.A.D. - No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims
3. The Clash – London Calling

4. The Ruts – The Crack

5. ABBA – Arrival

Motörhead – Hovet under Ace Of Spades turnén
The Clash – Hovet under London Calling
Black Nails – Musikverket 1979
Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians – Roskilde 1990
The Mission – Roskilde 1985


Pepz- Favorite records.
1. Stiff Little Fingers – Hanx, är nog på topp.
2. Anti-Nowhere league We Are The League
3. Buzzcocks – Love Bites
4. Cock Sparrer – Shock Troops
5. Partisans – Police Story (samlingen)


Pelle- 7 Favorites...

1. Budgie - Budgie

2. Burning Spear - Hail Him

3. MC5 - Kick Out The Jams

4. AC/DC - Let There Be Rock

5. X-Ray Spex - Germfree Adoloscents

6. King Crimson - Red

7. Toots & The Maytals - From The Roots


Are interviews boring?

Spinx- No..

Palle- Fun, we are so egocentric.

Pepz- I think it’s fun, I can lie about anything at all.


 If you could choose 5 bands from the history dead or alive,  to play a gig with your band, what would those dreambands be?

Spinx- Sex Pistols 76 with Glen Matlock, Motörhead 80-81 with Fast Eddie, The Wildhearts. Dead Boys and The Clash of course.

Palle- Sex Pistols, before Sid.

Pata- What Spinx says.

Pepz- Let the dead be dead.

Pelle- MC5


Is the music a good outlet for becoming a nicer person? Are you as angry today as when you were young punks?

Spinx- My memory is blurry… but punk made me happy… but the anger inside got a fine outlet with the music, just as for other feelings. But today you got a greater overview of society… the anger commutes between hopelessness. No future 4 ever...


Pata- Yes! No. Not angrier, but more unsafe...

Pepz- Of course you can get a kinder person from teh music, (if you want to)… but behind my drunkit, i’m angrier than ever before.

Pelle- Just as angry as before, Music is theraphy.



Which is the strangest question you’ve had in an interview?

Spinx- ...when can you start?

Pata- What’s punk?

Pepz- Which is the strangest question you’ve had in an interview, maybe?


What question do you never get, ask and answer it?

Palle- Should you to eat yellow snow? Jajamensan, fattas bara.

Pepz- Why do you drink? If you’d play in this band, you’d understand.


Future plans for the band?

Spinx- Sort out among the new songs, rehearse, and hopefully record something before the summer., and get out and play live, of course...

Palle- New songs, ny record, 1000 likes on Facebook.

Pata- To play outside Sweden.

Pepz- Rehearse… out and play gigs, studio, release a vinyl...

Pelle- To play...


..and for you?

Spinx- Get my other project the Sthlm Boombox Combo going, and also record some acoustic songs on my own...

Palle- The future was yesterday.

Pepz- jettepraa (with a mumintroll dialect)

Pelle- Survive til the next day


Words of wisdom?

Spinx- How good a bands material is, is determined by how many songs are written by Spinx B’stard. ;)

Palle- One wrong, doesn’t make another wrong right.

Pelle- Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


Anything to add?

Spinx- Thanks for the interview, long live Skrutt Magazine

and for the rest of you...buy our CD, come to our gigs...because, tomorrow it could be too late.

Pepz- Yes, well, thanks for the interview...